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No Vacancies #architexturetuesday Curated by +Ranjan Saraswati , #mytowntuesday Curated by +Melanie Kintz +Jamie Furlong and #tuesdecay
Curated by +Ian Ference :- A guesthouse in Brighton (Sussex, England) where you are most definitely not welcome. A police notice on a couple of the boards says "WARNING" in big black bold letters to keep you away from the place. On The 15th January 2012 a body was discovered on the premises. Several people who had been occupying the house have been arrested on suspicion of murder. Makes you wonder just how much business the Guest House properties on either side are getting now.

Photography by Justin Hill ©
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One of the first places I stayed as a student in Brighton was in a guest house in Broad St. Kemptown. The house had a very odd layout and was run by a truly creepy guy with a withered arm, used to make the hairs stand up when I saw him.
Because I've got that sort of head, I could never quite work out how the rooms actually fitted into the house.
Both I and my girlfriend left, we were just too spooked by this weirdo.
And with good reason. It emerged later that the house was a warren of narrow passageways between the rooms, which the creepy owner would use to spy on his guests through strategically placed holes...
Still gives me the shivers!
+Paul Stickland This shot was taken in Russell Square at the back of Churchill Square. Brighton does have a very dark history to it even though it's a famous cosmopolitan seaside resort. I used to sit and have cups of coffee (and the odd beer) with the Scottish caretaker of a reasonably grotty seafront "room for rent" type hostel on Marine Parade. I was approx 18 at the time and it turns out he was smack in the middle of a 40 year killing spree when I knew him. His name was Peter Tobin. Chills me to the bone to think that I used to drink with him in his room. It's only a few years back that they caught him for several murders. They are still to this day tracking his movements over the years whilst referencing missing persons lists.
Jeez Justin!
Did you know that there is, or was a hidden ballroom on Marine Parade?
I thought it was Russell Sq! I used to live in Bedford Place.
+Paul Stickland Hidden ballroom? First I've heard of that one. Wonder where that is (or was) then? Having said that if we knew where it was it wouldn't be hidden would it! Ha.