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I believe I've shared this once before, but can't find it so you get to delight in it once more. From the inimitable Matthew Inman:

While @hotmail is dead, it is now (and at least for me) served on a, it is unclear what to think of outlook as a brand. It reminds me of Outlook the software, which I equate to non-cloud old thinking and hence back to, for now, the same type of brand impression as @hotmail. 

PS: I wonder if there is a category for "own domain but based on the Google Apps stack." I would be in that one. :)

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Please don't forget about tomorrow!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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To enable, advertisers need to enable Social Extensions in the Ad Extensions section and enter their Google+ Page URL. Google says +1s perform better than ads without, presumably because they’ve been socially recommended.

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Introducing Google+ Pages!

EDIT: Rollout now complete! Everyone can make a Google+ page now! Long live the 100%!

I am thrilled to welcome brands, bands, businesses, etc. back in to Google+!

As most of you know, we "kicked out the brands" in the early going on Google+... Not because we don't love them (we do!) but because we wanted to create the right experience for users, as well as the brands themselves.

Today we've launched that experience. This is a very big day for us... thank you to the brands and businesses that have waited patiently as we perfected this... and huge congrats to the multiple teams that made this happen...

As with any Google+ launch, we know we have a lot to learn... This is the start, not the finish line.... we depend on your feedback. Let us know what you think!

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Beyond thrilled to announce a slew of new Google+ features today AND we are now in Open Beta!
::cue music:: I wanna rock and roll all night and party every day!

Introducing the stars of our show...

1) Open Beta - This means invitations are no longer needed - 18+ only.
2) Search in Google+ - Organizing the information within Google+ and making it easy to discover content you're allowed to view! Find people, posts, and hot topics!
3) Mobile Hangouts - Now you don't have to tell your friends "Oh dang, that party last night was killer!" Now, you can party with 9 friends in real time via your mobile phone! (Available on Android devices to start)
4) Hangouts with extras - A preview of new features including named Hangouts, note-sharing, screensharing, and Google Docs collaboration!
5) Hangouts On Air - Tune into a live public stream of a Hangout inside the Google+ stream and once you’re “On Air,” up to 9 others can join your hangout, and anyone can watch your live stream. (limited number of hosts at start)
5) Hangouts API - The world is your oyster with the Hangouts platform - we're releasing a basic set of APIs today!
6) Mobile has too much good stuff so I made them a section (see below)!

Mobile is rockin' out - here's what's new

1) Renaming Huddle to Messenger - the evolution of something great!
2) Set your profile photo from any photo of you on your phone, tagged of you, or in the cloud - because you express yourself anywhere, at anytime.
3) +1 comments and see who else +1’d a comment (iOS only) - Yay!
4) Move your Google+ app to your SD card (Android only) - Yay!
5) Improved +Mention support - we're always looking to make your experience better!
6) Send a photo in Messenger - making conversations richer!
7) Granular push notification options - so you see just what you want!
8) Receive and participate in Messenger, Post to Google+, and receive Google+ Notifications via SMS (US and India only) - Yay!
9) Playback user uploaded videos (not just YouTube videos) in your stream and share videos that have been uploaded via Instant Upload (Android only) - because we're always wanting to share those cool vids our friends share with us!

Would love your feedback in the comments below, and as always, I love +1s and +mentions so I know how you're feeling.


here is the Official Google Blog post

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