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And we are going to get more so what is your chance getting work done 
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Try this Data Mining Tip for Increased Social Engagement

+Fanatics Media
Irina Jordan  on the importance data context.
+Mark Fidelman 

Respond to fans and detractors. “Hug your haters” as Jay Baer says, “Haters are not your problem; ignoring them is.”

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Is beautiful
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nice love to connect on Instagram
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Hello guy
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Social Media Manager and owner of Monopolize Social Media
Leadership, Entrepreneur, Passion, Speaking, Innovation
  • IBoom Media
    Senior Partner, 2014 - present
    Oversee ALL online marketing and meet/update with clients in nearly every industry. WE do branding for large companies and small.
  • Monopolize Social Media
    CEO/Founder, 2013 - 2014
    Welcome, we are Monopolize Social Media! We will help you to build your Brand! Full and Micro Service Social Media Agency Everything you know about marketing, advertising, and social media combined has now evolved! We have presence unmatched, desirable connections, and produce mass results. Our team has a track record of experience in social and lead by a top pioneer in the Industry. We can provide you with service with no presence at all and take your presence to the next level. We offer micro services to full services that can manage and build your brand as a residual leader for return. This is not your ordinary social media service it is a way to own your presence online and take above your expectations. Monopolize Social Media isn't here to achieve a goal, it's here to set the bar for all other goals. Word of mouth has found its machine and driving force with the team at Monopolize. Our team is a collective body of Social Media Achievement and Influence. The services we provide can't be matched by any other source and it all started with an idea in mind to not only penetrate social networks but take over each in force. Our team has achieved top honors in Kred, Klout, YouTube, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Fiverr, and the list continues. We get to the top of Google Rankings and Generate Viral Traffic. Monopolize is lead by Justin Matthew, a Leader in Innovation and Pioneer in Social Media. Justin has numerous honors and has a mass presence online. He's risen to the top ranks without limit and continues to leave a legacy among his followers. Justin with his countless track record has devised a team of protégés that includes Chris Cota aka ATLComputerDude both not only bring a unique skill set respectively to the team, they have a social media expertise that begin with core knowledge. Here's what the Team Brings to Your Service
    OWNER, 2008 - 2012
    Social Media Company to local clients.
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Never stop challenging yourself, compete only with goals you set. Comparing yourself to anyone else is disrespectful to your own abilities. Believe in domination through innovation. Question everything; do not take it as fact. Always work as if people more talented and smarter than you were trying to take your job tomorrow.
I also run my own internet business which has become one of the top out of millions of people competing.

KRED Influencer of the month among other awards.

I am a Top Social Media Influencer Worldwide. Many Claim the title Few back it up

KLOUT Ranked #7 Worldwide

The Digital Marketing Show's Power 100 Rank #1

Top 100 Online Influencers Rank #1

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(Discover who's who in Social Sales Influencers & Practioners This is a list of thought leaders and practioners of social sales worldwide) Rank #4


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Listen to Episode 002 : The Vacation Show + Justin Matthew: Social Media Expert on @TuneIn #NowPlaying HERE

Top Seller All Of Fiverr. In 1 year Made 200,000 Dollars. HERE

Scientific Tuesdays,” the show hosted by cherubic Dylan Hart with business manager Justin Matthew is a HIT! READ HERE

Airing every Tuesday on the YouTube channel Household Hacker, Judging by the numbers it’s working.  An average episode of Scientific Tuesdays gets the same amount of viewership as a cable TV Law & Order or anything on Adult Swim, but is done with less than half the budget. Yes folks that is over 3 million views per episode.

Meet The World's Most Social Leaders: Rank Top In The World HERE

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Hold The Top 3 World Records For The Most Re-shared Circle shares On Google+

Social Media SEO is the future in networking to promote your brand.

Currently we manage all online marketing for several major corporations.

I am a partner at Social Media Marketing Firm IBoom Media

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VideoValue. Price. Service. Customer Experience. These are all, of course incredibly important to the long-term health and growth of any bra

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Works at IBoom Media as Social Media Manager and owner of Monopolize Social Media. Lives in Provo Utah. Justin Matthew Social Media Manager/

Justin Matthew Media

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My car needed a simple oil change so I called up and asked what time I could bring the car in. Because I am very busy and own a business I wanted to know what time was best and possible set an appointment they said don't worry about that just bring it in so it okay no problem after doing that day then went on to tell me the technician would not even be in for an hour. So I got picked up and a little while later got a phone call that the alignment was off and it would be $80 I agreed then I got another call a short while later that they need to fix the radiator and that would cost $1,000. I respectfully declined that offer so ended up going ahead with the oil change and Alignment it should have been around $130 that was the price that was quoted. Finally after getting the call to go pick up my vehicle I was staring down a $260 charge. This is not what was discussed during the prices at no time did they say they would be any additional fee then the price of the oil change and the price of the alignment. I feel I was manipulated by the sales staff not told that there would be a labor fee at no time was that mentioned and felt responsible to pay the bill. Keep in mind my radiator is just fine
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