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This week's Windows Action Show is OUT: Microsoft busts some evil doers, attacks Google+ and we review Windows 8!

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This was really awesome! To bad I didn't watch it live. Really like the tunes also! +1000
Please done ever do that again lmao But seriously can you do a follow up In depth look or something Id like to know your real thoughts.

please tell me that the sequences had been lengthened for comedy purposes.

Looks like my next graphics card is going to be an Nvidia so i can switch to linux since my radeon HD 5850 isn't so good on linux.

Good show though guys
sorry missed this live....OUTSTANDING job guys ;))
LOL I was ready to send in hate mail and then I looked at the date!
Windows should give up on the mobile market it's outclassed by its competition who release finished products instead of relying on user feedback to fix it.
Ok Guys I couldn't stop laughing. The part that killed me was the Runs windows section at the beginning. I had to pause the video for a few minutes.
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
I am impressed with how much graphics work Chris did for this one show. That is commitment to freaking out your viewers.
I was really hoping for Bloopers!!!
New UI? Um, wait. So this hasn't been done before? Because I could have sworn I saw it on my phone a few minutes ago...
I usually listen to the show, but this time I have to watch this.
That was really funny.
Just to be clear: the slowness and crashes weren't on purpose were they?

On Ubuntu 12.04 beta 1, a number of applications also crashed for me. Usually third-party applications though. But Beta 2 is very stable.

I do miss my weekly Linux "fix" from LAS though!
Trine 2 is now available for Linux! - Holy Batmobile, Batman!

Edit 2 They talk about development for Linux in their press release:

Edit 1: I bought it yesterday ( - Buy Page. After payment you will get a Humble Store key), installed it on Ubuntu 12.04 beta and played through the first level yesterday, including a good boss battle. So far, it works great for me, very beautiful and a lot of fun. (screenshots in the post)

It is released, only they are not actively promoting it yet. First they want to get more user feedback and make fixes if needed. If you Google "Trine 2 Linux" for the past couple of days, there's already very positive feedback, but also a number of people experiencing technical problems.

I'm still predicting a new Humble Bundle release which includes Trine2. The current Humble Bundle buying period is nearly over, so the time frame fits. And that might be another reason why they are waiting to promote it.
Absolutely marvelous work, you guys. The bumps, the intro, just about everything was up to your usual standard of excellence. The Win 8 preview confirmed my suspicion that Metro sucks. Keep up the great work.
Well i watched and i have luaghed before but that was priceless cant wait for the hippy stuff to be back next week
You guys have won the entire internet!
That show made my day. I don't know how you guys managed to hold the laughs.
That was funny and painful at the same time... I loved solitaire
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