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Had a blast creating, directing and making this video. May be the best we did. We smoked out the room!
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Picked up this beauty yesterday. Good times!
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Twitter and S.E.O. are you taking advantage?
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There has been a significant increase in indexation of tweets by Google, from about 0.6% in February to 3.4% in June. That’s a MASSIVE 466% increase. Not just any old tweet gets chosen they are very selective on what to index...
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pls Share636851 Hi everyone and welcome to our featured community spotlight. Today I’m going to introduce Justin Matthew from Jmhhacker. Justin is mostly a social media blogger. Justin can be somewhat called a “Twitter King”. With almost 121K followers on Twitter and in 32K Google Plus circles , he has a massive following behind him. …
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Facebook is still far and away the undisputed champ for social media conversions. You have to know what you are doing and continue to apply new methods. This 1 post cost me $50 to boost but I have seen over a 30 to 1 return. All about the target audience, right image and headline.
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Have you seen this!!?
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Check out my buddy true innovator and is the real deal. Check out his message and you will become a fan like I have!
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Extra special thanks to social media jedi Justin Matthew for this incredible write up. #jmhhacker #iboommedia  
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Facebook is still far and away the undisputed champ for social media conversions. You have to know what you are doing and continue to apply new methods. This 1 post cost me $50 to boost but I have seen over a 30 to 1 return. All about the target audience, right image and headline.
#facebook #advertisting #iboommedia #jmhhacker 
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The Amy Schumer School of Branding in 5 Easy Steps
(Or How to be an overnight success in 10 years or less)

She's the new "it" girl in Hollywood. How'd she do it?

#jmhhacker   #trainwreck #comedy #emmys #amyschumer #branding #brandingtips #insideamy #billhader #juddapatow  
Amy Schumer is today's "it" girl. What lessons of branding can she teach brands and entrepreneurs? David Brier goes deep inside Amy Schumer to find out.
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Justin's Collections
Justin Matthew Social Media Manager/Partner @ Iboom Media
Social Media SEO is the future in networking to promote your brand.

Currently we manage all online marketing for several major corporations.

I am a partner at Social Media Marketing Firm IBoom Media

Social Media Marketing is important for the online presence of your business, good social marketing companies can drastically increase your ROI. We will use our already viral pages to speed up the process and get your content out there

Social Marketing

How we use Social Media: 

Since Pinterest is tends to lock in on the visual side of things ( Reddit is largely text based), it is the perfect place to seed your graphic. Pinterest also provides a link at the top of every pin.

If you do this right people will have to click to your website in order to see the full graphic. Once they are on your site, it is best to design the landing page around conversions and sharing.

Strategic Consulting

Every niche is different. Things that go viral in one area are not necessarily viral in another. For this reason, one on one strategic consulting is necessary to ensure success. Social marketing companies usually employ an array of experts, each trained in the social media aspect of a few different industries.

IBoom Media has social media managers that specialize in the viral promotion of lead generation websites, blogs, e-commerce sites, local businesses, etc. Every business is different and when it comes to social media marketing, there is no cookie cutter method that works every time. I have dealt with Technology, Travel, Education, Personal hygiene, Clothing, Photography you name it

Social Presence Development

Although most people think Twitter and Facebook seem to carry the vast majority of the social network power, you may be surprised to learn that for many clients Tumblr, Google+ Instagram and Pinterest can bring in 10 fold the traffic of Twitter or FB.

Content with a longer lifespan (Google+ content has a lifespan) and is indexed by non-Google search engines I'm using Google+ for my company, but also personally.

We use Google Local Page, while I have a separate account with my name on it. The company page is then linked to our Blogger website, taking advantage of the Google+ functional link in Blogger.

This has a few advantages: combined with the Google+ Page gadget in Blogger it adds rel=publisher data, adds a social follow functionality  (similar to Facebook's 

Like Box), prompts for auto-sharing when you submit your post, and in Google+ allows you to interact with people as your company and not as an individual.
 I share and re-share posts that my company has made on the blog, but it's also a way for me to join conversations, build up my personal Authority, and engage people that might read, share, and +1 my blog's posts.

I'm able to take advantage of Authority, AuthorRank, PublisherRank, and PageRank, as well as make a search engine friendly site that brings in visitors from far outside my circles, and brings them into my Circles.

Social Networking

Social networking plays a huge role in the social media platforms of today. It is nearly impossible to properly conduct a social media SEO campaign without knowing exactly what social networking is going to factor in.

Marketing and outreach are vital for success. Unless you have a widely establishes online brand presence, the social marketing of person to person communication will help get your content spread to the sources necessary in order to generate high quality back-links.

Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization and search engine optimization feed off each other without one the other dies.. We optimize on all the major social networks. Google+ Twitter, Facebook, pinterest, LinkedIn, tumblr and instagram are all key aspects to an optimized social media campaign.

When it comes to social media optimization, one thing is true You must never give up.

Justin Matthew, Social Media Manager for over 16,000 clients some individuals some corporations.

Partner at IBoom media social media with 20 staff.                 

Blessed to be able to have a talent for overseeing things. Played a critical role in Managing a YouTube channel for 2 years and closed huge contracts, write, make videos even promote them.

It has grown to the point where I am helping many others, to many to name.

I love Social Media and am a member of at least 50 different platforms. I have a knack for figuring these out quickly and mastering them all.

 I have helped create, act, write, research in Viral YouTube videos that actually teach people about Science, Technology, Computer Tips, DIY, Gaming, Education and more. I also love to have fun with the occasional Prank. YouTube Videos

I also run my own internet business which has become one of the top out of millions of people competing. KRED Influencer of the month amongst other awards. Top 200 on circle counts Cream of the crop for GPLUS.

I have a blast doing my job helping companies reach their potential and making a living on the internet.

I was part of one of the most popular Science shows on the internet with over 60 videos and 65 million views for that segment alone!

Love technology, science, art, gaming and much more so I prefer to have well diversified circles.

Bragging rights
As seen on Wikipedia, Kred, San Jose Mercury, Youtube, Fiverr, Klout and The Great Business Project.
Social Media Manager and owner of Monopolize Social Media
Leadership, Entrepreneur, Passion, Speaking, Innovation
  • IBoom Media
    Senior Partner, 2014 - present
    Oversee ALL online marketing and meet/update with clients in nearly every industry. WE do branding for large companies and small.
  • Monopolize Social Media
    CEO/Founder, 2013 - 2014
    Welcome, we are Monopolize Social Media! We will help you to build your Brand! Full and Micro Service Social Media Agency Everything you know about marketing, advertising, and social media combined has now evolved! We have presence unmatched, desirable connections, and produce mass results. Our team has a track record of experience in social and lead by a top pioneer in the Industry. We can provide you with service with no presence at all and take your presence to the next level. We offer micro services to full services that can manage and build your brand as a residual leader for return. This is not your ordinary social media service it is a way to own your presence online and take above your expectations. Monopolize Social Media isn't here to achieve a goal, it's here to set the bar for all other goals. Word of mouth has found its machine and driving force with the team at Monopolize. Our team is a collective body of Social Media Achievement and Influence. The services we provide can't be matched by any other source and it all started with an idea in mind to not only penetrate social networks but take over each in force. Our team has achieved top honors in Kred, Klout, YouTube, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Fiverr, and the list continues. We get to the top of Google Rankings and Generate Viral Traffic. Monopolize is lead by Justin Matthew, a Leader in Innovation and Pioneer in Social Media. Justin has numerous honors and has a mass presence online. He's risen to the top ranks without limit and continues to leave a legacy among his followers. Justin with his countless track record has devised a team of protégés that includes Chris Cota aka ATLComputerDude both not only bring a unique skill set respectively to the team, they have a social media expertise that begin with core knowledge. Here's what the Team Brings to Your Service
    OWNER, 2008 - 2012
    Social Media Company to local clients.
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How To Get Your Tweets Indexed On Google

There has been a significant increase in indexation of tweets by Google, from about 0.6% in February to 3.4% in June. That’s a MASSIVE 466%

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The antioxidant most people haven’t heard of happens to be the most powerful of them all. The Leader of our antioxidant defense system. Glut

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New Lyme Disease Treatment Gets Lives Back to Normal

New Lyme Disease Treatment Gets Lives Back to Normal Some of the most ill people I have tried to help have been diagnosed with Lyme disease.

Results RNA

RNA Intra-oral Sprays: A New Age in Supplementation

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An Answer To Lyme Disease Without Antibiotics

The beginnings of Lyme disease were first noticed in 1949 by Dr. Sven Hellerstrom. He presented a paper that provided evidence showing that

ACS 200 Extra Strength Kills Deadly Tick-Borne Powassan Virus

In areas where Lyme disease is prevalent, another tick-borne illness is popping up that is sometimes fatal. The Powassan virus has symptoms


We get real followers for your account. We offer likes/followers that will interact with you. We use different marketing techniques to targe

A Lawrence Anthony Science and Technology Advisory Board ...

Welcome! You have arrived at the Research Hub of the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization Science and Technology Cooperative Ecology Institut

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Here’s some helpful advice for telling that special someone about your CPAP mask.

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We get real followers for your account. We offer likes/followers that will interact with you. We use different marketing techniques to targe

23 Tools and Resources to Create Images for Social Media

A huge list of tools, apps, icons, and backgrounds for creating amazing, professional images for social media and marketing.

Top 8 FREE SEO Tools For Your Blog

BE sure to read until the end for a surprise.! SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important when it comes to getting your blog/website

Incredible products that actually work customer service that actually cares I will recommend this company to everyone
Public - 2 weeks ago
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Some of the best live music around. When we were in the area had one of the best nights in Frederick. Great staff and food. Thx Guys
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If you want fair price and quality work check out Ultra Comfort. While on business the establishment we leased left us high and dry, our heating and cooling was a mess. After speaking to a few folks around the area (as we were from the states) Ultra comfort came up a few times. They agreed to come out and look for free give us an estimate and if we still didn't want to go ahead even furnish us with other companies. That being deal, quality and people to do business with.
• • •
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They are so awesome!! The fact they were able to get me to stand up on and able to use a wind surf board is beyond amazing!!! I forgot my instructors name but he was spectacular!!!
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12 reviews
David is one of my go to guys for any business and branding advice. The guy knows his stuff. I especially love reading his articles in Forbes and Huffington Post. A great mentor I am glad to have him in my life.
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CREATIVE CONCEPTS LABS Deer Antler Velvet Extract IGF-1: I tried a bottle and after about a week, found that soreness was greatly reduced the next day after a workout. I almost felt as though I could work out the same muscles everyday (not a good idea though). Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
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I went to a few dealerships over the last few weeks but found the customer service lacking. At Doug Smith Subaru I was greeted by Tom Russon, no pressure extremely knowledgeable made me feel comfortable with the whole process. Glad I decided to check it out. For a great car and fantastic service ask for Tom.
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