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Such a blessing to proclaim Jesus Christ to so many people at the Super Bowl. Praise to the King who alone is worthy of all glory, honor, and praise!
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+Justin Edwards I'm from Indy and was down in Super Bowl village a couple times the week prior to the Super Bowl. I'm a believer in Christ and am curious what you though of your time evangelizing in Indy went? I just watched your video and I appreciate your boldness and patience with everyone around you, but I am curious about how effective your time was. I'd just love to have a discussion about evangelism in general and I'd love to here your thoughts about your very bold mode and why you are convicted to proclaim the gospel in this specific way.
Hi Brian, thanks for the comment. To the glory of God, I believe our time and labor was extremely effective because we were obedient to Christ. We also had the opportunity to engage in many one-to-one conversations and pray with people, in addition to handing out over 15,000 Gospel tracts just within our team of 12 (which was part of a larger group of 110 evangelists). The following report I just posted may give you a better idea as to how things went. I'd love to continue the conversation after you get a chance to read and share your thoughts:
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