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Fashion is a visual expression of the internal spirituality we all carry within us. What is your look saying about you? The White Rabbit
Fashion is a visual expression of the internal spirituality we all carry within us. What is your look saying about you? The White Rabbit
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Trang Phung, Fashion That Enlightens

Shakespeare wrote that “faint heart never fair lady” and Trang Phung embodies the concept of boldness both in her designs and her personal life. At the age of seventeen, Trang along with her mother escaped the Vietnam War on a small fishing boat as part of the now infamous “Boat People Exodus.” That experience instilled a determination for life that has never left Trang.

In 2010, she left her job as a VP of a Fortune 500 Company to follow her dream of being a designer in the fashion world. Trang has dressed some of Hollywood’s biggest stars in her collection, Sen Couture, including Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez and Dolly Parton. Besides being a successful fashion designer, Trang is a role model for what it means to be a ‘self-made’ trans woman in today’s world. The archetype of the lotus is the inspiration behind Sen Couture, and Trang hopes that every woman feels instantly empowered when they wear one of her creations.

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Abby Stern, According To A Source

Anais Nin wrote that “we write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect,” novelist Abby Stern has embodied those words in her debut novel, According To A Source. Drawing inspiration from her time as a freelance reporter for outlets like People Magazine where she interviewed some of Hollywood’s top celebrities, Abby has crafted a fantastical narrative that really captures the voice of “Tinseltown.” According To A Source, is the perfect book to indulge in while lounging around the pool this summer. I suggest reading it with a chilled glass of Rose. 

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Shahida Parides, From Delhi With Love

When I think of fashions from India, my mind fills up with images of traditional sarees to bold luxuriously patterned dresses. Extravagant, fabulous outfits straight out of a Bollywood film, pieces that South Asian celebrities like Aishwariya Rai, Priyanka Chopra and Sonam Kapoor would be happy to wear. As a designer Shahida Clayton follows in the grand tradition of iconic India masters like Sabyasachi and Masaba. Her pieces embody the exotic allure of India, with truly jaw-dropping gorgeous designs.

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Logan Browning, Real Talk / Black Chalk Magazine

portrayed diverse roles from Jelena Howard, the villainous diva on VH1’s hit series Hit The Floor, to Zora, a super hero on the Playstation Networks series Powers. Now she has taken on the role of a biracial black activist on the critically acclaimed Netflix series Dear White People. One wonders when she has time to breathe, let alone prepare for these challenging roles. In this editorial, we wanted to capture Logan just being herself and having fun. So to do that, we literally took her to the rooftops of Hollywood, above all the glitz and the glam to find the real ‘Logan’. Enjoy!

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Jake Allyn, Power Play

Jake Allyn brings his southern charm to BET’s new hit series, The Quad. His new series is set at a historically black college, and deals with real life issues like sex, drugs, and racial tensions. Jake’s character, BoJohn Folsom, is a struggling athlete with some emotional issues that tend to get in the way of his potentially successful future. Stay tuned for season two of The Quad as BET just renewed the series after a groundbreaking first season.

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Sandhya Garg, Boldly Luxurious

With creations that spark the imagination utilizing vivid color palettes and bold original textiles, designer Sandhya Garg draws heavily on her Indian roots in the creation of her own label, Sandhya Garg. Since graduating from the London College of Fashion, Sandhya has perfected her design abilities working at some of the top international fashion brands like Alexander McQueen and Temperley London. After making her debut on the hit tv series, Project Runway, Sandhya gained the acclaim of industry icons like Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia and Zac Posen.

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Danny Nguyen, Effortless Couture / Black Chalk Magazine

DNC is a couture line by fashion designer Danny Nguyen, who draws his inspiration from the elegant creations of Dior and Chanel. Danny’s runway shows are a fascinating visual tale of beauty and glamour. His pieces are dramatic statements worthy of a princess royal, yet crafted for the girl next door. Danny is a rare individual who has an intuitive understanding of how the human body works and functions. It is this knowledge that enables him to create breathtaking pieces that transport the individual into a world of fantasy, full of passion and whimsy.

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With Love, Diego Binetti / New Editorial

Designer Diego Binetti started his collection “Love Binetti” after working as a fashion stylist for publications like Bvlgari and Italian Vogue and being educated as designer in Milan, Italy. “Love Binetti” as a collection is the culmination of Diego’s time working as a designer for brands like Jill Stuart, Kyuso and Abaco-Italy. Diego aims to present not only a fashion collection, but a lifestyle that is desirable and empowering to the modern woman. Diego hopes that “Love Binetti” will bring a bit of luxury into everyone’s wardrobe.

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Four Perfect Cocktails With A Punch / Black Chalk Magazine

“I drink to make other people more interesting.” – Ernest Hemingway

These brilliant concoctions have been prepared by master mixologists from some of my favorite spots around LA. Be prepared to enjoy with a grin on your face as they are quite tasty, if I do say so myself.

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Bete Noire / New Editorial @ Black Chalk Magazine

Bete Noire is a thing to be avoided. You must not look upon it. Dare not to dive into it’s alluring twisted beauty. Who knows what dark mind gave it birth… As Christina Rossetti said in her classic poem, Goblin Market, “We must not look at goblin men,. We must not buy their fruits: Who knows upon what soil they fed. Their hungry thirsty roots?” and yet the Goblins reply “Come Buy, Come Buy!” With that in mind, Black Chalk presents a fascinating tale of sensual delights with a stygian edge crafted by photographer Ezra Cafe and model Mariel Gomsrud.

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