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Father With Autistic Son Sends His Kid To School With A Wire, Exposes Bullying And Abuse By Teachers - [17:03]
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can't watch, it will send me into a fury I won't be able to contain, but thanks for spreading the message. And pity to the poor soul that would ever do that to my kid (who is also autistic).
Oh hell no, I have only gotten to the 10 minute mark. I do not have an Autistic child but I am so freaking livid right now.
Yeah, what they said.
And you just have to know that the same BS is going on in a significant portion of other classrooms too.
This one is really hard to watch, I can't even imagine what the parents are going though. I'm so disgusted right now, and so hurt that someone would do that to anyone let alone special needs child.
This needs to go viral, I sent Ellen an e-mail.
if there's any way that I can help this guy, even if it's a long shot, say it. It's done.
I am sitting here not believing what I just watched and heard, and these freaking Bleep Bleep are still working, still alone with Autistic kids......
I have always thought that cameras and audio should be in every class room, special needs or not.
We send our children to strangers every day....and most of the time the teacher is the one who is right, and the kids are wrong. So not the case in most situations.
I agree. Perhaps parents should even have a "right" to monitor classroom nanny-cams at any time of their choosing.
Unreal.. Human beings are terrible. 
+Justin Bale The ticked off part of me wants to send her a little note to let her now that she is fixing to be famous, but my common sense says to use other avenues to get the word out. I am also going to post this on, it has a over a million users.
I had the same feeling, but didn't want to get that personal, it's not my job.
Good! Post it every where, I hope some good can come from the bad.
Omg, I am not a parent but this is outraging, disappointing, and saddening
Does anyone do background checks on these people!? Come on!
It's truly saddening that someone can stay with these kids and do what she does. She has no understanding or emotional attachment to these kids, which baffles me why she is working in special education!! If you can't be a guardian and teacher for these kids, then GO AWAY!!

I myself work with one particular boy in our local church and teach a Sunday School class with 5 other kids. He's only 4, and I've only worked with him a short time (along with my two co-teachers), but I can say that the love and understanding we have for someone who isn't even our own son, is unfathomable. We only want what's best for him in life, and we stand ready to help him along the journey.

I can't even understand why she would do and say the things that she does... The word must get out against such people.
+Justin Bale The NOPE button needs somewhat better targeting. And a cool backronym.
+Justin Bale Sent email to Ellen, signed the Petition, and posted on Facebook, and 2 groups on One group is mine kind of small, but the other group has over 30,000 members. Nothing better than to post something like this on a site full of Mother's.....
+Justin Bale Please get help to file a civil rights complaint and a state complaint. They will force the school to monitor things better and they can force the school district to apologize. They will also make sure this doesn't happen again. This shouldn't happen, ever. Deidre Hammon, Advocate 4600 Kietzke Lane #G169 Reno NV 89502-6440 (775) 846-1530; (775) 826-4441 is an awesome advocate and can help you.
This is why tenure is bad. The abusive teachers will keep getting their pauchecks years after and nothing will have happened. This kind of stuff makes me sad to be in such a great country and still seeing this kind if senseless discrimination 
They should all be fired!
+Jake Lefkovitz dude, this has nothing to do with tenure. Public school teachers don't get tenure, that's college.
Start a petition. If you want, I am willing to start one for you. Anything to end the boys suffering. 
If anybody can come up with other places to contact, please leave a reply with the contact info.
ABC News web form tip line (
NBC Nightly News web form tip line -- Select "story idea" from the drop down (
CNN news tip web form (
CBS News tips email:
New York Times news tips email:
Washington Post news tip email:
Fox News tip line email:
NPR web form -- From the "I Want To" drop down, select "Submit a story idea or press release"; from "I Would Like To" select "submit a story idea"; and from Show select "Morning Edition". Also, if you're using the copypasta, change "bastard" to "degrading name" or else it will be caught by their filter.
School district:
Bring this to the Superintendent ( & The Board of education (
Yep, I checked. Some public school teachers do get tenure. Did not know that. +Jake Lefkowitz 's point is still moot, as tenure protects you for being fired for you political/social views. It doesn't protect you from physically or emotionally abusing people.
Tracy G
I'm shocked and appalled! This is completely unacceptable! This teacher and the classroom aides involved have no business being in ANY classroom! I applaud this father for advocating for his child.
+Jake Lefkovitz, you are 100% correct. Several years ago while earning my degrees I worked in a high school counseling center. I once had a student come to me for help due to mistreatment by a teacher. I, of course, reported it to administration. The teacher got nothing more than "A talking to". I approached that teacher and said, "You should have been fired! How they can let you keep teaching is beyond me." His reply, and I quote, "It's called tenure, you can't touch me." Very sad!
I would be in jail for "cleaning house" with a ball bat!
not to derail the discussion, but I'd say your sampling pool is a little shallow to make a definitive claim about tenure in general. Sounds like you just had a group of douchebags. If you had called his bluff, he'd have gone down like a house of cards.
huh, sorry, that was the 'drop-down' that popped up. My bad.
THAT was so smart.No one should have to deal with this kind of abuse especially mentally challenged kids.Teachers should know this she should think about how she would feel if some 1 did that too her,or her kids..also it's not teaching the aide the proper way too help children.
Tracy G
+john kinsey, are you addressing me? If so, I would be happy to respond. :)
(looks back up to the discussion) yep +Tracy G, least, I think I was. The tenure discussion? But hey, let's stay focused on the issue, namely, this kid. If you want to think tenure is bad, you go right ahead. I couldn't care less.
Following up on what +john kinsey said, when it comes down to it none of this tuff about tenure matters. It's about the kid. Right. Anyway I started a petiton on So sign it please
Tracy G
+john kinsey , I agree, the focus should be on this young man and what he has had to endure. That said, I made a comment about an experience I had regarding the issue of tenure in response to another's comment. It was you who chose to then critique (without much knowledge) the comments of others and put focus on the issue. Teachers in the public school system do indeed get tenure. I worked in the public school system for several years. Secondly, as I stated in my comment, I did call his bluff. However, I was not in an administrative position to be able to chose the consequence for his actions or make him "go down like a house of cards". You are, of course, entitled to your opinion. However, if you think that tenure is not an issue. perhaps you should speak to administrators and personnel directors of school districts and get their opinion about dealing with the unions when they wish to dismiss a teacher who has tenure. While every case is different, it is indeed and issue.
One more good reason why teaching should be an exalted position, requiring rigorous education and a salary to match. Teaching is supposed to be a job held by only the most trustworthy professionals, and the low standards of education are what allow people like this to get mixed in.
+Tracy G is exactly right. Even though I myself am not an educator, I have many good friends who are. And ,yes, there is a big division of thought on tenure. However, in situations like this, it does absolutely no good to anyone but the teacher who
Abused this young man 
totally. The solution here is clearly that we should take more away from teachers. Brilliant.
+Terica Red
It doesn't matter if there is more than one petition, it just increases the likelihood that one will succeed 
Actually +Jake Lefkovitz we should all go to the Dad's petition and combine all of our signature in one spot.
This quote comes from a case in ATL where a teacher: screamed at students, hit, kicked and cursed at them, sprayed them with disinfectant and passed gas in their faces. "In an earlier AJC story, Vance asked, “How could so many people know and not care?”

If this had been a student - they'd be expelled, handcuffed and marched down the hallway, or worse.... I don't see the difference - these teachers deserve the same or worse punishment.

Here's some more cases if you can stomach them:
This child died as a result of abuse from a teacher:
Re-posted.. I was sick to my stomach a minute or so into it.
As a father and my sons advocate, I applaud +Stuart Chaifetz for not accepting what was being fed to him, thinking outside of the box and exposing the truth.
I am inspired.
Tracy G
+john kinsey , I don't think anyone is saying that more should be taken from teachers. There are amazing teachers who get into the profession due to a love a learning and children. We are speaking of in instances such as this where the ability to hide behind tenure is a bad thing. Should good teachers be paid more? Absolutely! Do students deserve the best education possible and should parents be able to trust that we leave our children in the hands of professionals that will treat them well and not abuse them? ABSOLUTELY!!! In cases of misconduct it should not be more difficult to dismiss a tenured teacher than it is to dismiss a first year teacher. Misconduct is misconduct and it should be treated the same across the board.
This really doesn't surprise me, unfortunately. As an Occupational Therapist who works with kids who struggle in school I find teachers just aren't trained to deal with any of these kids. As a consequence frustration tends to rule supreme. One of my 'missions' in life is to increase teacher training so that they understand what it is that they observe in the children they work with regardless of label or diagnosis or whatever.

I am constantly surprised that teachers do not put their hands up and admit their limitations but, rather, they tend to see themselves doing well in these areas. It is also unfortunate that psychology has got so involved in education because, while they may excel in training a rat to go through a maze it is an entirely different kettle of fish to understand the actual function of these children and to be able to address it.

I really want the parents of the world to truly understand the limitations of the education system. For any child who struggles in school life is truly a hell that is unimaginable to most of us. It is not just the kids with severe difficulties such as this boy, but any child who struggles runs the risk of developing significant psychological and emotional issues because of the way teachers interact with them.

The first thing that struck me about the audio on this link is the noise in the classroom and the volume of the teacher's voice. Most, if not all, kids with autism are in significant sensory overload and, quite frankly, I would not be advocating that any one of them be put into a situation such as this until they had received the appropriate therapy that allows them to, not only cope with these situations, but to also be able to participate in them. And "Yes" there are some of us in the world that really do know what we are doing and can improve upon these kids actual function.
first -
second, I find your grasp of tenure, it's function and application, superficial and unsatisfying
third - taking tenure away will allow even further erosion of educators' ability to actually direct the course of education. As it stands, 60% to 80% of the teaching workforce is 'contingent' (disposable). This places the contingent workforce is a vulnerable position as they are literally living semester to semester with zero job security (and most live below the poverty line), while placing the tenured full-timers in a position in which they are severely over-worked (and thus unable to organize and/or progressively effect education policy). And you're calling for the deconstruction of the last thing that's holding that toe-hold in place. Ridiculous.
Thanks +john kinsey for the links to news organizations. Now if everyone will act on this maybe it will get the attention it deserves. This is NOT an isolated case, and this child represents ALL of our children. I'm not exaggerating when I say all children are at risk when they walk into the school. This is not an isolated case...its getting worse. I couldn't watch the video....I've seen too many just like it - or worse.
I am so sorry, it’s unfortunate that some many of us have to trust another person with our precious little people, I am glad you have done this, there are parents that need to be informed a gathering should be called. If enough people pull their kids out of the class, the school will have no choice but to address the problem.
My son had problems, not to the extent of yours but he was not educated and they wanted to move him to 6th grade, told me there was nothing I could do about it, so I took him out of school, did not enroll him in another, they threatened me with court and I told them to take me, I wanted to tell the judge that they refused to teach him and just wanted to move him on without being able to read, that stopped the threats and meetings began to find a compromise. I’m a mother and I will fight to the death for my kids, I did not let them scare me and they did try..
The schools are required by law to report the absents of all students to the state, this is how they receive funding, if all the kids are pulled, the school has to start taking and addressing the issue, you pay these people their salaries with your taxes, don’t let them fool you, they work for you.
I hope you can get others from that class to assist you; you all have one precious thing in common. If you have to contact the local press, (have them listen to the tape) and let the school know you’re doing it.
I wish you the best of luck with this and my heart goes out to your son, he deserves so much better from those in charge of caring for him.
+Angie Kinsey I've been watching a couple of threads on this video, it's getting a lot of coverage. One discussion I saw has passed the 1500 comment mark. I'd say it'll be on Yahoo's front page tomorrow.
I have friends who are really great teachers, the actions of those mentioned in this video are disgusting and an insult to those who actually care for the children they teach. I hope they are fired and are unable to teach anywhere ever again. So so sad.
+Chris Illich Your child is another example of the issue at hand. I find teachers to be so incredibly well placed to be up-skilled and to meet each and every child's needs but the systems that teachers work in are so politicised and really have nothing to do with the kids and everything to do with the higher ups being more focused on themselves. It really does not need to be this way but getting the people who have the power to affect change to understand this and do something about it..............well that is the journey.
I'm all for extra monitoring. Great stuff. Let's get video cameras in abattoirs too.
Funny, my cousin complains about many of the same things as this dad in the video is complaining about. She says that the teachers treat her autistic son bad. Her son however can communicate and does tell her of some of the bad behavior the teachers exhibit. It is disheartening to say the least.
+Monte Love .. what, are they waiting for someone to report it?
As it turns out your cousin IS someone too.
Report it.
i so agrey with you a teacher calling her own son a bastard she is the fucking bastard
i know its not about the money but if you where to sue her i would surtenley be on your side
+Brandon Tahl, unfortunately I don't have time and space here to get into all the details, but my cousin did report it. I really made my post to say that this is widespread. I haven't talked to her in a few weeks so I don't know exactly where they are with the situation, but she's no pushover. She reported it and as she explained to me, one of the teachers was a hair away from getting seriously hurt when she was reporting this issue.
Contacted all the outlets. Signed petition. My work here is done...except to say: (Brace yourselves)The educational system is broken!

Everyone suffers for it: Teachers, Students, and Parents. Something has to be done, but not a knee-jerk band-aid sort of thing. It should be overhauled completely.

First: There's no excuse for this teacher's behavior (or the aide's) behavior.

That being said:Teachers live at or below poverty. Most of them use their own money to provide materials for their classrooms. Some of them buy supplies for kids out of their own pockets (when parents cant or wont) to facilitate learning. After spending their own money, they get little to no respect from many of the parents. Next, they're poorly trained.

I'm not sure what happened in the 90's but suddenly there was a rash of ADD and ADHD outbreaks at exactly the same time recess was taken out of schools and soda-pop machines were put in. Suddenly there was a long line of kids in every school waiting for their drugs.

I got more than one note myself suggesting I put my kid on ritalin to help the child be more 'focused'. My response was, "Well, while we're at it, why not put all the teachers on sedatives? I think you're all extremely nervous. That's my diagnosis for you." I, nor my child, were very popular after that.

Now, we have young men and women having heart attacks, seizures, brain injuries, and other permanent health issues from taking those drugs. Life long problems from quick fixes for a temporary nuisance.

Those diseases MAY be real, but how DID we all survive before it was discovered and over-treated? <insert sarcasm> For all you parents out there: If you get that dreaded note from someone who does NOT have a medical degree, but a teaching degree, you have the right to ask the school district to provide (pay for) the diagnostic procedures (MRI's, Experts in the field of dx'ing ADD/ADHD, and the right to provide your own expert to refute that diagnosis.

Unfortunately, poor kids suffer more. Who has the time, money, and resources to fight the school district when you work a minimum wage job?

There's a war going on alright and it's pitting our kids against the teachers and squeezing the teachers until they "lose it" or quit.

That's just one problem- kids are being hand-cuffed at 5-12 years old for acting up in class and taken to jail in a squad car. Do you think they'll shake that off so easily?

When you see mass school shootings, everyone asks why - but by then it's too late. We need to ask WHY things like this are happening NOW.

Our children (and to a degree) our teachers are under siege and we have to stop it.

Any ideas are better than no ideas - but we all have to come together to have a rational discussion about how to tear the current educational system down and rebuild it. The focus needs to be on the children and the teachers who are well trained and well paid and well vetted.

Getting off my soap box now.....
Tracy G
+john kinsey , clearly you just like to be argumentative and feel the need to turn a discussion into attacks on other's grasp of a subject if their opinion differs from your own. You make debate by taking statistics (most likely from looking them up on the web as earlier in this thread you were insistent that public educators did not get tenure until someone told you they do indeed and you looked it up) that have nothing to do with what I wrote. Just where did I say that tenure should be taken away or express a desire for an educator's ability to direct the course of education be abolished? I clearly stated that in CASES OF MISCONDUCT it should not be a factor in any action taken against the individual guilty of said misconduct. Which, if you watched this video, is something the father himself questioned could have played a role in this case.
I wish this young man did not have to endure this type of treatment and I hope no child is ever mistreated but in cases as this where it has happened, I don't care if a teacher has tenure or not, I would not want a teacher who mistreats their students teaching my children and they should be dismissed... tenure or no tenure.
Correct me (please) if I'm wrong - but this kind of abuse against a child is a CRIME - right? If so, can't they be prosecuted? If it's not a CRIME - then don't the parents still have a shot at a civil suit? Any atty's out there? I'd give these folks a call....
A key phrase that to me is at the center of this phenomenon "Doesn't deserve to be a teacher" .... I don't remember the last time anyone referred to being a teacher as something that is earned.

A person who takes care of our children and imparts knowledge and hopefully wisdom should be the creme of our society not the rabble .
Way to go, not only are we one of the stupidest countries out there, we protect the heartless, yup we've perfected the school system only thing left to do is feed them un-healthy food!
I'm a teacher, but I love my kids.
As a former teacher, I can vouch for this sort of behavior. A kid was once sent to me with words like 'What this one, he's a serial killer in the making'. The poor kid had #Aspergers. As did the teacher this idiot was handing the kid over to.
There are some nasty teachers out there, some good, and some that could careless about the job. I've had to put a Professor in her place in college thinking that she had the right to speak down to me because of her exp. lol she learned her lesson. The situation with this boy is messed up, and happens quite a bit in many fields, some people aren't considerate and then they end up being teachers, nannys, police, health care professionals, etc. Gotta love audio & visual evidence.
There is no privacy. Live your life like you mean it.
my son was born with a curved spine (scoliosis) adn although it has straightened out and he is now a whopping 6'3 the teachers at his primary school were fantastic, they did everything they could to help him when he needed it so, to hear that distresses me a great deal, how dare they talk to those poor kids in that way, they are just more human then those scum who decided to treat them like they are nothing
What a great dad - and what horrendous, disgusting women. Shame on you.
Extremely disturbing, I could finish the video.
They should be thankful that all you want is an apology,its really sad that women can actualy do such to a kid as if they wont have children of their own,may God be with you for standing up and protecting your son
Do those teachers not have specialist training to deal with students with autism????
Sadly, +Warren newman, thse kinds of classes usually get handed to those who are at the bottom of the ladder in the hierarchy of schools. It's the job noone wants, and it turns into unqualified people, basically 'guarding the idiots'. As long as noone gets hurt, the principal considers it as both a means to employ those who he can't get rid of but who could never teach a 'normal class', and to keep the 'little twits' occupied. Trust me, this is going on in your city right now.
no they don't have training to deal with autistic students.
Certainly that teacher and aid have absolutely no business doing their jobs! Their behavior was unacceptable. As a mother myself (although not with autism) I would do anything for my children. You are a great Dad! Your son is so lucky to have you as his Father.
Actually it seems most don't. I know one of the special ed teachers in my children's school has no business teaching; my 10 year old daughter who is developmentally delayed was holding a 20 dollar bill and a 5 dollar bill and couldn't tell me how much money she had in her hand. She still has significant difficulties in reading and writing, but my younger son (8yrs old) who is autistic and developmentally delayed as well, can read fairly well and write and can do basic math, guess what? He's has a different resource teacher than my daughter. They still deal poorly with his outbursts even though my son is predictable in is behaviors and gives plenty of warning when things are about to go south. So who's to wonder why so many teachers are against being judged on their ability to teach as a part of them continuing to qualify to work? Many teachers get their degree and yet have no aptitude for dealing with difficult children.
This is completely and utterly disgraceful. I hope that these teachers (or so called teachers) get exactly what they deserve.
It seems to me that the school boards are running the same plan for coverup that the catholic church did here in Ireland, keep the victims quiet and let the guilty hide away untouched in the system. Moving the problem will not help, it just multiplies the victims
This is the way to expose the truth in schools. More parents should do things like this, but let me throw another truth on you - I also think that the truth in the home should be exposed as well. How many of you would be okay with unknowingly being recorded at home with your children? I know from experience that most behind-door experiences are not pretty and usually there is yelling and utter chaos that is anything but healthy. It isn't just the school system that's out of order here...
An absolute disgrace and totally UNACCEPTABLE. Where has this intolerance, this cowardly behaviour towards Autism and towards the disabled in society come from!
It really is appalling that these type of things happen in our schools, especially with kids with special needs. It would be nice to see this "teacher" publicly denounced and ridiculed like she did to this little boy and any other children she "molested" with horrible words and actions! We talk so much about child molesters, but these monsters are just as scary and dangerous!!
Appalling! What is required is for teachers to be educated on these issues ... but this is just common sense and empathy!
oh my......that is so disgusting, so cruel and heartless...
Steph M
That is an absolute disgrace! It shouldnt happen to any child let alone an autistic child who can barely understand whats going on! My little brother is autistic and is bullied outside by the other kids and it really gets him down. People are so cruel, and pick on people because they're not their idea of 'normal' or 'not like them'. Its sickening.
disgrace,i have a cousin is autistic and is a very happy young boy.i would loose my head if any of this happened to him.i know autistic children can some times be hard to handle but with a little love and understanding they come around.there language was a disgrace and they should not be teaching..start a petition against them.
This is horrible to come out of what is supposed to be called a TEACHER
OMG you should post this on every social network and ruin these women. They should never be allowed around any child let alone those that are defenseless. YOu file a law suit so that Akien can live in comfort for the rest of his life. This is not about you but about Akien's suffering. Who knows what else they have done.
Sick. I hope this school system realizes it has cancerous policies and acts immediately.
Everyone involved should be fired. The school officials should be fired.
This is awful, teaching should be a calling, not this! It destroys everything sacred in a developing of a human being. Just awful...
that is awful. how do u ever trust any1 again with your child when they can't tell or protect themselves, i'm very sorry this happened, it blew my mind when she called him a 'bastard' i would like to know their full name, i'm sure many other would like to no. your so right, their complete FAILURES, scum, mean, trash. whats up, the teachers laughing, karma what goes around comes around....
Sick. Special place in hell for these people...
A major problem is that the rates of diagnosis is outpacing the speed at which they can qualify and hire teachers to handle the special needs what we end up with is a bunch of holdovers from the old days (who should have retired a long time ago) still hanging on and trying to work with these kids...and when they get frustrated, their old habits and tendencies come out. We need to clean house in the public school systems....force the old guard to either re-train...or show them the door, and sink more resources into recruiting and training a younger generation of teachers with the specialized skills needed to handle kids with autism, PDD-NOS, and Aspergers. Pay them a decent wage to encourage people to take up the profession, and put incentives in place to increase accountability and performance. It works in the private sector....but in the public sector, with tenure and guaranteed contracts, you get just what you get with professional athletes...entitlement and complacency.
I can't watch this. The title was upsetting enough
bascialy the teacher union is a free pass to be a A$$-h0LE, agree any1. READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm in Australia mate and I work with severely disabled adults my shifts are 24 hrs long I Love working for my client he is so gentle he is also totally dependant and we do everything for Him from personal care and even getting him to drink water, and even I can get a smile from him if I take my guitar and sing to him I I think he is seriously laughing cause I sound like a cane toad when I sing LOL This would be a criminal matter in Aus I hope you sue the dam school how dare they we cannot be employed in this field without a criminal history check These people need to be punished. I am so sorry this had to happen to your son Take Care Lou
I love this guy! Good for him for standing up for his son. NO ONE deserves to be treated that way!
I feel very sorry for that poor boy, you are a great father.
"Its not about money, its about dignity." That's a good man.
I emailed the Ellen show, and the superintedent of that school disctrict and signed the petition. I also reshared this post and added the below to it, feel free to do the same!

If you can't be bothered to watch 17 minutes of video let me remind you, the little boy in it sat through over 6 hours of abuse that day, and those monsters have been "teaching" him for a year and a half. I swear I do not know if I could control myself if I were to be left alone with these child abusers. Women or not, I'd most likely beat them to death with whatever appendage of their body I ripped off first.
Rather than doing something like that (as good as it would feel) I've put together a list of various outlets that we can all use to make sure this situation is handled (perhaps without severed limbs) though I still think a beating is in order. If you cannot take the time to use every link below, please choose at least one. I'm sure all the children these people have abused will thank you. I certainly do.

Ellen Degeneres is a known anti-bullying lobbyist and her show reaches millions. Please drop her show a line and ask to get this family's story heard.
Contact Ellen here:

Teachers are nearly impossible to fire due to legislation from the teachers union. This is a petition to allow immediate dismissal of any teacher found to be bullying students.
Sign the petition here:

Meet Jodi Rosenfeld Ferber: the vile animal of a woman that tells little autistic boys they can't see their daddy. How about drop her a line and let her know just how disgusting of a human being she is?

And last but not least at all, how about letting the superintendent of that school district (Dr. Maureen Reusche) know how you feel about her allowing this to continue. Yeap you read it right, no one has been terminated in this case. Simply relocated to continue the abuse on a new group of children.

Please feel free to +1 this post, share it, copy it, print it, post it anywhere you'd like.
I was a preschool and Kindergarten enrichment teacher in a public school district before I decided to stay home with my own 2 boys..
I amliterally in tears....This is abuse...These so called teachers should not only lose their jobs , but should be formally charged with child abuse and neglect.. I would be happy to sign any petition demanding justice for every child in that school.
what are the wire tap laws in the state?
+Justin Bale interesting - this is really disturbing in so many ways, has the press picked this up yet?
I too would do the same Brooke. I am a solid advocate for kids. I admire the boy's dad for getting proof of what is going on. Maybe with such evidence someone will pay.
Totally disgusted with the teaching staff at this school. Whoever it was, should be dismissed without a moments hesitation by the school head. If this had happend to my children, I would have gone in with fists flying woman or not. Rochdale, Lancashire, England
I saw a philly station reporting on it but that's it. I hope in a few days this will be national news.
I'm a father myself. I'm terrified knowing my daughter will visit first grade next year (2013).
The teacher Jodi and any Jodi that treats kids in this kinda way should be sent to prison, cause I think its like killing someone. With words, attitude and careless acts. Shame on the school and their system.
If I ever find out something like this would be done to my daughter, I'm sure not gonna tape a video like this farther did. Nobody won't be able to save them teachers. They won't be running around with their heads down full of shame, they'd walk with out a head.
God forbid any of this happens to any child anywhere in the world. Teachers like Jodi and co should be sent to the worst prison ever.
God save our kids.
Yet another reason why teachers shouldn't have tenure. Not to mention that this seems to be standard school board shenanigans in terms of moving teachers to another school as punishment instead of firing them from the system.
Way to stand up for his son by refusing to accept the story he was being fed. His willingness to challenge authority is a lesson to us all.
I agree it should be criminal to abuse children like this. I am gratefull for this being shared. It must come out. Why isnt the whole schoolsystem videotaped.
Matt C
Good job on his part, but I skipped over his narration/ranting.
This will be a story on dateline someday!! I feel for Akian and his father!
Wow! I had to stop. Couldn't listen anymore...infuriating! I have a daughter who went through school with a disability and had a teacher actually tape her to a desk! I feel this fathers pain! It's horrible that a child should have to go through something like this!
thats really messed up. we should work on trying to stop this from happening. it is cruel.
+todd phillips I can only see your last comment, will read the rest in a min.

That's one of the main problems with any mental illness or genetic disorder. There is a huge lack of knowledge on the subjects and they carry a very bad, VERY outdated stigma. No matter what the person is dealing with, they are still people, and deserve the love and compassion that you wish to have.

On a side note, I just posted a circle of Mental health G+ pages if anyone is interested.
My prayers are with you and your son. No child deserves to betreated that way.
we need to share this to let people know how wrong this is.
When people are not considerate, things like that happen. Being considerate can be a challenge, but it requires an ounce of selflessness. Its crazy, so many people are out of work and some people with jobs don't know how to conduct themselves in a manner of which is required in order to maintain the job.

The problem is employers that stand behind these individuals giving them an endless supply of chances. That says that they "Support" the bad actions of the individual. I've seen this happen a lot and they just want the problem (aka "You/The Victim") to just go away asap versus making a change which actually helps them because it improves on the quality.

In this scenary (metaphorically speaking), how beneficial is it to swap poison (the Teacher) from one glass (classroom) to the next?
There is no way those teachers should be still on the payroll. I would have thought that would have suffice for a on the spot termination.....bad on the school board for not doing anything....
wow... no words for this. some people are alive simply because its illegal to kill them.
That is amazing!!!!! Those teachers should be fired.
Oh. My. God. I am so sorry that ever happened to to this poor child. People like this should never be allowed NEAR a child, let alone be allowed to "teach". This is shameful. Just shameful.
These people should never,ever be allowed to teach any child with or without a disability. I'm really with you on your quest to get an apology and even more so on trying to get the secrecy law changed. This is so, so wrong. There was a similar incident here in the UK with elderly people in care homes that had mental issues who were abused beyond belief. BBC tv managed to get in undercover and get film evidence of the abuse. Several people were prosecuted and the care homes closed down. Sadly this seems the only way to get justice these days.
they should teach my class, that would be fun :D stupid kid
this is so nauseating to hear , i myself has worked with special needs kids in private preschools and have seen this behavior first hand , the school didn't do anything but you bet your ass i made that teacher wish she had never set foot in my classroom .
why do people choose such a career if they can't handle themselves and then take it out on these innocent children ! shame them all , giving teachers who actually care for their students a bad rep ! if there is anything i can do people please let me know !! SPEAK !!!
I like +Bob O`Bob 's idea ... put up a webcam to allow parents to monitor what's going on in the classroom at any time they choose. It's very sad, but I think this also goes on for senior citizens that must live in a care facility as well. Treating people with respect is something that needs to happen for everyone.
I've always been worried about my kids being bullied by other kids in school and I know that they are being educated on what to do when bullying happens. But a teacher bullying a student, and one who has special needs at that is just atrocious! Firing her shouldn't be enough. A public apology, as the dad had asked, should be the first step. I have an autistic niece and I know that they just need to be reassured and dealt with gently and not yelled at.
+Richard Walters perhaps we need to convince the good facilities first, that putting up exactly such monitoring is in the best interests of all involved parties. Then it can become a comparison feature for commercial facilities, and a normal thing for public ones.
#OdinDissaproves of bullying teacher! This child could have become a great and successful person, and that teacher has possibly just destroyed the child's self confidence and stopped them from achieving that goal. The education system needs SERIOUS changes. Bullying from other students is unacceptable, but bullying from a TEACHER is crossing the line! In fact the teacher has gone so far past the line they don't even remember what it looks like.
Hey, let's arrange a parent volunteer. my kid is in the class and your kid is in the class and if we band together we can figure out someway to get a concerned parent volunteer in this classroom.


i am not surprised that you can attract any quality teachers. paid shit wages for the job description and no community support. if you want the job done your way you have to do more than indirectly communicate.
Our school system is in serious need of a cleansing, but it's not just going to happen with the snap of a finger. Education is constantly losing funding. What are they supposed to do? It's a shitty job. Good teachers are swamped in politics that often force them to do bad things, and bad teachers abuse politics to get away with all kinds of things. Teachers are in very short supply because the job is so stressful and underpaid, so firing one is not something those in charge really want to do. The whole thing is truly fucked.

It's been that way for a long time, too. The school I went to 15 years ago was horribly corrupt. Teachers wouldn't directly engage in bullying the students (much). I only suffered one occasion when a substitute teacher helped a whole classroom play keep away with my stuff and then throw it all in the trash at the end of the period. However, I'm 100% certain that some of them were active pedophiles. Worst of all, I was of a group of about a dozen or so kids in the school out of ~640 students grades 7-12 who didn't fit in and were treated as acceptable targets for bullying by the faculty. If any of these kids did anything to defend themselves against the way they were treated, they were the ones who got in trouble. I was shoved into a rusty nail that tore my leg open, stabbed in the arm with a pen, and on one occasion a classmate even spit on the back of my neck and openly laughed about it while I locked eyes with my teacher for an entire 45 minutes. None of these teachers did anything about it. A couple of my friends were seriously endangered, including a girl who had some life-threatening allergic reactions and the teachers would not only watch and do nothing, but forbade classmates from trying to help her. I have an autistic brother, but thankfully he is 6 years younger than me and was only in 4th grade when we moved to a much better school district. Even so, he dealt with much worse than I ever did, even after we moved. Autism is still not well understood, and schools are not equipped to handle it properly at all. You'll have trouble finding a single autistic person who didn't suffer in school.

There were a few of us students who kept in contact with the ICLU about things that went on there, but the school had the full support of the local government, who would do everything they could to throw up boundaries against outside intervention. We were just kids and only had so much power to force the issue, and most of my classmates parents didn't care. My parents probably would have done more about it, but I didn't tell them much about these things for various stupid reasons. The most memorable part was when Columbine happened. It was a few months before I was to move away from that school, and I got to witness the cultural backlash against social outcasts in schools from a very unique position. The principal even did an interview with the local newspaper, where he said that it's the kids who get bullied who are the real troublemakers.

It wasn't all bad, though. I learned a very healthy mistrust of authority. I learned that the law is only as good as the people behind it. Thanks to the internet, which I sincerely credit with saving my life (by giving me friends when I was desperate, and teaching me about the world outside of that fucked up backwoods community), I came away from it with a great deal of sociological perspective. I did have some serious social problems that took years to overcome, and wouldn't wish for these things to happen to anyone. I have two kids in school now, and they'll be home-schooled at the first sign of trouble.
I am sick to my stomach after listening to this. Those people, I use that term loosely, should be ashamed of themselves. Unfortunately, I bet they don't think what they've done is wrong. They have probably been bullying children for years. Who know's what damage they've done? I wish there would be a lawsuit against the school, not for the money but to make a point! I hope they haven't permanently damaged that poor little boy.
+Aaron English I agree. Spying on teachers, posting your edited results on youtube... thats not problem solving... thats screaming LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME

i skipped around the video and heard two sounds clips of the teachers and 15 sound clips of the dad whining.
Show this video to your autistic child, who will have fits within the first two seconds. How dare any parent of an autistic child treat the world worse than they would their own child.
after watching him lose control of his own temper after talking him self into an agitated state, i would want to put a independent child care giver advocate certified personal assistant with the kid 24/7. this guy needs help and he does not know how to ask for it in such a way to get his kid the services his kid needs.
I went to that school! I hated it! As soon as it got to were he said the name I flipped! I told my mom that school was no good! None of the teachers cared! It seemed that all my teachers were like that! None of them cared that my friends and I were almost killed by the other kids! If those were my kids, or my siblings I would in court listening to that tape again! Holding said child in my arms, while filing out the paper work for a new school. Man that school was just full of shit!
As a parent with four young children I am sickened by the thought that their are people out there that treat children like this. I have a daughter in kinder and a son in first grade. I am very active in their school activities and parent teacher confrences. I know the teachers but it makes me uncomfortable of the tought of what may go on while I am not there. My son did wonderful is first semester of school last year and never had conduct marks. So I have found it strange that this year the same teacher he has last year he has again and he has been acting out more. He comes home with two and three conduct marks a day. I am divorced and his father is not at all an idea roll model. I believed that the remarks lashing me and other adults in my family by his father was influenecing him in harmful ways. Seeing this video makes me wonder if his teacher might play a roll in his bad behavior also. Thank you for spreading this and letting others be aware of the harmful situations that our kids might be in also. I was pointing the finger at his father when it may be the situation he is in at school instead.
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