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Justin “Jayel” Hobley
Bacon fiend. Tampan at heart, Oregonian by location. Caffeinated and Opinionated. Probably does technical support for a living. Former Glitch Player.
Bacon fiend. Tampan at heart, Oregonian by location. Caffeinated and Opinionated. Probably does technical support for a living. Former Glitch Player.

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Also, a fairly handy site:

Freebie Supply links you to a lot of neat, free (or inexpensive) tools that let you get things done with your websites.

This is why I've actually been cleaning up my code. Feels pretty good.

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Instead of getting to sleep, so I can get up early and hash out some paperwork, I've been cleaning up my personal website.

I don't really want to put enough there that would warrant running a full blog system again, but I may have to sit down and look at PieCrust again, to see if it'll make some of the editworks easier, and maybe see about working on a new site design. Series 13 is a couple of years old now, and I'd like to work on something that's a bit more mobile-friendly.

... but maybe I can take a screenshot of that logo design, and keep it in black and white. For an all text with CSS design, I have to say I like it.

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I almost have enough to buy a Square Enix title in the Play Store. :p

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So, I have a Nexus 4 running Android 5.0.1. I love my little phone to death, but...

It's got a problem. It has a Sleep of Death problem.

If my phone is left off charger to sleep, like if I put it in my pocket or backpack and go somewhere, it will die. It still has power (the notification LED is still active), but it cannot wake up.

I've yet to find an actual fix to this issue, but I've managed to work around it thus far. The work around's not perfect, but it seems to be enough to keep the device from dying until I forget to start it up again:

I use a music player called DeaDBeeF on my phone. If I start the player and tell it to play everything in a playlist forever, the phone stays alive.

This isn't my specialty, but it seems that something (perhaps at the kernel level?) causes the phone's CPU to idle way too low, and then it can't respond to the wake requests from the power button at all.
Having the music player running prevents the CPU from bottoming out and getting stuck, but if my phone rings and I answer it, I had better remember to restart the music player after the call, lest it lock up within minutes of falling asleep again.

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My bullshit tolerance ratio has been exceeded.

It has been coming to a head, and tonight, I am clearly over this bullshit.

Let me know if +Niantic Project​ ever starts approving portals that are not transient shits that will disappear in a fucking week, and actually starts reviewing invalid portal requests in a reasonable amount of time.

Let me know when the bots fuck off.

Let me know when people stop wanting to trade win conditions.

Let me know when the tire slashing stops.

Let me know when Ingress actually becomes fun to play again, because right now, it's anything but.

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Giving SurDoc another try here. I remember the first time I tried it, I caused their desktop client to choke every time I mapped a specific folder to it.
For free storage, it seems to work, other than when I pointed a 60+ gigabyte folder with a couple thousand folders and hundreds of thousands of files at it. ;)

Yay! Finally got my first portal rejection from Ingress. Only took five months!

I'll deal with an appeal later, because it's a notable enough place in town. Better than the damn couch portals over at an apartment complex, where the portal is in an unsafe location (middle of a retention pond in a gated community).

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So, a reminder to all of my Ingress players, friend or foe:

If your guardian got smashed, I am not sorry. I'm green, you're blue.
If your single deploy guardian got fully deployed on, linked, and fielded, I am not sorry. I'm green, you're green, and I have a purpose for that portal.
If your fancy multi-layered field disappeared or turned green, I am not sorry. I'm green, you're blue.
If your fancy field changed shape, I am not sorry. I'm green, you're probably green, and you probably threw a pretty piss-poor blocking link that interfered with what I'm doing.
If your attempts to broker a deal in comms are met with a succinct negative, and refusal to deal, I am still not sorry. I'm green, you're blue.

I didn't ask anyone to not go flick my guardian when I was leveling.
I didn't bitch or whine when people started razing my fields.
I barely even mentioned when people were doing piss poor deploys to starve me of gear when I don't have 8 hours a day to go farm random parts of Tampa.
So you know what? Don't even draw breath to beseech me to stop, short of some giant coordinated event where as a cross-faction project, you are trying to link some portals together for art.

Otherwise, I'm just going to be out there, playing the game when the opportunity, urge, and equipment strikes.

It's not an issue of etiquette, as one Resistance player vainly tried to point out.
It's an issue of PLAYING THE DAMN GAME.
I'm not here to trade victories back and forth -- this isn't Call of Battlefield where you trade internet headshots to prestige.
I'm here to hack, link, and field my way to the next level.
Join me, oppose me, get out of my way, something. Just don't whine if I refuse to hand you what you want on a silver platter.
Reach out and get it with your own damn hands.

Do that, and you will be rewarded with a Youtube video for reading the wall of salt.

#Ingress #ActuallyPlayTheDamnGame #Guardian #Portals  

Just a brief remark before I head off to bed:

Niantic Ops needs yeezus. I have portal submissions in queue for nearly half a year, with nothing -- no acceptance, no denial. They also reject valid edits of portal names. I'd understand if someone edited all the portals to be titled "Niantic Sucks Eggs", but correcting a name to what the image shows should not be rejected.

Go buy stuff. Happy Dogecoin Birthday. :)

#happydogecoinbirthday #ingressproblems  

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Well, if you've wanted Final Fantasy VII for some reason, and have a bunch of dogecoin laying about that you'd like to use... Now is your time. Have fun.
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