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So, they're separating Hangouts and direct social interaction, keeping YouTube as YouTube, and leaving some other amorphous product called "the stream".  It will have social features, and largely consist of people commenting on photos and articles.  

If only they had some way to add support for RSS -- it sounds like a real killer product!  I'd use the hell out of it!  

...oh, except they DID have it, it was called Google Reader, it was awesome, and now I use Feedly instead.  

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<a class="ot-hashtag" href="">#hangoutsonair</a>David Morey, Brian Roser, Chrisdnd Ralston, and Noah Easterly

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I have been completely rocking out to this song all day.  Feels like a sea shanty to me.

Listening to a little Lou Reed before heading into work.  

"So I did sit down, and everywhere I looked I saw customers of every description being received with love. To the waitress everybody was "honeybunch" and "darling" and "dear." It was like an emergency ward after a great catastrophe. It did not matter what race or class the victims belonged to. They were all given the same miracle drug, which was coffee. The catastrophe in this case, of course, was that the sun had come up again."  

- Kurt Vonnegut 

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If you ever wondered how to address sexual harassment in the workplace, it is hard to beat this example.  

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Bring this one up at dinner...  and keep the Michael Jackson answer in your hip pocket for right after the waiter brings the food.

Yo dawg i heard you like recursion, so i took a picture of Xzibit, and underneath his picture I printed "Yo dawg i heard you like recursion...

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2000 Ducks
Quack open the champagne - it's +Jessica Pierce's birthday!
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