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Thesis: the rise of the smartphone is making us a more word-game-obsessed society. Every other screen I see has some variant of scrabble, boggle or anagrams on it. The fraction of Americans who think qi is a word must be at an all-time high.
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And yet the number that can use it in a structured and relevant sentence remains at the normal miniscule percentage.
I must play "qi" at least 4 times a week!
The scrabble dictionary sickens me. Qi. Chinese for heaven's sake. Do we just allow all foreign words? If not, why not? Za. A regional contraction (with apostrophe!) that only had a brief lifetime anyway. No one even says it anymore. Added solely to provide a new option for the Z. Lame.

How about using a real dictionary instead of the silly official one, and forbidding slang, contractions, and foreign words? Maybe then you could actually use your vocabulary instead of memorizing all these... well, they're not neologisms, not really being English words at all. Let's say they're antilogisms. Nonomies? Oh god, now I'm the one making up the new words....

@Andrew: I bet a fairly large percentage of the population knows what qi is, because it's at the same time a traditional chinese, new-age, alternative medicine, martial arts, and fantasy-magic sort of thing. Just like everyone who does yoga knows what prana is. Not so many people are familiar with pneuma, though....
It's unbearable to play against the computer because it's constantly coming up with utterly ridiculous non-words that are for some reason in its dictionary. 
Too much qat will probably mess up your qi.
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