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I think I need to see it again.
I didn't expect it to be so crowed on Sunday at 5:20 where I went. I got in there about 5:10 and the whole place was full, its stadium style seating.

The only seats in the place were the shitty ones in the front close by the screen, but the ones all the way to the left.
The 3D was messing up due to the angle, and I had to look left the whole time, really made the experience less then what it should have been.
+Justin Bale blerg cam job! some people have no taste :)

Would rather pay to see it in the movies in high quality - problem is that with a family of 5 that is no longer affordable unless its the best of the best, so ill wait for dvd/dvdrip
+Liz ℚuilty Yup it's not the best but.
I 100% agree it's to dam high, 31 bucks just for 2 tickets. If they would lower the price as time goes on I think they could triple the money they made.
+Justin Bale totally. Its over $50 for my family to go - that is 1/3rd my food budget
I walked past all the lines for that show and went with my wife to The Lucky One!
Yep, that's right.
(reclines in chair, hands behind head)
I have 6 in the family. Going to the theater is out of the question due to cost. I'll have to wait for the DVD.
We live about 150 miles from the nearest theater and have to stop at least three times so our daughter can use the restroom. If I see the movie at all, it'll probably be on Netflix.
it is better to waste alot of money than to spend a little bit
Because it was awesome ;)
I saw it this weekend as well, and thought it was very good. Not the best movie ever, but very good. It was extremely crowded in the theater, however. I went to the 2D version, so I don't know if the 3D one was equally crowded.

I don't go to the theater often, so I was glad this turned out to be a good pick, unlike some other choices I've made in the past (I'm looking at you, Green Lantern).
Well, they can have made even more. You can always make more money. :D's Captain America's tight suit alongside Scarlett Johannsson that brought in the $$$$ :D
everyone is giving + to Alex Farina's comment about not getting the wonka meme. It's CONDESCENDING WONKA, I will have you know, and two words for you: Advice Animals
First weekend was for all the pirates, so that they can now download it from their retinal imprints and destroy all future profits... one could only wish ;-)
And taken with all the money they lost with John Carter they just did manage to `almost' break even this weekend.
+Jay MacVean no biggie, Microsoft is removing DVD support from the next windows. Something to do with only thieves using it or something.
+Clay Adams Thanks for that, Today people learn about WOnka Meme.

Here is some more info

Condescending Wonka, also known as “Creepy Wonka”, is an advice animal image macro series featuring a screen capture of Gene Wilder in the 1971 musical Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The captions typically contain patronizing and sarcastic remarks.
This meme is exactly why I refuse to go to the movies any more.
The automobile industry makes great prophets so car theft is OK? Cuz I could use a new car!
well, if they hadnt pushed ticket prices to nearly $10 each, consessions to $20, cd's to $25-30, and $50 each on HDDVD or Blue ray when introduced-oh wait- its ok for them to rape our wallets- which we worked hard for - we just cant rape them back...
Dav Bob
I would be interested to see how many people have watched it in theatres compared to the previous record holder. It is all well saying that more money was spent by people viewing it in theatres in the opening weekend but if only half the people saw it and the tickets cost twice as much as the previous record holder then it means something is going far wrong.
More money than any other movie on its opening weekend in history is all well and good but...they want more.
I wonder how the movie's income would look if you factored in inflation.
maybe studio exec's paycheck not as fat as it used to be!
Actually, i heard that the Hunger Games was the best selling movie in history!!!=)
Wait...I could of sworn no one even touched UHF's
If anything should be against the law, it should be $10 popcorn.
I don't get it. Explain. EXPLAIN!!!!!!
i agree with the pop corn thing it was 20$ for me and my freind to getr a large popcorn and 2 medium soda
They are mining the intellectual property of classic comics and not doing any thinking themselves.
Terrible grammar, when was that ever a question and blame cinema ticket prices :)
lol OPENING weekend, the pirates haven't had a chance yet
Keep raising ticket prices and you'll always set records.
like many, it was so good I saw it twice. At $15 a ticket! and took my son one of the times. (first time was midnight showing with a prepurchased ticket a week early) the second time was via fandango so tack on the fee there, plus 3 large sodas and 2 large popcorns and 1 nacho. Hellavalot of $
Opening weekend? I saw it Tuesday of last week in Zurich (english with subtitles) i didn't realize until today it wasn' playing at home yet.
At some point creativity and collaboration for its own sake will be seen as holding just as much inherent worth as money.

...............after its all burned that is ;p
lol i cant wait to go to see the avengers
The new American Rationalization; if I can't afford it (hell, if I just don't think I should have to pay for it) then it's ok if I steal it. 'Cause you know, I can't wait for the DVD, it's critical to my happiness and I have to have it now.
I don't understand how Avengers having a good weekend means it's okay to steal. And yes, I am aware of the justifications people use to make themselves think it's okay.
It is an argument that the justifications for a hyperbolic "war on piracy" is bull. There is nothing in the above picture that suggests piracy is good (although there has been theories that suggest as much).
I prefer the fact that it seems like if they make a good movie they will enjoy the profits.
Stealing is not okay. I think this is more about corporate America being so deeply deranged that the honest argument of piracy being theft isn't good enough for them. Even when legally and morally correct they go wild with bizarre exaggerations and act like no one has ever been more downtrodden than they are.
Well add the effect of Netflix, online rentals/streaming/etc..
Because they are not taking inflation into account and most movies don't make nearly as much.
One theory I've heard (can't remember where) is that piracy -> only blockbusters can make much money -> Hollywood only finances movies that they already know will be blockbusters -> less money available for less popular films. Which could explain why Joss Whedon will now be approached to direct Avengers 2, but never Serenity 2.
i think you're just hating on the avengers
I'm not sure if this movie made the most money its opening weekend? But I understand the message and I do agree!
I think the guy is a good actor but is not the likeable type!!!
My wife and I couldn't afford to see it, but we sent our 2 kids to see it, in 3D, I hope they like it!
The avengers was an awesome film. Your just a DC comics fan.
Gross takings is not a valid comparison without taking the average ticket price today (which is much much more than it was in the past.) or inflation into account. Comparing apples and oranges..
You like saying sarcasm? Tell me more about how awesome you are in other movies.
love the hunger games i whated in line for7 hours i would never take it back NEVER!

+Justin Bale Reading some of the comments, I don't think they are getting meaning of your post.
I wish there was some way I could avoid my wallet being raped by Hollywood.

I tried simply not watching the movie, but wasn't clever or creative enough to entertain myself :-(
Now lets just sit back and watch the politicians argument against torrenting fall apart when they decide to be assholes again.
+John Verne I can't speak for China or Africa. I'm an American talking about what's going on in America.

"Johnny jumped off the bridge, mommy..."
My 2 cents, its like software, this is not money lost as it is not money they have. In the software world i.e. windows etc piracy is the only way to get vast parts of the world to use these products. No one in rural China was ever going to pay for windows, nor will they pay 6 days wages to see the movie. Its not gonna happen. If you can show me how much money leaves the pockets of hollywood (rather than how much they feel they should have colllected) I will start feeling bad for them. In the end this viewing for free of the movie will lead to a kid wanting the avengers happy meal, sneakers, T shirt and so on which is royalty income for the movie maker. Armageddon, Deep Impact, Davinci Code, National Treasure this is not piracy but it is a really lame method of making fake versions of successful products. I know its different but as an IP specialist living in greater China I can say similar products with less similarity than these imitation movies are often being shut down, pulled off shelves. Hollywood needs to really loose money so they can get a bailout.
What does The Avengers making a ton of money have to do with stealing? I get the point of the "destroying hollywood" hyperbole, but at its heart piracy is theft. Period.
Lucky I don't travel by boat any more so can avoid those pesky pirates ;)
I love the, "If I steal X, then I will be more likely to buy Y and Z!" logic. Why don't I just go to Best Buy and steal an XBOX, because then I'll be more likely to buy games from them.
Piracy is an issue, but one that will never truly be controlled without taking away many freedoms
Piracy is infringement, not theft.
this messed in mop hair or somethin like killin someone
I think piracy really digs into repeat business more than anything.
The Avengers deserved every nickel it earned! That movie was to epic to describe in words. When Captain America said "and Hulk. Smash" I had a nerdgasm. 
Theft and stealing are wrong words for the issue (also, with a wrong word) of "piracy". If someone steals something to you, it means that you had something that now you dont have anymore.
meet is the way to saw it, not trying to be mean
+Karl Kettner I agree that piracy is stealing at its heart. However, the Hollywood and its agents have been using piracy as an excuse for promoting greater regulation allowing them to police Internet and cut off service for some users, sometimes with very little judicial oversight. Hollywood's justification has been bad return on investment for some of their projects. They argue piracy is causing this bad return, which is bad for economy and is causing them (honest merchants) to lose money. So, of course, they need more power to police the net and control what users do.

The point of this meme above is that Hollywood has been falsely attributing failure of some of its projects. Avengers proves that good movie will succeed in theaters and recoup its investment. Failure of some films has nothing to do with piracy and everything to do with fact that they are pieces of crap that few want to see at prices charged in movie theaters. Therefore, Hollywood making bad product does not justify them attaining greater power to police the Internet. I hope that answers your question.
So is it considered piracy if I purchase a movie and invite 5-10 friends over to watch it with me and don't charge them a fee to watch it? I am sharing the movie with them, and they didn't pay for it. So I would assume this is piracy, correct? 
If I have a really long explanation and BFFs agree, I'm not a low life. Got it.
I'd love to know what the person with the lowest salary/payment from one of this movie makes. Compare THAT to what the leads get paid and see the difference between those two figures. Also, how much would everyone involved in production make if the profits were divided equally?
Don't get me wrong, I'm not against people making lots of money, especially if they are delivering and contributing with jobs. Yet, I think $15 movie theater tickets, a $40 blu-ray discs are things we should be looking at when the economy is suffering. Even more so in the light of piracy.
Should going to the movies or buying a DVD be a luxury in developing countries while studios are making millions at the box office? Could making less of a profit margin when selling DVD's or Blu-Rays be an option while distributing content to these countries?

Piracy is stealing, and doing it from the "rich" doesn't make it less stealing. A balance must be achieved to #stoppiracy !
make a good movie and people will pay to see it!!
I saw it twice in two days. I haven't done that in decades.
I thought Jurassic Park had that title, if you account for ticket price difference. Wonder who wins then?
Every time you pirate a movie or song terrorist rip the nipples off baby bunnies,chop down a million acres of rain forest , steal oatmeal from orphans(with diseases), and falcon punch Jesus in the dick,
why would we care avenger is like the best movie ever if you think im right then like this post or share it
i love charlie and the chococlate factory it was amazing!!
It is a sign of the ignorant times when people justify theft at this level. If the tables were turned and people were taking a product that you created without any compensation to you, you would call it theft. It is funny how the have nots can justify stealing based on their personal level of wealth. I guess if you take it from someone that you deem to be too wealthy, then it is OK. So much for integrity I guess.

I find it amusing that people have decided to change the "language" in an issue to make illegal activities alright. It reminds my of Mr. Clinton stating that we need to examine what the word "it" means. This new movement is both dangerous and completely wrong.

This was just aimed a couple of comments on this thread. Not trying to rain on everyone's parade. The Movie is probably awesome, I haven't seen it yet.
I wonder what the odds are that anyone will use an image from the avengers over a decade later?
Awesome. Especially considering how available it was online to US viewers since it opened a week early overseas.
yeah i am going to see it tommorow
well the avengers are pretty popular when i went to see it almost all of the showings where packed
piracy is bad when you get some turd sitting in a movie recording it on an iphone or something! The quality of those when others get it is just terrible!!!!
aaaawwww i wanna see the avengers...... yay i might go tommorow
Best movie ever. Had me felling like a kid again.
The silveR streek actour Gen wailder bk then top box office 
And the Deluxe Luxury of paying 50% more for 3D for a large portion of the crowd.
So if a movie (or album, or book, or game, etc.) is successful, then it's ok to steal it? Very logical, that makes perfect sense! Not.
+Jim Clark I understand what you are saying, and in a way I do agree with you. However (just playing devil's advocate for the sake of discussion), the way the MPAA, CRIA, RIAA, and other big-brother organizations make the lion's share of their profits on the backs of artists is also kinda like stealing, isn't it? It's a little bit sad that any movie that is not part of one of the ultra-large mega corporations is considered "indie" and rarely turns a legitimate profit for its shareholders and artists. So while I am not saying "two wrongs make a right," I am saying that the system is broken in general. Piracy of music, movies, photographs, and all forms of art is just a symptom of the broken system. Stopping all piracy (especially if it means giving unbridled control of global Internet content to big-brother type organizations such as the MPAA) isn't going to magically fix the system.

The organizations that are crying the most are already pulling the largest profits in history. We shouldn't justify thieving on our end, but the other side is driven by greed which is an awfully strong motivation for trying to re-write the rules. I can't offer a solution, but I would like to be given the chance to weigh in on some options. So far, we've been given almost no options; PIPA, CISPA, SOPA, etc, are not options ... American laws should not be foisted upon non-American citizens.
I will buy if from the bootleg man in front of the 99 cent store
Yeah when hulks in town all the others are just bit players
This meme doesn't really make sense.

It's like saying "i know this one obese person in Ethiopia, so there isn't a food shortage in Ethiopia."

Not saying I agree or disagree with the general sentiment against piracy but I'm just saying that this is a poor argument.
Well avengers was worth seeing at the movies not really a shocker about how much money it made
Hollywood extends beyond the box office and most piracy takes hold when the film comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital Download.
you could easily replace Avengers with Hunger Games, or any other number of movies that have absolutely blown up the box office in the lat 6 months, I believe the term would be "trend", that is to say the success, no make that overwhelming success financially of so many movies shows a trend that seems to disagree with the idea that piracy is just hurting Hollywood so much and if we dont all do something Warner Bros and Universal are going to just close down shop and leave town any day now...(which by the way is about how bad they try to make it out to be) you can't be both making record profits and at the same time cry wolf about piracy or some policy or some THING hurting your income...the 2 ideas sort of conflict with each other...people with broken legs don't run marathons, companies making record profits every few months with each product they put out are not in financial ruin because of anything, let alone having said all that, I would say not only do I find this meme to be an accurate and solid argument but I like it too, because the willy wonka face makes it so much funnier!!
avengers red dude hi red dude
Jim, I'm sorry to hear that you believe what I consider to be propaganda.

Making chewing gum illegal doesn't make it immoral, and making using the image of Mickey Mouse from 1920 illegal doesn't make it "theft" from Disney.

Should the descendants of Shakespeare have the right to set the royalties charged for movies using lines from his plays today?

The framers intended copyright, patent, and trademark to strike a balance.

That balance has been grossly distorted by monied and greedy interests, and frustrated rebellion in a situation which admits to no fair and reasonable engagement.

Most pirates are driven more by convenience than money, and, overall, a sane market with a sane variety of pricing and distribution opportunities would be the best way to reduce piracy.

Certainly there are some IP pirates who are abusive, but moralizing at them isn't the answer, and DRM isn't the answer.

It really isn't just black-and-white.
no red dude do not eat my face do not
that was called face eater
lock your windows and doors cause he will be to you soon ..............................................
did you like my avengers sequel i was being hulk
You go further when you work with people's tendencies than when you work against those tendencies.
This picture is less about condoning piracy, and more about pointing out the hypocrisy of the MPAA, CRIA, RIAA, etc. Often, these institutions want to complain that piracy is destroying their industry at the same time that they're streaming their own work online without paying royalties to the writers, actors, and creators through a fabricated loophole of "demostration purposes".

The tools exist to quell the vast majority of piracy, but these institutions are too stuck in their ways to build meaningful solutions. This strikes me as a pervasive problem, not just in the entertainment media industries but in many others as well.
Lookin at my collection of DVDs -CDs. . . Crazy to think I paid £20 - £40 for these useless disks. 
Piracy is just the movie industry's scapegoat. Over the last twenty years they've doubled the REAL cost of a movie ticket and then point to piracy as the reason the number of people seeing movies is dropping. The reason the non-blockbuster movies are hurting is because no one wants to pay $12 admission for a movie that is just so-so. Heck, I won't pay $12 to see a spectacular movie. But, as long as the drop in the volume in ticket sales can be (more than) made up for by their price hikes, they'll continue to do it. And every year, they'll have a new movie to claim the awe inspiring prize of "biggest opening day ever."
yay i miss the old willy wanka!... was that supposed to be a joke cuz i dont get it.... im weird
I'm confused about the opening weekend statement. These movie companies have recently changed the game so they can pad their numbers. The movie opened back in April over seas. They did that so so they could determine if American's would like it. Yes you read that correct, they opened it in Europe to gauge if Americans would like the film. Example - Battleship has been in theaters damn near a month now. This is a relatively new process they're excited about doing with their so called summer block busters. The question for me is, did they come by that number by adding all of the opening weekends up to a single number or maybe their weekend started on the 27th and just ended on the 6th? $100 says the movie exec that came up with the padded numbers game thought it up while sitting on his solid gold toilet!
Not worth paying full price for. Wait for dvd!
the movie was crap, haven't seen a weaker script in ages. my dead grandma could write a better script. the only cool thing about it was that they finally found a decent actor to play hulk, pity it happened after too shitty attempts.
Avengers brought in $200.3 million its opening weekend in 4,300 U.S. theaters, smashing the previous domestic record for any movie's first three days, Walt Disney Studios said Sunday in a news release. That's U.S. theaters, so it seems they may have made more if you add in overseas viewings.
All of this poster defending Hollywood must be having some kind of direct benefit from it. I will not support a crocked system and the institutions that are part of it, more when this institutions are using the "piracy" excuse to control how I consume media.

That control of how we use, consume and produce media is what they are after. They want irrational, eternal control of intellectual works, the way Disney is doing.

The freedom we are used to is slowly vanishing for the sake of profits, with the poor excuse of "Piracy".
The gross pay of a movie is insignificant. If the movie cost 100million to create (sets, stunts, actor pay, advertising etc) all that counts is the other 100 million for a net. After that they get their money to produce more movies from merchandise and DVD's. So yes there is a price Piracy is doing on Hollywood but it's most likely marginal. But hey money lost is money lost
Avengers is a new movie, most of this fun films do make lots of money and then they get replace for others coming out to theaters.
Money lost on what? The twenty minutes of ads you can't fast forward through on a DVD? Or how about the money lost because the studios refuse to jump into the twenty first century by delivering content the way customers actually want it?
Of cource there is piracy at the ticket gate and the snakbar also.. want to see that on imax that will be 5 bucks more oh in 3d lets take 5 more, Oh you want popcorn and a soda for 2 that will be 20 more.. Its not just the cost of the movie it is the whole industrie that is making piracy so appealing.. Im not adivating piracy but to use piracy as a scape goat to chare unreal prices just help promot what they want to stop. It you want to stop piracy them make the desire to pirate less appealing not by punishing people but by giveing us more for our money.
You guys are absolutely right; if I don't think the price for a product is fair, or I feel like I can't afford it, or I just don't want to pay for it because, in my opinion, the person selling it is making too much money, I should be able to just take it if there's some easy way to do it. That's the American way. Not sure why we're limiting this to just music and movies though; is it because Ferrari's are harder to steal or what? Oh, and "freedom". I'm supposed to throw that in too, right?

'Course, I had to stick my head 2/3 of the way up my ass for all of that to sound good, but whatever it takes to fit in.
+Paul Viscovich I think your confusing the theater's attempts to make money and the studios profiteering. the studios get about 90 percent of the ticket price..I agree this is stupid and eventually will lead to the theater experiences demise but the high snack bar prices are just there to keep the lights on and the employees paid
Avengers was amazing!
It had so much detail, and the actors, and actresses were really good.
i saw it a month before it came out, but still going to see it in the movie theater.... hollywood is not losing any money
lol i bet nobody tried to do that with the movie of spatch
Big Screen! My fav way to experience these types of movies. I can't wait to see it (:
haha i love these willy wonka things!!!
Just do to others what you would have done to yourself. If you like people stealing your stuff, its ok to pirate movies.
i'm not paying $20 to see a movie.

australia has the best dollar but we get RIPPED OFF.

I'll continue to pirate.
Kassy G
hahaha! that was like one of the best movies EVER! :)
Seriously? The government considers media to be personal property. When you "purchase" a song or movie or software, you're not buying the media, but rather a license of use. The entity which produced the intellectual work has ownership of the work. And NO ONE likes for someone to use something of theirs without asking.

People downplay the severity of piracy claiming that its only software or songs or video--It still belongs to someone or something else that did not give you permission to acquire or distribute it.

what is outrageous is that laws must be established to prevent the illegal reproduction and distribution of a content that, belongs privately to a third party who has blatantly made licenses available and accessible to EVERYONE, and people simply choose to not do the legal distributing entity the common graces or courtesy as to oblige their wishes and pay for it. And people get outraged because the governments and law enforcement agencies stepped in to stop it? I fail to understand why, with all thats going on in the world, anti-piracy laws are what outrage you.

And yes there is a problem with that kind of money being made in a single weekend by a movie, but it only makes that kind of money because $200 million worth of people showed up to watch it. I mean, it all make a lot of sense, and its not worth getting all bent out of shape over. Think of buying licenses to use content like this...when you drive up to a gas station and get ready to fill your car up with gas and realize that the gas prices are about 2 dollars more a gallon than you really like, you are faced with a decision. You must decide between putting that really expensive gas in your car or taking the bus, but ultimately someone has purchased fuel to get you to your destination.

Be good boys and mind your manners.

By the way, its extreme to think that the powers that pushed for anti-piracy laws were really concerned with people "destroying hollywood."

Piracy is just rude.
Piracy is, or at least can be, lovely and sweet. In many cases, it is free publicity and causes people to go buy more product, since the paid versions are generally of higher quality.

One man's "pirate" is another mans' liberator. I do NOT advocate breaking any laws, but many of the big corporations who act like they oppose piracy actually engaged in facilitating it.
I need the caption-less version of this. Could somebody give this to me?
600m worldwide. I think Hollywood is doing just fine.
If is like that, imagine how could be whitout it. Ilegal is ilegal, you can't just say "you are still getting money" and do that in a unfair way.

If you want that midia gets all free make it LEGAL, don't make excuses
Hollywood isn't losing money to piracy. Hollywood is losing money to shitty movies. When quality is put out, money is made. This movie is perfect example. Enough with the scapegoats.
i downloaded some movies to view, but if the movie is really good, I am more than happy to pay for movies as well as other related costs.
Happy to say, it will get zip from me!
Movies cost more than ever before. Even matinees are expensive. That's how it's the most grossing movie. 
The Avengers made more money its opening weekend than any other film in history?
Please tell me more about how piracy is destroying Hollywood.
Oh yeah and tell me how all the money that went into creating that movie, which by the way has been made many other times, hasn't been donated to charity. Not one cent. Do you know why? Because money runs this nation. It corrupts people. Makes them only care about themselves and, of course, their money. And we somehow think we are better than the "enemies" we fight against. And we are the same as them. Hungry for power and money. So whats the difference? Not much. Except that we are a democracy. Which doesn't help much when people can just be bribed to make decisions.
Wow I think I went a little bit overboard on that last comment of mine
R. Baig
People only pirate movies that arent worth watching in the cinemas
Nav H.
Try then buy. :)
I bet it'll still take a loss. Hollywood accountants get in a lot of trouble if their film accidentally shows a profit.
industry profit gone up over 170% last 10 years. MPAA u can sit on my dick
Avengers made 147 million in europe before it even opened in america
dowloading music promotes sales i did a little research on it. you make more if you put some of your music out for free then if you did not. when someone downloads a song you made and like it most likely they will want to buy the album and tell the friends about it then they will buy it and word spreads all because you put one song out for free to download now you are rich.
Piracy is going to EXTINCT... People hate to wait for a good quality of pirated movie.... and the long wait to download it I would rather go watch a movie in cinema as better quality and experience... few years back in my city there were many pirated DVD seller and selling pirated DVD like hot cakes but now a days people didn't bother about them anymore and they become lesser and lesser everyday.. Most of the movie is now will be on re-run on HBO or other movie channel after a year...
Funny how so many justify stealing!?
Exactly. Dear Hollywood, make more movies worth seeing and more people will go see them. Pretty damn simple.
yeah I don't know how much piracy affect opening weekends....
This post has been a victim of piracy lol

Scroll down what's hot section
Banks have lots of money so bank robbing is ok? Faulty logic
Yes, one of the few Sci Fi movies I truly liked. Can see it again and again!
No one says bank robbing is destroying the bank industry
Such a true statement. Just like cassette tapes and VHS did back in the day... I believe that the recording industries have made huge gains as a result, despite how big of a deal they made saying that it would hurt their profits.

As for piracy being stealing, or theft, i disagree. If you steal something that means to take something from another. The content that is downloaded is from an individual who is online or shared the files on the web. So if stealing it is either from those sharing online, or your ISP, because they provide the bandwidth. Hollywood has never had anything taken from them. They count each download as a potential profit, and say that is a loss. But they never had it to lose, so that's a lie. Most people who download either weren't going to buy it anyway, or they buy it and keep it in original wrapper, using the downloaded content to protect the value and integrity of the purchased disk. I don't see the people who download movies in the limousines and walking the red carpet, last I checked it was the folks in Hollywood.
YEsssssssssss Please tell me
Given the quality of recently successful movies, I kind of wish it were destroying hollywood.
Makes me feel less terrible about pirating it.
Not only the Hollywood, it's destroying the originality, killing the talents all over the world. But the solution is not to avoid piracy. 1st thing that no one like to buy/watch or read any pirated material. Piracy exists until the prices down to its actual.
Poor Hollywood. How will they ever recover from this.... wait, what?
How piracy is destroying Hollywood? How long piracy was been here? And the Hollywood was still standing tall. Hollywood is 1 million / trillion times richer than you and you pity them? You should pity yourself.
I love how they use the late Gene Wilder as a mockery of so many issues that are going on right now. He was brilliant.
True dat it just does not add up how piracy is destroying hollywood if it is it should have been dead many times now
Woh.... Really? It's not even Disney haha
a picture worth 24 words and those are it
Downloaded the torrent, the movie was really good so decided to take my whole family to the cinema to watch it!,
I neva watched that movie not into super heros
Does it really surprise you that, as the world's population grows, and inflation continues, profits continue to "rise"? You'll get another record year after year, and its got nothing to do with piracy.
But piracy's real effect is on the small time artists. Sure the big musicians, the big movie companies remain unaffected, but its much harder to get into the industry in the first place.
All of the protests against Sopa/Acta whatever, don't give a damn about these people - all they care about is them not getting free stuff.
Piracy is stealing, and attempts to justify it are disgusting and morally poor.
Its not theft. its the beauty of freedom to share ideas.. in this case its not an idea just a file.. Same difference :P
Makes you wonder why Europeans suck at making blockbuster films.