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Justin Hyde
Type, type, type. Click click, type type. Drive.
Type, type, type. Click click, type type. Drive.


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Are cars still a thing here?

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Here's the business side of the Ferrari FXX K:

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I would drive this, if only to see how they built the rear window/roof:

Driving the Fiesta ST this week. Massive fun when I can actually dig into it.

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Karting notes:
1. I like electric carts better than gas ones.
2. That maybe because when I'm cornering it seems like it takes the gas carts forever to hook up.
2a. Or that I'm not very good at cornering in a kart.
3. I learned that between slick concrete and changing karts every session it would take me a week to really learn even a 26-second track.
4. Tanner Foust and Scott Speed can make karting look easy — and yet one of the regulars at the kart place in Virginia outpaced even them today.

Here's the list: SK means they had superkarts; Speed is Pete Mitchell (get it?) and Foust was Tdog.

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I really should have found time for college radio: Punch Brothers - Paranoid Android (LIVE) - The Living Room @ NYC

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I tried to cut this video so you could hear as much of this car as possible, me gusta.

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This is why I'm not Alex Lloyd:

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Today's junkyard mystery: See if you can spot the $90,000 in damage claimed by the salvage yard for this 2014 California with 430 miles. (Yes, it's on a salvage title.)
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Uncle Tupelo does St. Louis local cable access in 1989. Sweet lord in the morning this feels ancient:
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