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So I decided it was finally time to post something other than comments on reddit.
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Justin Ellenbecker

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Our group has dropped a lot of members lately so there is room for anyone interested in getting some good easy groups together.. If you play Destiny and would like to join up that would be great. I try to get a few sessions scheduled every week and am always willing to help out new players.
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Justin Ellenbecker

commented on a video on YouTube.
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My process is similar. Plug it in slow until you see it register then jack it in the rest of the way real fast.
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Justin Ellenbecker

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Something that actually made me laugh out loud.
How many likes can we get
350 likes maybe
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But he's a misogynist and promotes rape culture 
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Why do I have to reset my Moto 360 to re-pair it to my phone, this is not a new technology and is really a pain. Had to get a new warranty phone and now have to wipe my watch and let it re-sync, wasting battery as it goes. It is honestly little stuff like this that is causing me to look less and less at Android.
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Oh yeah, my OG Droid had pretty much nuthin.
Part of me likes it and part of me doesn't.
It kind of forces the issue for you to learn, but it doesn't give you enough to get started. there's a lot of cookies and stuff involved but if you don't know to look for them or where to look for information about them you're still lost.
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Justin Ellenbecker

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I think if they ever drop the fire phone to $99 and keep the free year of Prime I will buy it just to give it a whirl. At $99 it is basically free since I already have and use my Prime benefits often enough. I would have liked to have seen it on Verizon though. I have a feeling though it will just turn into a fancy remote for my FireTv and FireTv Stick.
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Justin Ellenbecker

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You truly don't appreciate how solid of a phone the DROID TURBO is until you have to send yours out for repair. Screen replacement from a poorly timed sneezing incident. I will admit though, I think I like the size of the ULTRA better. Bigger is not always better. Forgot how heavy the TURBO is.
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About time! Still deciding which package I am going to get. #SuperTroopers2   #BrokenLizard  
Join us and make SUPER TROOPERS 2: the time is meow! | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Make a contribution today!
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Justin Ellenbecker

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Hey +Taco Bell, notice anything wrong with this picture?

The drive home was going great, finished my quesadilla, had a little soda. Was just about to tear in my soft taco and I thought it was a little heavier than normal. I don't mind lettuce on my tacos but the problem is whenever it is on them from your establishment it is the only thing you can taste or see since there is so much on there. I had a hard time finding any meat or cheese in it. Whenever lettuce is on them they should be renamed to salad wraps since that is about all you are getting.

I get that mistakes happen and this is probably the first time in about 6 months that my order has been messed up at this particular restaurant. If it was in store I would have just gotten it replaced but I was already 20 miles away when I noticed. No soft taco is worth $4 in gas it would have cost me to turn around. Generally I don't have to check on my food at this store since as I mentioned they rarely get it wrong (there are a few other local places where this is not the case) and I happened to be in a hurry that day. I also hate people that pull ahead and then stop to check their food. I trust the employees enough to just take it and leave. If I wanted to double check everything I would have ordered in store and got it "to go" (again there is another local chain where I will not use drive-thru) but I was in a hurry which is what I figured drive-thru is for in the first place.
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Justin Ellenbecker

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Been a fun morning here. We had already been working on fixes for 3 hours before a notification from the vendor. Just glad I identified it right and it wasn't some zero day chewing through my network.
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Justin Ellenbecker

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Just upgraded a dead spinning disk with one of these. Pretty sure I am done with anything that has spindles. I remember when I paid more than this for a 64GB drive. Now to wait for those 1TB drives to get down to about $200. Going to build one heck of a storage array then.
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Justin Ellenbecker

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At least now we know what it will take for Apple and Samsung to put aside their differences. That whole enemy of enemy thing and all. This guy is a moron and completely doesn't get it. Nokia and RIM didn't die because of failure to compete at the low end. They died due to lack of innovation and having stubborn short sighted CEOs. I think Cyanogen with McMaster at the helm is more likely to be the next Nokia than either Samsung or Apple is.
Cyanogen's CEO Kirt McMaster is in the news again, following more blunt comments he made regarding tier one OEMs like Samsung and Apple. In an interview with Business Insider, McMaster compares the path of Samsung to that of Nokia, stating that the big OEMs will be slaughtered in the next five ...
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Android, Gaming and a lot of other really geeky stuff.
So I am your average IT nerd, I think.  I spend my time working since it pays the bills and is really not "work".  I am a huge Android enthusiast and with it am growing into other flavors of Linux.  I will never stop learning, whether it is keeping up with a new standard or learning a new skill completely there is always something I want to know more about.  I run a little blog where I post some stuff about my Android journey and you can find it at

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Best cheese curds in town and great prices. I eat here at least once a week for lunch.
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Fast food with flavor. Much better than the arches by far. I come here often and have never had them screw up an order.
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I think the best thing about the steakhouse is the Friday Lunch buffet. The Fish fry that evening is just as good. The service can use a little work sometimes but they are new in town yet and still going through a few wait staff here and there. There are bound to be some growing pains. The food has always been excellent though. Some things may be a touch high on price but the overall quality makes up for it.
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