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The for-real deal!
The for-real deal!

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This is for real, and it's going to happen. Only question is will you be on board and how far will you help them get.
They raised $1 million in 24 hours, $2 million in a week. If they can reach their $5.5M stretch-goal, they can make a full 12-episode season. The $100 sponsor level is the best deal, in that it gives you access to every episode in the new season for download, which is pretty awesome, plus a few cool pieces of swag (mug, tee, keychain).

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WhatsApp acquired by Facebook for $16bn.

So let me get this straight: one overvalued tech company with no business model purchases another overvalued tech company with no business model? Sounds legit.

But what's this about a $10bn offer from Google? That's more than the final price tag Google paid for Motorola (which they just sold off for pennies on the dollar). And for a product that basically just reproduces some of the features of Google Voice. Unless that was just to troll Facebook and drive up bidding (unlikely) this makes me a little angry.

You know there's something strange going on when it's colder in Texas than it is where the Winter Olympics are taking place.

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I wish my wife was a SUDO!
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