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This is very serious issue. thanks for post that.
Oh Snap! Stealing this one....
Only a cartoon can point the way...and hand full of warriors that labor for the truth, can lead. that is why a have trimmed my circles and keep quality information at hand. I don't need a million circles when very few have anything of value to say and meaningfully.
Yes Israel does have the bomb. Have they used the bomb? Or are they threatening to use it? No. The bomb is nothing more then a defensive measure. Iran in the other hand, its president deny's the Holocaust ever happened. He threatens Israel. And it is being said that the Iranian government may block its own people access to the World-wide-web to control information. And letting them have the bomb would be the right thing to do?
+Eduardo Feliciano What planet are you from where you think Israel doesn't threaten Iran? Have you watched any news in the last few months (including mainstream outlets)?
Besides, when Israel isn't threatening Iran they're busy massacring and "relocating" Palestinians. I hardly think you can put the megalomaniac state of Israel on that kind of moral pedestal.
I'd trust Israel with a nuke as well as I'd trust.... well... America.... or Iran.
I don't trust anyone to police the world, special America.
The writing on the wall is obvious, Iran Zero nukes....Isreahell about 300 of the most powerful nukes of modern technology can buy......Oh is the cartoon in prisoner's clothing....LOL
+Eduardo Feliciano I am open to the idea that Iran is corrupt and shouldn't be trusted with nukes. I think you misunderstood that sentiment from the get-go.
I find Israel EQUALLY untrustworthy with a nuke, given their current holocaust with Palestinians and threats against Iran for doing something they've allowed themselves to do. Israel is a megalomaniac state that has dragged us into their murderous affairs time and time again since the 50s.
My opinion: I believe the only solution is mutual disarmament. If one war-monger wants a nuke, they should allow the other the same freedom.
By the way, that article was TERRIBLY written. The whole thing read like a Glen Beck rant. They didn't source any of the statements, so it all could have been hearsay for all we know and they even managed to throw in Hitler into the conversation. I'm surprised they didn't mention communism. Seriously man, try again. I don't doubt some dude in Iran said something against Israel, but don't source me some FOX news-esque bullshit. Are you a Republican?
since 1914 they dragged Wilson into the war...act I than 1944 act II than they are working the formula for act III. The stage is set camera, focus, action if not stopped.
+John Karl Nuttall I'm a democrat. And to call the Israeli-Palestinian conflict a holocaust is a totally clueless comment. The reason the article brought up Hitler is because he was the last mad man to truly bring a holocaust to the Jewish people. And article feels that Iran wants to follow in Hitler's footsteps, and the world again is looking the other way. And I watch MSNBC.
I'm just going to go out and say it, we have lot of powerful Jewish people in America putting pressure on our government, getting us into conflicts that don't benefit Americas.
People like to make the argument that if we don't support Israel they will be eradicated. What about Africa and all the blood fighting over there? Why don't we care about them the same amount we care about Israel? There is no money over there, that's why.
Money is the reason of our support for Israel, and the more I learn the more I find it is a drain on our country.
Thanks +Terica Red I hate saying it because it comes off anti-semitism but I am far from it. I just think we have enough of our own problems, and I know the founding fathers would feel the same.
I think you have a point +Justin Bale The U.S. looks after it own interest. And politics play a part of it as well. If a Politician doesn't support Israel you can be sure to kiss the Jewish vote in the U.S. goodbye. But regarding Africa, I don't believe they have a government to work with because the war there is being fought by tribal warlords.