I Don’t Hate My Book

It took longer than expected but I’ve completed the reread of the novel and I can honestly say I don’t hate it. Full disclosure I like the story itself but I can tell it needs a lot of repairs for consistency, voice, grammatical editing, and a number of other tweaks, manipulations and adjustments. These are expected; it is my freshman novel and it is, well, a novel. These things don’t magically come out perfect.

I mentioned previously the path I’m taking to get this book finished. I’ve moved onto Step 3 on that list, and have started the process of poking and picking the thing to see where the issues are. 6 chapters need to be completely rewritten. Not a terrible number with there being 30 chapters overall. Another 15-20 need updates to character names, place names, and minor reshuffling. The last 4 are okay.

Those changes are coming but they are not my focus for right now. Right now I’m working on the story bible. I’m setting into “stone” the names of everything, the timeline of everything prior to the story, and defining the rules of the world. I avoided doing too much of this prior to the first draft as I wanted the freedom to do as I pleased. It worked out, letting me do the discovery writing thing to hammer out a universe. This has to be one of my favorite things about writing a story, doing these behind the scenes bits. It harkens back to the 18 years of RPG’s I’ve managed and run campaigns: creating places, characters, plots, background lore, etc. There’s a spark there I just can’t get enough of.

Right now my goal is to have this background work completed by March 4th, which gives me 7 days at the time of this writing to get things together. Here are the key points I’m going to hit on:

- Establish Timeline
- Define Core Characters, Secondary Characters, and write 3 sentences for each one off character
- Define the rules for the interface characters use
- Define how the virii characters work
- Define the region space
- Define terminology

Shouldn’t be hard unless the universe explodes between now and Friday.
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