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Just to be devil's advocate for a moment (because I'm not sure if I'll get one or not), why is the white OnePlus One only available in 16GB? What if I wanted the epic 64GB that the black variant offers, but I want the white device? Not to harp, but when your motto is "never settle," I feel like hardware choices shouldn't be weirdly limited like that. 
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I think they said swappable backs are on the way 
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Justin Marden

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Hey +Samsung Mobile USA, if you're going to update your already terrible app store, at least do it right. I just want to open it and look at some apps for my Galaxy Gear, but that's apparently too complicated. So instead you're going to deny me access to the app until it updates, and then the update fails every time, so I'm just booted out of the app completely.

This is why we can't have nice things. 
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So is it required that you have an invite to buy a 1+1? Just trying to get a clear answer, that's the impression I'm getting. If so, why is that a good idea? The problem that you see is that people can't get a new device in a decent amount of time, and your solution is to limit the number of people who can get one? Seems counterproductive to me.
You'll be able to get the OnePlus One with an invite. Learn more about the OnePlus One Invite System!
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Justin Marden

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It honestly saddens me that we're going to waste taxpayer dollars on this kind of ridiculous garbage.

Whoever brought this legislation up for a vote should be voted out of office.
Wisconsin Republicans will vote next month on whether they support allowing the state to secede from the United States of America. Last month, one of the Republican caucuses in the state passed a resolution asserting the state's right to secede. ...
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This is so stu...

Actually, this doesn't sound like Rubio's worst idea (gasp!). There are a lot of questions I have, but depending on the answers, this might be a good plan.

Just to throw a few out there:

1. What are the consequences when a student isn't able to pay back the "investment" because they can't find work? With a loan, you go into default and your credit takes a hit and eventually you hit bankruptcy or something else. But would the same rules apply for this program?

2. Let's say an investor pays for a student to go to college and major in engineering. Two years in, the kid changes their major to education. Does the investment still stand? What little info we've gotten from Rubio suggests that investors will pay for a student to go to college and major in a certain field, but I don't know if he realizes how often students change their majors while in college.

3. Exactly how long does the student have to pay a percentage of their income to the investor? Is it until the entire balance of their tuition is paid back, in the same way repayment of a loan is done?

4. What about interest? Will you set interest rates on this kind of thing at all? And if you do, will they be separate from student loan interest rates?

5. Where the hell are you going to get that many investors? You're talking about millions of college students every year, and billions of dollars in investment. This won't be a small feat.

6. Who is going to qualify for this kind of program? Will it be need-based or merit-based? And how many students do you think will benefit from this, as opposed to just taking out loans to pay for their education?

7. Just as a sort of "poke the bear" point, it's great that you're looking at new ways to help students avoid debt, but this isn't going to help the millions of students whose loan debt has exceeded credit card debt in this country. What's your plan there, Sherlock?
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Okay I hate to pull a fanboy on this one, but....

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let this be a thing. If HTC makes a Nexus tablet with the build quality of the One line, there's going to be no convincing me to get any other tablet.

That crazy HTC Nexus tablet rumor is back
The next round of HTC Nexus tablet rumors is upon us, but is there are new reason to think that HTC is really returning to tablets?
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But it's still going to be a nexus, so it won't have the build quality of a $600 phone
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Justin Marden

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Any Maps/trip experts?

So I'm going apartment hunting with some friends tonight, and I have a list of (30 or so) addresses throughout Birmingham and the surrounding areas. I'm looking for a way to sort them based on distance from UAB, so we can hit all the places in a given area at once instead of blindly driving around for hours. I'd prefer to not put each address into Google Maps one at a time and find out where they are.
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Justin Marden

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Sooo Google's Remote Chrome Desktop thing is actually really awesome. For a free app that's easy to set up and simple to use, I love it. If the only catch is that I have to have Chrome open the whole time, I have no problem with that.
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Justin Marden

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Why do we keep making stupid people famous? I shudder to think that this woman might one day run for some kind of public office.
Days after Senate Republicans unanimously blocked a vote on the Paycheck Fairness Act, Phyllis Schlafly, founder of "pro-family" organization Eagle Forum, claimed that providing women with equal pay for equal work would deter their chances ...
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Food was not very good, the pizza selection is pathetic. They only offer three or four different types of pizza, and all of them are lacking in cheese and flavor. The salad bar is definitely sub-par and the pasta isn't winning any awards either. Not worth $7 at all.
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