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Verizon Wireless community, how many people are still on a unlimited data plan? How many talking minutes do you have on your plan? I was Verizon Wireless customers two years ago with a unlimited data plan with 600 minutes talk paying $120+ a month. Just curious how the talking minutes are still handled grandfathered into the plan. 

I will admit I switched to tmobile for a better price, I'm just looking for some information. 

Just curious how many people are on a unlimited Verizon Wireless unlimited data plan without unlimited talking time. Times have changed since Verizon quit offering unlimited data.

+Derek Ross any help on this? 

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+T-Mobile happy Labor Day weekend. Still loving your service and super fast speeds. Any suggestions on what to stream to celebrate the holiday? 

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Beating the heat with some good tunes

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The wrong way to cook a steak, but the right way if it's frozen.
+Tyler Allen
+Brian Greene

Science: Cooking Frozen Steaks:

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New Order pre-concert 

+T-Mobile thank you for all the #Magenta love over the past two years. Your service and speeds are the best. Glad i left another carrier for you

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It's things like this for me happily leaving +Verizon Wireless more than two years ago. Never been happier with +T-Mobile. Go #uncarrier 

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Really? The government has this much time on their hands?
What an abuse of power +Washington Redskins

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Nothing like a little spring cleaning with some good music. 

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Jelly fish at the Aquarium of the Pacific last night #Nexus5 #HDR
Jelly Fish
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