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That screenshot is taken from my Laptop running Ubuntu 12.04 which was receiving a wifi connection from my Droid Razr. ...Thanks Verizon! :-)

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16gb of data. I'll be hard pressed to exceed that in the short time I spend at home.
Because you download everything you've ever heard or seen. Plus... 16gb at 15mbps isn't bad for $20 when its with me everywhere. You gotta see past the hype over data caps. #justsayin
Janelle's mother and my sister don't use data AT ALL. So basically janelle and I went from 4 to 8 gigs a piece for $50 less than we were paying originally. I'd say we came out on top.
Janelle's mother has two dumb phones and doesn't even know she can use the internet on them. My sister thinks the internet is a fishing tool. Janelle hasn't used more than 2gb since we switched to verizon. So actually, I came out with a 10gb increase on my personal data. Thanks Verizon!