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Juriy Bura
JavaScript programmer, HTML5 Game Developer, Author, Teacher
JavaScript programmer, HTML5 Game Developer, Author, Teacher

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Did you know that you git lets you update multiple remotes using just one push command?

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Just finished a short tutorial on how to merge two git repos into one.

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Решение конфликтов в Git - вебинар Git Bootcamp

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Заметка о том, как я писал свою книгу.

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node.js is being officially ported on Windows with the help from Microsoft. That's a great news for everybody like me who hates the cygwin hacks

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How to troll friends and family using Google+
Step 1) Randomly divide everyone you know into two separate circles.
Step 2) Post to circle 1 that you just got an awesome new job.
Step 3) Post to circle 2 that you just contracted some disease.
Step 4) Post to your extended circles that "Tomorrow is my last day".
Step 5) Watch resulting comment battle between the two groups.

try to click "Send feedback" on the bottom right: it makes the screenshot of the current view of the browser and sends it together with the bunch of other info. This could be a fantastic service by itself.

Couple days ago was listening to Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. Tonight is the night of Bob Dylan.

Ok, I clearly like the interface. It is very nice and clean
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