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Seriously #Apple  ?
Apple has gotten the #galaxynexus  banned in the US during trials

Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet accused Samsung of copying the look and feel of its products.

The look and feel....  
If someone can file a lawsuit based on look and feel, what's to stop a TV manufacturer from filing suit because someone else's TV "looks and feels" the same?  What about all of the alternative controllers for console systems?  Do they not "look and feel" similar?

Apple, you have hit rock bottom for me.  This is yet another reason I will never buy one of your products, because I will not support a company who's practice is to file lawsuits to block the competition, rather than do it the proper way - innovate

Thanks to +Mike Silva for this link, petitioning against one of the judges who keeps ruling in favor of Apple:

Found one more specifically against Apple, not that this one may do too much:

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Sean M
Sigh, there is a point when a company had gone from protecting their right to profit off their innovation to bullying. Apple has lost a lot of my respect, as well, in their handling of Android competition.
Apple: Preventing competition the olde fashioned way. This is why I hate the iPhone.
Apple Sucks. The entire company steals ideas and when "their ideas" get stolen, they go all out with lawsuits. Apple stole GUIs and even the idea of the smartphone! The first ever smartphone was actually the IBM Simon. Apple really should be sued against, not the other way around!
Apple was not always like this. I guess the driving force of their innovation died last year. :-(
Not just because of this..but I would never by a apple product anyway
I'm no Apple fan, but before people weigh in on them for this take a second to think about how these cases come about. The design patent/protection system has pretty much allowed Apple to lay claim to any rectangular touch device as protected.

Now what morons and what system would rubber stamp such a claim? Time to vent your ire at some elected representatives I think; shouting at Apple won't change the system. (but feel free to shout at both :D)
Lol and yes I own an samsung nexus
+Bill Mills Not really, their quality control/usability guru died Apple still have plenty of innovators. Moreover, a good number of these patent suits would have been instigated at Steve Job's behest; he's on record as wanting to destroy Android.

It's sad and ironic to see patents being weaponised like this, in the tech sector they're now stifling innovation and product evolution not encouraging it. Apple are the least of the problem, patent trolls seem to be everywhere these days, I'm backing the EFF's efforts to fix the problem:
This is ridiculous. Apple need to get a grip and stop suing everyone they can. This just adds to my intense loathing of Apple. Hope this decision is overturned.
It's Apple that's why....they have become greedy and selfish, uncaring just like Microsoft! It's gonna come back to hurt them when ever company start filing back sues including the government too!
Simply pathetic. In the Steve Jobs book, the author points out that Jobs would throw a fit and literally cry like a baby when he didn't get his way. Sounds exactly like what Apple is doing on a corporate level.
D Sliek
You know, I just don't get why people don't buy the electronics they want and enjoy them, rather than complaining about someone else's electronics or the companies they came from.

Surely you have something more important to do at this time.
John Rood
Does this mean I can get arrested for carrying my nexus around lol??
Dallas, the reason is because Apple is trying to block every product we want and enjoy.
The mention of "TV" in the original item reminded me that this sort of thing also happens with TV shows. ABC has a show in which a bunch of people are locked into a house. The CBS show Big Brother took offense.

Those who say that Steve Jobs would have sued Samsung are correct. Remember that Jobs was very angry about the changes to the original concept of Microsoft Windows, even when Bill Gates pointed out that both Apple and Microsoft were running with the original idea from Xerox. (Funniest lawsuit of all time - after everybody sued everybody else regarding windowing interfaces, Xerox belatedly got around to suing people. It was a little too late.)
Apple are so full of themselves now that there is a legitimate threat to their sales.
Maybe I'm late but boy I tell you when Steve Jobs was alive you never hear anything about any must really be scared and lost since his passing that they have to do whatever it takes to keep other phones out of the US. These actions surely will not attract future buyers.
I love competition but it needs to be fair. Palm didn't copy Nokia, Apple didn't copy Blackberry, MS Metro didn't copy iOS. You can do new stuff if you want to. Android didn't have to copy iOS and the iPhone. But it did copy them in all fundamentals. Whether it is legal is a separate question, but for me it's important if it's ethical or not. I think copying somebody's product is not ethical even if it was legal. It's welcome to build on each other's innovations, but that doesn't mean it's ok to copy all fundamentals. Google does it all the time, they don't feel it's evil. :)
I honestly can't believe Apple. This probably why I never purchases apple's iphone. just glad apple haven't tired anything like this in the UK.
I'm rockin a galaxy nexus waiting for the jelly bean update so exciting
Where's Judge Posner to inject some sense into this, sorry but judge Koch is just playing for Apple now
Well said brother! I hate hearing about apple doing this. Absolute BULLIES!
thanks for sharing that m8. I love my Samsung galaxy s2 a lot.
Sooner or later this is going to haunt them. iPhone5 may face the same fate while launching from samsung!
This is probably the start of android dominance. Finally
K. Barr
Are you serious? Come on, Apple!
I stopped using my iPod touch and iTunes due to how much Apple is making their software act like a required service or virus. they need to get a good reality check. 
The lawsuits amongst TV manufacturers will start - when Apple invent it later on this year and establish all the other manufacturers copied them in advance.
Screw apple and screw jobs even if he's dead
What about all the law suits Samsung has against Apple??? They are as bad as each other!!! 
Apple over charge on their products to fund their lawsuits...that's why I won't buy one. I won't fund playground bullying
I really never have understood how #Apple and #SteveJobs became the  "White Knight" of the #computer industry. They have always been the angry kid who got picked on in school. Jobs had a serious chip on his shoulder from the early days and Apple will continue to carry it for him now that he has passed. 
Wait... So banning products because they look somewhat similar? Well I wasn't aware that Apple owns all rights to rectangular shape...
Apple is bad for all consumers I don't care how great their hardware is. This comment may be in bad taste but I hope apple, their pile of cash, and lawyers crash and burn in hell with Steve.
I got my Galaxy Nexus after Google began offering the GSM version for $349. I'm just hoping this ban won't affect Google's plans to roll out Jellybean officially in July. Amazing phone in my opinion.
Android fanboys getting mad at Apple is priceless and vice-versa.

What good are patents if they are not be be used? Blame the patent system.

You talk about innovating yet Apple owns the patents lol
Wow, you know you can read through this whole hate fest and never be confronted with the idea that Apple at least thinks that it is protecting its own innovations. 

And when you look at the market before and after the iPhone and before and after the iPad you might think that they were the company actually doing most of the innovating.

Just sayin'
As a iPhone user I think Apple got a little silly on this one. I mean the galaxy nexus and the iPhone don't look anything alike! Taking the time to follow this through and paying someone to does seem like a waste of time/money.
Desk and laptops are fading out .The next big tech is played out on Tablet and cellphones.Vying for a share on devices above-mentioned are stressing many CEOs.
Rotten apple!!!. Using bogus patents to bully ALL competitors.
+Joe Dean The problem is, they aren't good patents, they are vague patents apple is abusing to the point of being a patent troll company.
Doesn't Samsung make the A5 processor for the iPhone 4s? Sweet revenge would be if Samsung were to say, "sorry Apple, we're not making these A5s anymore". 
Dick move, but i still like apple
With ip protection laws be dis regarded on a global scale it is refreshing to see someone win such a case be it apple Samsung nokia etc. unfortunately apples innovations are no longer imperfectly immitatable so that have to rely on ip protection to sustain their competitive advantage. This is basic business strategy regardless of who the company is, and regardless of company's CEO . Why so much emotion simply because this is apple?
Sigh... that is one reason i don't like apple.
& I was going to get a Nexus!
Apple does not remember the 90's very well. 

"Only a Whore charges for a look and a feel"
Cellphones have global tools of commerce,tech savvy companies are trying to stifle innovations by filing lawsuits one after the other to slow down competition.
+Caesar Black. Never heard of lawsuits when jobs was around? Please, jobs was as ruthless as they come and made no qualms about wanting to destroy android, or any competition for that matter. Some find this appalling, but those are the same people who would love to be in the position apple is right now. If Samsung could sue apple to stop the sale of the iPhone, they would do it. 
So, it's ok for Samsung to copy apple (one of their earlier connectors even looked like apple's dock connector!?)

But when Apple files suit to stop Samsung, apple is the bad guy?

Why is Samsung given a free pass to copy Apple? Remember samsung's own lawyers couldn't tell the difference between the iPad and the galaxy tablet.

Also, why is everyone ignoring the fact that Samsung and Motorola are both abusing the FRAND patents?

FRAND patents are needed to meet standards and Samsung is abusing it and it is ok?

Please educate yourself if you want to have such strong opinions.
Apple is rubbish anyway Samsung all the way for me
Just sold

Getting rid of the last apple product I own for my nexus tab !
There has to be more to this. A judge wouldnt rule on look and feel and ban a product. Im going to look into thr details of the ban. By the way Apple sucks lol.
+Xatolos Wired that's exactly what I'm saying. The patent system is broken and must be fixed but until the I say protect your stuff by all means.
This is just rediculous this is almost as rediculous as Motorola trying to get Xbox banned in the US this is why I hate apple they are greedy and just want money you know its just sad apples acting like they lost money if that's the case why not sue every phone company by saying "hey that phone looks just like ours and plus its a touch screen phone"...I swear this has got to stop...-_-
in my opinion the Android is feels loads better than apple not sure why they would wanna steal there feel
I thought that I would be able to escape fanboy ism and bias by going on Google Plus. Boy, was I wrong. Naturally, almost everyone will talk trash about Apple in the comments for many reasons, one being this is a google owned service. Ill have android on my phone and iOS on my tablet. It's sometimes confusing though
Lol like I.said maybe I'm late to all of this bc I have never seen this
much until recent LOL. Thanks for the update. Still never been an apple fan
either way.
+Terry Sutlick Samsung is as greedy as any other company out there. They would never stop selling parts to apple. That would effect the bottom line. 
Its sad that the throwing around of lawsuits has become more talked about than the products of those companies involved!
Apple pretty much started out in its early Computer days, with a with a look and feel lawsuit against Jack Trammel (hope that's spelt right) and Atari  a much smaller company that could not afford to fight Apple, which is pretty much what it banked on, so they settlr=ed out of court and removed some features of the OS that worked in a similar manner to Apples product, tApple of course BORROWED much of the look and feel (plus the mouse) from Xerox that Jobs seen and used these  when the Apple IIi Personal computers (PC )were also made badged as Xerox  were made, anyway so they were not averse to "Plagiarism" when they do it it seems! their vast weath will mean they can cripple compeioton on a whim no froof of any wrong doing is neede, they have always worked that way, they have ALWAYS borrowed ideas for pretty much every devise they make nothing original, OK I dont deny often they improve of it but they USE the "LOOK & FELL" on practicaly everything theve ever made, sauce for the Goose but not for the Gander it seems.
A company with double standards.
Anybody enjoy programming in Objective C? Not me. I will never own an iPhone, because of that.
Apple needs to understand people want a Samsung because they want a big Iphone with Android on it.
Ridiculous. Just another way Apple is fanning my distaste towards them. They like to do that.
Well, you have to give apple that they were the first to break through, or actually create that niche and they do have a great product in the iPhone. But after all they are a public company in a cut-throat market and they do what corporations do: try to stifle any competition and any threat to their money flow... Samsung is not so much better they'd sue if they had invented it.

But having said that, "the look and feel"!?!
Come on!
Guess we have to consider ourselves lucky no one has patented the wheel or the hot water - then we'd be in serious trouble :)
Apple thinks to be unique and the best;if truly so,why banner a competitor such as Samsung being innovative?Maybe because they know that in China Samsung achieved top selling of Samsung Galaxy passing Apple...Does Apple think all the Americans and all the future generations will buy Apple devices for ever??They will not establish a monopoly in the future in the world..l will never purchase a Apple device as they are NOT open sources..
Protecting real innovation is important.  But the look and feel infringement claim is petty and unfounded. The look and feel is part and parcel of technological evolution that has it's earlier roots in the Palm and Handspring PDA's and even the original Microsoft tablet.
+Corrlin Perry. Apple is greedy and just wants money? Oh the horror! Welcome to corporate America.... Steve jobs and apple have been ruthless in pursuit of their success, and that is one of the reasons they have been so successful. Don't kid yourself. Corporations don't like competition and will go to any lengths necessary to suppress it. Any other company would do the same as apple given the opportunity. 
Time to start boycotting the rotten apple, their greed is serving only their investors and crushing competitive technology.
The legal world has just gone bonkers. This could never happen in Africa, China, or India! Something is going to give pretty soon.
+Joe Dean - Agreed. But - to me, at least - suing the company that's manufacturing a key component for your two mission critical devices is akin to shooting yourself in the foot.
That's BS it should be on , no excuse!!!
You need to be ruthless in business to be successful... 
+Curly Barnes.

I'm impressed by how you managed to twist how Apple paid Xerox for the GUI which Apple the refined (the original GUI had foot pedals and about mouse buttons and tons of extra keys)

Please do basic research before spouting untruths again
this is just bullsh#t... Apple is just like a spoiled child and the ruling is just rubbish. So, should Google sue Apple for the "look and feel" of iOS6? C'mon!
Well, this is just bad, very bad PR for Apple.
This phone in my hand does not "Look and Feel" like an Apple product.... its so far beyond an Apple product it not funny. Someone REALLY needs to take them down!!!!!!
Apple has become so childish but when you are outdone crying to mommy is sometimes your only reprieve. God speed to the Android Nation.
Never bought an apple product before and now it will be even harder.
Wow the ignorance of this post and comments is staggering.  Every time Apple releases ANY product, they are hit with a lawsuit citing infringement.  EVERY TIME, whether it's Samsung, Microsoft, etc.  They all sue to block each other's products all the time. This is not unique to them, by any stretch.  Go ahead and hate Apple if you want but suing a competitor is standard practice with each new phone or device so you're barking up the wrong tree.  This one just happened to be one of the very few that was successful.  For now. 
Apple the best ever smart phone for me:) i love apple i love iphone4s:)>,<
Isn't Apple's new retna screen a Samsung screen?
The innovation of Apple died with Steve BlowJobs. Apple=CTD... Circling the Drain.
I hope Samsung terminates all of their supplier contracts with Apple. They make a ton of displays, memory, and chip sets for them.
Lmfaoooo Apple is killing me softly in the last 24 hrs 
ryan m
Doesn't apple make enough on their over priced rubbish as it stands not counting accessories? Guess not!
+Terry Sutlick I guarantee Samsung will not do anything to affect the revenue from Apple. We r talking Billions of dollars. They would take any steps needed to keep apple from leaving. These companies only understand one thing. Money!! They don't give a fuck about you or me any anyone else unless it affects their bottom line. 
I've been much of an apple face and things like this just push people away from using their products smh
I think the money least on device sales will eventually hurt Samsung enough to take on apple as a manufacturer
I am a big apple fan but apple has to make a better OS and stop the fighting. Android at this point has developed into their own apple can not and should not keep attacking them. 
I say fuck Samsung. It's not their patents. 
Only winners are lawyers$$$$$
its not a copy of iphone i thing os is different in sam use and & iphone use ios
I wonder whats going to happen when God decides to sue apple for the use of... Well the apple!
Apple is so scared of Google its ridiculous.
I blame our patent system for allowing way too many things to be patented
SERIOUSLY? If it is real, I would say apple copy the look and feel of watching book and tv.
Kyle W
It's only temporary. Samsung will be getting 95 million apple bucks as soon as the temporary bar is lifted. Maybe they can put that money into their ship building or washing machine divisions 
The problem is that aplle is US company and Samsung is Korean company with growing success.
Boo Apple. I think I'll patten the English language. 
Just went from iphone 4 to samsung galaxy s3 and android is miles out in front apple is over
PS: LOVE my Nexus! DISLIKE the IBrick..
In the plus side, the ban doesn't take effect until Apple forks over $96 million that they have to pay to Samsung if a jury finds Apple is not in the right.
I have a feeling that Apple just pissed away $96 million
Let's face it tech design is driven by one main factor the size of the human hand also how it works ie drawing your thumb along the surface. Its time for apple to be more confidant in its own product and let others get on with theirs .
Cl Hi
I will never buy apple product never
I think Galaxy Nexus ban was because of siri's patent, not look and feel. At least that's what I read before. The patent claims for algorithms used to get search results from multiple sources and provide relevant results in a unified place for the user to choose from. (Isn't that what search engines do)

But it remains ridiculous because Apple is requesting a ban for "copying" the idea, not the algorithms used. Same as how Apple used its data-tapping patent.

Unless if the patent is only concerned with the idea. If this is the case, then granting the patent is much more ridiculous than Apple's ban request.
Must admit they are going too far with this one!
So why isn't Apple getting sued for trying to monopolize now? Microsoft did about a decade ago...I'm really starting to see this in Apple. Why come up with new decent products when you can just sue the pants off everyone to eliminate competition? Screw you Apple..I can't wait for your collapse.
Hope they have to forfeit the $95 mil in the end...
I hope they ship the #Nexus7 before the future injunction for superficially resembling an iPad goes through.
Maybe apple is scared because the fact that Samsung is the no.1 mobile from this time.
Apple is on some snitch shit right about now. That why I gave up my iPhone 4s for the ne EVO LTE. I felt like I was just locked into there world.
Didn't Apple already try and lose this same litigation tactic in the 80's against Microsoft over "look and feel"?
I really don't get how the law is decided. It's like Peugeot suing Renault for using 4 wheels in their cars.
Maybe golden delicious or granny smiths should sue apple!!
Come on al they're doing is making it better. Jellybean is a smidge faster
Does anybody know when a "look & feel" patent becomes un-enforcable? 

For example, should Smith Corona sue Logitech and every other keyboard manufacturer for copying the "look & feel" of their typewriter? 

Would it be okay for AT&T to sue RCA for copying the "look & feel" of their office telephone?  Or, maybe AT&T could sue Apple for copying the "look & feel" of the modern cell phone...

Is it okay for Ford to sue every other car manufacturer for copying the "look & feel" of the automobile? 

When does a device that is used around the world as a "standard" become part of the public domain?  What else are we supposed to manipulate the screen with other than our fingers and hands..???  Maybe Samsung can come up with a tongue interface for their mobile devices... ugh
+1 if u have Galaxy Nexus or intend to buy one soon even for non US people
I thought "apple" meant applepi2000=david stoner when I first saw this.
I believe that apple has the right to challenge Samsung in court if it believes they are stealing their designs. Don't hate the player hate the system. If you think that apple is the only one doing this type of thing maybe you should do a little homework so you don't look so ignorant. Apple had talks with Samsung about this before going to the courts. It's not like the thought those Samsung jerks stole our design and let's sue them. If you want to hate on apple hate on apple. Just don't hate on apple because the are playing the same game every other company is playing except they're a little bit better at it at the moment. Apple generates page clicks so everyone focuses news cycles on them. Do I think the patent system is lame and stifles innovation, yes. Do I think apple is going overboard, I don't know. 
Shouldn't we blame the judge if we disagree? 
I was unsure between which smartphone to buy (Nokia E63 right now) either iphone5 or samsung galaxy.

(notice the "was"?)
I like apple, but that didn't stop me from buying a nexus xD
That Judge needs to get an eye test how does the iPhone look like the Samsung Nexus ?? The iPhone only has a 3,5in screen vs Nexus 4,8in and it doesn't look like a brick its curvy and more rounded than an iPhone not to mention faster ! I think she needs her accounts looking into just incase she is getting back handers from Apple .
That's cheating! Tomorrow, they will say it looks like a smart phone or even it look like a mobile phone,  ban it!  
Best bullshit patent thing I've heard so far: Apple suing Samsung because the Galaxy tab had rounded edges, clearly an idea stolen from the ipad ;-). If one can actually patent round edges then that must be what's wrong with the world
Blame it on the flaws of US patents.
WTF WTH Apple is really started 2 push the limits of what is & isnt rite, fair, or ethical!!!!!!!! IMHO Apple deserves 2 get a taste of its own medicine but I just dont see a company that'd b capable of that rite now
It amazes me that anyone could buy a product from this sinking company. I guess it's either ignorance or they just don't care.
The judge who upheld Apples arguments has made a dangerous precedent. 
Galaxy nexus is shit anyway. You guys should be thankful apple is protecting the consumers from buying this shit. Honestly, iPhone aside, this is one of worse android phones out there. 
If it wasn't for Atari, there would be no apple. They stole parts from Atari to make the first apple computer.
Apple is shit. Menus always blue and grey blue and grey oh and blue and grey. And for 5yrs it aint changed. Move aside the colourful android is top of the chart. And greeeeeen. Dont get jealous apple. He he.
+Irakli T are you kidding me???? How do you think the nexus is shit?  Have you ever had one? It is one of the best android devices to date. If you think otherwise you are obviously wrong.
If Apple is so concerned about their losing marketshare, they should make a better iPhone to compete. The iPhone and iOS has been completely lacking in the last few years.
Hummm. What about car manufactorers? There are a few cars around that look and fell quiet the same. Why dont they try to sue each other and bun competitors products from their cowtryes?
Holy shit, i was going to buy one...
Craigslist is now my friend :-(
F law suits and this suck ass system that allows it to go on. (Thems the basics)
#Wth?.. I got the Galaxy..soon switching from Sprint to Verizon to get the new Razor.. IPhones succ..
Can't steal others ideas shamelessly and not get in trouble 
Yeah idk how a phone that is larger and has a curved screen looks anything like the iPhone, but I believe the patent in question is related to voice search
This is what happens with companies like Apple that don't actually invent or innovate anything but want to force the world to believe that they do.
Bunch of crap. I love my Nexus and look forward to the Nexus 7 tablet. It seems as if they put a hold on that too since os 4.1 Jelly Bean has the same capabilities.
The LG Prada was out before the iPhone and the iPhone looks very similar to it. The Prada was also a touchscreen phone and won several awards for design before it's released. The Prada 2 had a front camera for video conferencing. Two years later apple came out with facetime. Apple has always copied others ideas and just make minor improvements and slap an apple logo on it.
Innovation or litigation ... 
Apple sucks when are they going to think of something new instead of trying to ruin Samsung and android all together Apple have lost the respect of everyone. Nice move
Dumb...... The sad part is they probably spend more time crying than trying to make something better.
Guys face it. Apple has the best products out there...just compare the products and look at it with an open mind...

Apple is crap. Will never support them.
Apple is afraid the MacOS vs. Windows scenario will happen again with Google playing the role of Microsoft this time and the battlefield being the mobile devices.
Apple... I would never buy an Apple product ever.
I love Apple but give me a break, "looks and feels" it doesn't make it the same thing.
Apple Products are over priced. Apple wanted to dominate the users and unable to digest Samsung's growth.This is rediculus.
I remember rooting for Apple when they were fighting to out do Microsoft. How ironic that they end up doing the exact same thing when they have the power. Sad.
Justin Mangun you are so right. Apple with all these lawsuit is bullshit.
Apple is afraid because Google is improving its Android OS and manufacturers like Samsung are producing devices that can blow the overrated IPhone away.
apple is the new microsoft, but for the consumer market. consumer markets are volatile compared to enterprise market though. either way apple is evil period.
The USPTO needs to be overhauled or thrown out. What's next, a patent on the "wish list," "shopping cart," or "double clicking?" Oh, wait.
I have to say I was once the owner of a iPhone when I learn about the galaxy nexus it was bye bye apple.
reminds me of the microsoft browser battle.
#Apple you guys are to expensive and have not many features on your devices and andriod tablets & phones do & are more affortable !!!... #SUCH-BIG-BABYS @Apple
Apple reminds me of IT, a book by Stephen King. Its huge, its menacing and its behind little kids(Android & all others against whom lawsuits are filed). But the little kids don't lose hope. They strike back and how...
I guess every one in here will be sued for using the word "Apple" heck the fruit should sue them for using the name in the first place..hehehe
This must hit google pretty hard. Appke succeeded in blocking the sales of google play devices with android 4.1 mid-July. I will not buy a single apple product anymore. They are second in sales line and crying like kids about it.
Personally I think it is time google revised it's stance on suing other tech companies and went after apple with a vengeance.  maybe if they bring apple to heel then apple will get their head out of their ass and try to compete instead of sue everyone.
Huh. So am I supposed to turn mine in? Come get it jerks.
The lawsuits apple is hit with is the other companies seeking royalties for using their patents the reason it turns to seeking to block apple products is because they refuse to pay or come to an agreement.
I can understand if Samsung took away a proprietary part of the system affecting sales directly but slide to unlock to get into your phone is why you are fighting... come on! Tomorrow car manufacturers will start suing each other because you use 4 doors to enter the car or maybe because they all use seats to sit in the car... let's mature. Why is Galaxy nexus the only phone being affected when almost all smartphones in the market work this way. Its a conspiracy against Androids flagship and to block jellybean- that's the true side that I see not slide to unlock
Crapple is a joke. They are so scared of Google its embarrassing.
This suing other great Tec company is plain bullshit.
Damn.. well if thats the case how apple is trying to block the competition maybe they should be sued by copying the same concept of Android. F#ck Apple!
This is real legacy of steve jobs. He was a petulant childish crook in life and his spirit lives on in this crap.
i dont have a samsung i have a motorola . and i love it my wife wanted the iphone and i talked into these instead . i just wanna say i wont buy apple have not limed apple products and now this it makes me glad i dont have them . and it was said we should shout at the representitives that allowed a patent like they . well if ya think about it that wont do any good either.
You know who will end losing it all of this; the consumers. By allowing companies to purchase inventions and patents just so they can file lawsuits and stop their competitors from selling their products, we will end up with a industry void of innovation. These patent laws need to be changed. And shame on Apple for using these broken laws to eliminate competing products instead of using the challenge as fuel to create something compelling; not just decent products to panders to a lifestyle.
Piru P
+Timothy Dyer, yes, agreed; Samsung also files suits. However, what Samsung, Motorola and the like are filing is mostly (if not completely) based on actual tangible technical specifications where as Apple goes on a spree filing suits based on aesthetics, or "look and feel"
Galaxy Nexus on the Google play store for $349.00 unlock for at&t & T-Mobile no contract.
"Look and Feel" arguments should have been tossed out when they started.  Patents were designed to protect technologies and techniques; basically how you achieve a particular result.  As long as someone can achieve even exactly the same result without copying your code or parts, it should be allowed.
Patent law would be a lot better if they hadn't made the mistake of allowing "look and feel" years back.
Hurry get yours while supplies last.
Piru P
Of the 200 new features that Apple recently announced for iOS, 199 of them were already available on Android, with the majority of them being available since version 1.0. The lone feature missing from Android is "FaceTime over cellular".

Apple's largest expense for the fiscal year ending 2013 will be their legal expenses, as they shamelessly seek to win by litigation rather than innovation.
It's a crappy phone anyway. Get an S3.
#Apple's future is a bit gloomy because of #JellyBean. Apple needs to understand competition doesn't mean to kick someone out using a big brother - rather create good product. #Apple in today's market profit close to 30% on all its product where other companies hardly see a single digit profit. JellyBean might drop that profit to a new low number. 
It's a combination of looks and feels though. Not a single element on its own.

Samsung is also blatantly copying other Apple products like the Mac mini with their Chromebox or whatever they call it.

This isn't about iOS vs Android, it's Apple vs Samsung.
D White
Rotten apple! They're scared of competition.
Apple is awesome idk what u guys r talking about
Apple will is going to keep losing customers everyday. For the fuck up Shit they keep
Sad when desperation turns 2 fear ...
It's disappointing that they need to do it was an apple geek then started to see through the smoke n mirrors. I'm enjoying the free spirit of droid and I am fed up of bullying of apple
Can we get the Alsup to replace this quack of a judge?
I think apple is starting to sweat knowing googles nexus line is starting to dominate.
Don't get why Apple calls Android a stolen product, when it's a better product! Never getting an iPhone.
Apple products is good, or great I should say. But they should really stop suing other companies that they think it's their threat. That's jealousy.
Yeah I'm done with Apple. Android all the way!
I hate apple and make sure I let everyone I know know what apple does, such bullshit
Never liked Apple as a company and never will !
Apple bans any phone they think is better than the iPhone , jellybean must be good
I would love, if someone would edit the video of Charlton Heston his gun to holding a Samsung Galaxy Nexus saying "from my cold dead hands"
I'm posting from a MacBook Pro but, seriously, fuck Apple and fuck software patents.
Apple knows their time of rule is over so they are doing whatever they can to try to get back to the top. Hope this comes back to bite them. #boycottapple
And the court agreed with apple?? How twisted is the justice system.... Sigh
Wow that is insane! I'm actually somewhat ashamed to be using an iPhone at this moment.
I'm ashamed of you apple
wow... WTF?? I never actually hated Apple. but actually banning a phone that doesn't look like an iPhone that much is insane bullshit. just suck it up Apple.
You, sir, wrote exactly what I was thinking. How did you do it?
Apple should sue God for creating an apple without patent licence!
Apple generate enough revenue from their technology and OS, apps etc without having to block competitors. I understand about protecting ip, especially where reverse engineering is concerned, but ffs, screw the corporate greed. Its the same financial drive which divides the classes and creates financial meltdowns.

I did my bit and switched to galaxy note :)

Btw, its lucky they didnt get into the pastry business because we'd all be forced to eat apple pie :P
Hmm...didn't they try this with Microsoft back in the 90s?
It isn't that great a phone at least on the Verizon network. 
Other than it being about patented technology usage and not look and feel, sure.
Forget Apple and Samsung. Come over to HTC
Why would anyone in there right mind pay $2300 for a Mac book when you can get a window laptop with much better spec for less?
I am not willing to pay $2300 for retina.
Letter "I" should be removed from an alphabet cose Apple wants to own :t
Apple need yo get grip,they are just cry babies because they now genuine competition. hTc android all the way for me.
What I don't doesn't even resemble an iphone or ipod. The bottom back looks raised and not at all boxy.
Apple need to stop tripping with all these lawsuit.
there is no way that this is based off of the look and feel. the galaxy nexus has a 4.7 inch screen with a curved body made out of plastic. the iphone is a little ass 3.5 inch green with glass on both sides and a metal outline. even the dumbest person in the world wouldn't get these 2 phones mixed up. there is something else to it
I love the anti apple trolls. You are hilarious!
The nexus brand is a big problem for apple.
and thats why i NEVER buy anything apple!!
Apple has become as bad as the Nazis! They are trying to eradicate everyone that isn't apple. We need to start a boycott on all things apple.
Love iphone. Hate android. I used to have htc - no more that glitchie shit. Thanks.
The ban is not final until apple posts a $96 Million bond.
Wow Apple are a bunch of haters!!!! There like little spoiled brats that want everything,and everyone to get there products and do want they want them to do!! No Apple products for me!!!!
Agreed. My dream is for B2B and google to merge technology
B Xu
Apple copied Xerox? 
Jay R
I'm sure all the fruitcake Apple boys are has nothing so let's sue everyone else because it "looks" like our products... is this part of Steve Jobs will keep filing lawsuits? Did he leave a video file of rules to follow...these fruitcakes are really on my last nerves.
It's like a musician suing another musician because they claim they copied their style. Wack. 
They wanted some jellybean but they wanted it only for themselves
Typical of apple they do not play fair it is a democratic world and we should be allowed to make choices on our beliefs not governed by big multinational companies.damn you apple
I say flush every cell phone on this planet....Such an obsessive worship for these things.....From the makers to the users....And everybody may flush mine don't do the obsessive worship of it all....I just laugh at the insanity of it all......
Some people just need to lighten up!!!
If their products are so great... then why wouldnt their technology and ideas be enough to "block" the competition. Its really sad that they feel threatend by competition. Without competition things dont get better because they done need to... its like they dont wanna try... frustrates me...
Same with hybrid cars. How come none of the car makers are suing each other because they are all manufactuting hybrid cars? Because its for the good of man kind. Innovation.
This is just the second downfall of Apple.
I would say that Apple has lost all respect from me... But that ship sailed a very long time ago, this is absolute bullshit... Also, the phones don't "look and feel" similar at all... The nexus is much better....
it's only a pre-trial injunction. meaning this is not set in stone. Samsung will have a chance to have their side heard on Monday. if the injunction is reversed, Apple will have to pay Samsung $95 million for damages to sales. 
My first thought on this is that the judge needs to get her eyes checked, because besides be a rectangular shape with a glass on the front, the two phones look nothing alike.  
Let's all start a hashtag stream #rottenapple an post pictures of rotting apples and tarnished Apple logos. 
I read about this a while back the legal claims apple make are laughable at best. Grant it some things are similar but the same thing can be said about alot of phones out there. All this says to me is that Samsung must have been doing something right for Apple to ban a phone from the US. If anything it make me want the Nexus now that it is banned.
Apple go f### yourselves and stop being dillholes. Ok that was mean, but the they are getting tiresome.
I don't get why they keep doin this. Its a bit highschool-ish if you ask me.
There is absolutely nothing apple could do at this point for me to buy any of their products ever again.
So, so much hatred here.

Let companies innovate. We all look forward to the next generation of devices. Sure, it's a race.

So what. Don't blame a company for being successful at what they do. 
Congress needs to revamp the patent system and Apple needs to ease up with the petty lawsuits.
Apple is behaving like a patent troll. They are digging their own grave like this. This is not innovation but bullying. All they do is fancy mp3 the iPhone. Now wonder so many people hate them.
how abt the notification bar on iOS? it looks familiar...
Introducing the "iButthurt" only in Apple
Ooh! I feel like such a criminal!
Apple is getting desperate doing this to Google's flagship phone it'd time for apple fans to wake up
I think Apple just officially pissed of a lot of android users. The Galaxy Nexus clearly looks nothing like the iPhone and as for the feel of it the only thing similar is it's improved smoothness and responsiveness due to it's recent update to 4.1 Jellybean. And on that note; Isn't it a bit curious that they just so happen to ban it right after it's initial upgrade? I think not! Apple is clearly aware that they're behind Google's technology so they feel like they have to sue and stall their competitors. The way i see it if Apple can't handle the competition, they should not be part of this "Smartphone war"! 
I agree 100% apple need to stop tripping.
If anyone moving away from apple the galaxy nexus is only way to go for a android phone.
I believe despite their success apple feel their future will go down the hill that is why they are so crazy of suing every companies like that.
This is a continuation of Steve Jobs thoughts on anything Android:  "I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple's $40bn in the bank, to right this wrong, I'm going to destroy Android, because it's a stolen product. I'm willing to go thermonuclear war on this."
+Derrick Alan You're kidding, right?  Xerox had a GUI in 1981, Apple followed suit in 1983 with the Lisa, and Atari and Commodore after them.  Microsoft Windows wasn't released until late 1985.
I'm still confused how it's an original idea I mean isn't this how car manufacturers better their designs? You don't see Audi in a lawsuit with BMW because all wheel drive system or Subaru cause of their all wheel drive system, just an excuse for apple to stop innovation and being in control of how people use their phone. Could apple offer a hack of a lot more to their customers? Sure they can will they? No so when another manufacturer such as windows or android does this ahead of their "apple future plans" accourse we have to suit cause that would mean that we can no longer wait a whole year to lock a customer into a two year contract making the customer want that new product they can have because of marketing techniques of apple. If apple focused on giving their customers everything they wanted maybe they'd be ahead of the competition and not have to sue them for innovating what they originally had in mind to do bit didn't because of marketing strategy. Apple work harder and stop being such a baby when someone launches something that just makes your product antiquated I mean does this mean that apple could be sued for having an LTE antenna or even more being 4G capable since other manufacturers already had this before an apple product had this and advertise as such? I wonder?
its a shame... apple should take the money they are sinking into litigation costs and use it to develop a variant of smartphone that exceeds Android. Isn't that how they did things back in the "not so old school' days. I make a product, you make a product, i come back with a much better product. 
it is a competition, apple knows that they can't catch up, so the only thing they can do is lawsuit, tons of lawsuits.,.
this is the most stupid court decision ever...

after this I'm gonna sue all human as they copy the look and feel of me eating a chicken. 
I know this is just there way to slow google/Android/Samsung's growth..But dam...Alot...And I mean Alot of people love,like want,use there products and this lawsuit stuff will in some shape or form backlash back at Apple..Steve Jobs wanted to murder android and it looks like apple will do its best to keep that train rolling. But watch what you guys do..alot of us are your customers too.
Sounds like apples are scared of their competition I have a nexus and a HTC one x and have used an iPhone 4s extensively and can honestly say that although the android stuff is good it is still lacking in some departments but hardware wise they're way ahead of the competition difference is google and its partner companies take this as an opportunity to better themselves apple keep peddling the same crap with slight upgrades and expect to still dominate and when it does they start these childish game, someone needs to grow up...
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