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Technical Support Lead at Shopify
Technical Support Lead at Shopify

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Hot damn this is good looking. Way more of a traditional watch than Pebble, and looks like it even has a more natural approach to wearable tech.

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I love this idea - People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

No one's going to care how you do something if they don't know why you do it.  Look at Basecamp's tagline - 'Last year alone, Basecamp helped over 285,000 companies finish more than 2,000,000 projects." Right away you know why they do it - to help companies finish products.

It applies to companies, products, even people and political parties. If there's no "why", it's likely going to fall flat.

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Stories like this are really a testament to how great +Shopify  is as a platform. 

"When Friday rolled around we sat with Victoria and her team and showed them the site. We knew they would be happy with the work, the site looked almost identical and suddenly had new features, but they were more surprised. How did we build a site in one week that took us several months to build initially?"

In a week, Jaxon Home was able to re-establish their online store on Shopify after losing everything on Magento. Not only did they get it back up and running quickly, but they even got new functionality that had required a dedicated developer before.

Good software should make people's lives better. It's amazing to see Shopify doing this every day, and a massive win for everyone who's been involved in developing it.

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Some really great advice from our recruiting team at +Shopify 

Universities and colleges are 10 years behind the curve. They’ll teach you how to apply to large enterprise corporations with recruiting policies written in the 90s. You don’t want to work for those corporations. You don’t want to work in a cubicle farm. You’re young and exciting. You want to work for young, exciting companies. 

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This article really goes to show why Steve Paikin is one of Canada's best journalists, and the face of integrity. So much respect for being this transparent and honest.

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Prepping a training session on sales, this really struck a chord:

"You own the whole process: you’re going to find a pain, and build the solution. Doing this work, from start to finish, gives you the confidence to say: “People really need this; I need to tell them about it.”

It sucks feeling sleazy, but if you really own what you're selling and it's meeting a real need, it doesn't have to feel that way. That said, if you're selling something you have a stake in, you're pretty lucky.

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Great transparency from the folks at +Buffer. Support teams everywhere, take note!
The December Happiness Report at Buffer: New Focus on Monthly goals and 2013 in Review

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These are unreal - forced perspective shots of +Star Wars action figures and Lego

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New Against Me! 
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