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Justin Gleicher
My life is my self-expression
My life is my self-expression
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Sorry for the out and open profanity, but this is a very freeing way to live and look at relationships!

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"Regardless of what you say to others, irrespective of what you do when someone is watching, or heedless of how you choose to show up everyday—what you say to yourself on the inside, your internal dialogue, the commentary running through your mind all day, every day, is actually ruling your world."

Gimme some of that wild fox medicine!
But, keep me here in this wild present tense

Is it Thursday yet? #nahkobear  

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Maybe I'll just post Nahko Bear quotes until Thursday when he'll be in Madison!

i feel god in the slightest wind
at the rate i manifest every dream deepens
and i know i never want to stay the same

on a day of silence while the island slept
i cast my demons out at the feet of ganesh
said, “remove the obstacles bravely with grace.”

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I subscribed to Elephant Journal, and have been reading through articles as I have time. There are some deep and meaningful ones, and others that are more surface level. I'll probably post a few more before I'm through!

This article isn't deep, but I did catch on something, and that's the concept of hold space for something to arise. Instead of pushing or forcing or expecting something out of someone else, we can just hold space for whatever may show up. We can do this both for ourselves, and for those around us. 

"It’s to allow her the space to find her own happiness—when you’re together, and when you’re apart."

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"From the fiercest, strongest, most definitive place in my soul, I will not graciously let something that stirs my soul slip away, for a life lived with an unshaken soul is not a life lived at all, it is merely a life survived."

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"I commit to taking chances and not worrying about what anyone else thinks. Or at least, caring less. I commit to trusting my path, whether I “fail” or “succeed” and that Life will catch me should my wings falter. Life really does begin outside our comfort zones."

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The AcroYoga sequence for beginners—6 foundational poses. Plus, alignment and stability tips.

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The MayFly AcroYoga jam session at the Farmer's market this last Saturday! 

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This made me smile :-)
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