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Every few minutes someone wandering along the rocks would end up out on the point, and every 5 or 10 minutes a big set would come through and the crashing wave would cover the whole tip of the rock. I kept waiting for the two events to occur at the same time, especially the kids that kept running in front of my tripod, but no luck, everyone went home dry.

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Excellent Justin!! Love the con trail and all of the elements coming together. In my opinion one of your best!!
Good day, just happened accross above pic and gotta say your work is really cool... I'm Swiss, but took language classes in La Jolla for about 3 months...
+Armand Patrice Thanks for the comment, you must have enjoyed your time in La Jolla, it is a very beautiful place.
sure thing, but you also did a good job capturing it...
+Justin Brown ... Don't know if you read my comment on this pic on flickr ... I was out shooting that same day in La Jolla, I was at bird rock ... what a small world :)
My pictures didn't come out as good, still learning how to post process them, also, my old T3i's focus points aren't that impressive at making sharp images.
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