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Justin Hebert
Scifi/Fantasy Author and Human Being
Scifi/Fantasy Author and Human Being

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I'm planning on having a Createspace edition of my book available sometime after the eBook's launch.  The final edition will be approx. 94,000 words.  Can anyone give me an idea of page count at the size 8" X 5"?

I've gotten a bunch of different answers via google, so if anyone experienced in Createspace can help, that would be great (I need to finalize the cover soon and need to know how big the spine should be!).

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His little ears! I want one so badly!
So cute.!! baby Koala.....That's the Spot!!.......
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I'm working on building my email list, but my first book is still in progress. How are some ways I can incentivize joining the list in the meantime?

To the veteran writers among us: what's one thing you wish you would have done/known when you were starting out?

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I submitted my book's manuscript to an editor yesterday so today I thought I'd start tackling the map. I'll hire an artist to do the final version, but what do y'all think of this rough sketch?

Does anyone know how well Pages for iPad handles large documents, like 300+ pages?

I'm sending a manuscript to an editor tomorrow and I need to know whether I ought to borrow the wife's laptop.

After reading the most excellent "Write. Publish. Repeat.," I've decided to write my first series.  I'll write three books, each with three parts, and release the parts one at a time as I finish them (yes, finishing means editing).  Each part would be approx. 20,000-25,000 words, six or seven chapters, I figure.

The goal is to eventually offer the parts in a collection at a discount, but I'm wondering about pricing in the meantime. Is $2.99 too much to ask for a product that's at most 25,000 words?  Each part is its own story, and of course, will end with cliffhangers, save for the conclusion.


If I'm sure most readers will hate the ending of my book, but it honestly feels like the RIGHT ending, should I change it?

Keep in mind that I do want the book to sell.
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