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Bible means nothing to me, so the Constitution.
To answer the second question, both.
That is not my problem, the problem is you are trying to force your bible on me. There's your problem.
Your bible is not the law, not everyone views the bible as law. I respect your right to worship, but it is a two way street.
+wes harris The constitution was god inspired to a degree- in that there is to be a separation of church and state! There are reasons that the constitution was written as it was and one does not get to choose whether or not they are exempt from it due to their religious beliefs...
To be entirely accurate, one was the bronze and iron age myths and cultural traditions written down by my ancestors, adopted by the Romans, and enforced as law upon those that lived in their empire. At this point in time, some of those laws, the ones which fit the prejudices of the descendants of those who have adopted my ancestors' myths and laws as Truth rather than all of them (such as not allowing your wife to cook for you when she is menstruating), are being portrayed as Universal Rules that all of humanity must adhere to or risk eternal damnation.

The other is a document that is constantly evolving to reflect our changing circumstances, hopefully reflects growing rationality, and contains no talking animals.
The good book says to obey the laws of the land, so I think the Constitution is more important.
Romans 13.... I believe....Dont remember wish verse, it has been a while, it also states so in the Noble Qur'an..I would have to look that on up for the exact location, I have only read the Qur'an once.