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So Sprint sent an update to my galaxy nexus... but it didn't seem to have done anything...

... further digging it turned my LTE on .... but I don't have LTE anywhere .... in the state.  I wonder what on earth Sprint is doing ...
Any ideas? #Sprint #nexus
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Thanks Apple! Ugh...

I tested it on finding a contact and it worked... didn't seem to be web only
Yeah my xoom is already jelly bean, so when I saw the update I was excited...bah!
They have been confused like that since they got a corporate charter, the blatant stupidty of it never wore off.
Justin i read sprint might use another network system too boost speeds, maybe they are trying something like that where your at
+Danny Lee I could always root, but the reason I bought a nexus was so I wouldn't have too :(
Most people buy a nexus so they can root and have the most and best developers as a resource!
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