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MLB Opening Day
San Diego, CA

Baseball's opening day is finally here.  They had a couple games in Australia last week, but I don't count those, tonight is the real deal. We get to see the Padres and Dodgers face off in San Diego, then tomorrow the rest of baseball gets started. 

I'm an Angels fan first, but living in San Diego now, I try to catch as many Padres games as I can.  I took this photo on the Padres opening day 2 years ago.

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how was the baseball game .the weather is good. 
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Mickey's Fun Wheel
Anaheim, CA

The view over the water to Paradise Pier is my favorite spot for a Disney sunset. The Rivers of America are nice too, but I like the reflections of the Paradise Pier attractions.

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Heey hwo are youuuuuuu
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Seaport Village
San Diego, CA

Seaport Village has all kinds of shops, dining and entertainment, and now just across the street at the Embassy Suites there is a Dunkin Donuts. I heard the line was over an hour long when they opened on Monday.

Dunkin Donuts is a traditionally Easy Coast brand with somewhat of a cult following kind of similar to In N Out on the west coast. I wonder how long the wait would be if an In N Out opened somewhere on the East Coast, my guess is it would be chaos.

#sandiego   #seaportvillage   #hdr   #photography  
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Wonderful scene! Nicely done. 
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San Diego Coastline
San Diego, CA

Daylight Savings time starts this weekend, and as much as I hate losing an hour of sleep, I'm looking forward to catching a lot more sunsets. I usually work until around 6 or 7, so as the days get longer, and the time jumps ahead, I should be able to make it out for a lot more sunset shooting.

#sunsetcliffs   #sandiego   #hdr   #photography  
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Gorgeous view and great capture +Justin Brown 
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Wet Roof
San Francisco, CA

In honor of the rain, here is a photo from my trip to San Francisco 3 weeks ago.  I've been there twice in the past year, and both times it rained. Considering how little rain California has had the past year, that is a rather surprising accomplishment.

#sanfrancisco   #cityscape   #hdr   #photography  
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Hey this is a very nice one - love it!
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Justin Brown

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Ocean Beach Fishing Pier
San Diego, CA

The OB pier was completed in 1966, and was originally built for local fishermen. The shore has shallow water and is covered in kelp which makes fishing difficult. The ocean is 25-30 feet deep at the end of the pier giving fishermen the opportunity to catch many more species of fish.

#oceanbeach   #pier   #sandiego   #hdr   #photography  
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The colors are so beautiful and the water gives it a smooth look. Nice picture
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Floating Museum
San Diego, CA

The USS Midway is always one of my favorite photo stops along the bay. Sometimes the clouds and sunset cooperate and throw up an interesting background.

#sandiego   #ussmidway   #hdr   #photography  
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Incredible picture!!
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Justin Brown

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New York State of Mind
New York City, NY

Occasionally I get the urge to dig into my photo archives, and there's no doubt I most often gravitate to my photos from New York.  I was last there a year and a half ago, but I wish I could go back. It is a really fun city, with so much to see, and so much to do. It doesn't compare to anything we have on the west coast. 

#nyc   #newyorkcity   #timessquare   #hdr   #photography  
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The mob doctor.

Hahahahahaha :)
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First Snow of the Season
Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains

"It was the first snow of the season, I can almost see you breathin"
- The Ataris - So Long Astoria

It took until March, but the Sierras finally got a real winter storm this weekend. 3-4 feet of wet snow fell on Mammoth Mountain, which made for the best skiing so far this season. Before heading home I had to stop by Convict Lake and grab a few photos of the fresh snow. This is quickly becoming my favorite spot in the Eastern Sierra.

#easternsierras   #snow   #winter   #hdr   #photography  
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Thanks +Eric Delcour,  I'm always looking for good reflections.

Glad you like it +Chip Bishop 
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Standing Water
La Jolla, CA

Low tide leaves behind these rocks covered in green moss, and little pools of standing water. I remember as a kid taking a field trip to the tide pools to learn about the marine life that stays behind as the tide goes out. I haven't taken the time to explore all the pools around La Jolla, but I remember there being a lot of star fish and sea anemone. 

#lajolla   #coastal   #hdr   #photography  

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+Justin Brown ty!.. ;)~
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