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This weekend is your last chance to get free games from Ubisoft on UPlay. In the bundle you get:
-Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
-Splinter Cell
-Rayman Origins
-The Crew
-Beyond Good & Evil
-Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
-Assassin's Creed 3

Anyone ever figure out how to fix the blank D2D tab in the app? Hasn't worked for me in weeks. :(

I'm utterly shocked by the results of yesterday's election. It's a testament to how royally the DNC fucked up with pushing Clinton so hard. I mean really, how is it possible to select a candidate so unelectable that they loose out to Trump, the least likeable and least qualified presedential candidate I've seen. #ShouldaBeenSanders

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Dungeon Keeper is free on Origin currently. Everyone should get this game, it's a wonderfully evil RTS.

I'm unsure if this is the Windows version or DOS version. If it's the DOS version you should be able to copy out the game files and setup your own DOSBox install to be able to play DRM free!

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Limbo is free on steam today! ~2-3 hour puzzle platformer that's definitely worth a play.

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Ticket master gave out a bunch of vouchers to customers as part of a class action settlement. If you've ever used Ticketmaster you should check this link if you have any!

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-Added support for https.
-Force https for all connections.

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Nevermind 😐

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Xfinity wifi at panera works as good as my home internet #shocked
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