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DEAR WALMART, MCDONALD'S, AND STARBUCKS: How Do You Feel About Paying Your Employees So Little That Most Of Them Are Poor? - Wages As % GPD At All Time Low, Corporate Profit-To-GDP Ratio At All Time High

One of the big problems with the U.S. economy is the disappearance of the middle class.
The rich keep getting richer and the poor stay poor, and many folks who used to have decent jobs and lives in the middle are now joining the ranks of the poor or near-poor.
The reason this hurts the economy is that pretty much all the money earned by middle-class households gets spent, while much of the money earned by rich people gets saved or invested.
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How about this...Walmart sells crap, mcdonald's food sucks and anyone who thinks the stuff starbucks sells is real about just mass public avoidance of buying crap, find stores that value their employees and their customers...and buy there.
My time is too valuable to waste it fighting the idiots at Walmart, not to mention that its prices are NOT always the lowest.
As for Starbucks, it has fooled Americans into thinking that European coffee tastes like that, so they should drink it. It's just overpriced burnt grounds. The coffee I had in Europe was NOTHING like Starbucks. (i.e. a lot better!)
I think it's a little naive to just insist that we should only vote with our dollar. These companies have more dollars than all of us put together and have used them on lobbyists to change the way the very market works for them (shutting out competition, tax rebates, material subsidies, relaxed regulation for them and higher regulation for their competitors etc etc). We not only need to boycott these foul institutions but also find other ways to bring them down. We need to speak out and destroy the very foundation by which obese multinationals like this manipulate our democracy and buy themselves political favors, subsidies etc.
Alright, so how do we solve this problem?

Minimum wages!

McDonald's in Denmark pays absolute minimum wages as is their policy.
People won't starve though because the minimum wages is guaranteed and adequate, thanks to the labor unions.

A pity that America sees workers rights movements as socialists..
+Jacob Moen I agree that the minimum wage is the way to go, but only when it equals a living wage. Minimum wage has failed to keep up with inflation for 40 years. Call it class warfare (I will), call it a sinister result of neoliberalism and deregulated capitalism (I will), call it a damn shame (I will).

So unions made it happen in Denmark? Okay, so where are our unions? Being destroyed by neoliberalists like the Koch Bros and their croney Scott Walker in Wisconsin. Voting with you dollar, like +John Karl Nuttall said, isn't going to get you anywhere because they already have more than the dollars they need. You have to vote for those people that are willing to stand up to the system and throw the rest under the bus.