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A new Coder Radio is OUT:

We discuss the week’s developer hoopla & the beard joins us to share his insights. It’s a fun episode with a range of topics, including the recent rush to GitHub by a number of open source projects.

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A new BSD Now is OUT:

FreeBSD 11.1-Beta1 is out, we discuss Kernel address randomized link (KARL), explore the benefits of daily OpenBSD source code reading & more!

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A new Unfilter is OUT:

While the investigation into Trump campaign collusion with Russia bears little fruit, the investigation into obstruction of justice could really be going somewhere. We discuss how Trump has been successfully trapped.

Plus the very serious situation in Syria developing between the US and Russia, the latest on Cyber threats, leaks & “war on encryption”.

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A new TechSNAP is OUT:

We’ve got the latest on the ‘Stack Crash’ vulnerability affecting a UNIX OS near you. Plus thanks to a recent RNC data leak we’ve got your name, address, birthday & a lot more personal information!

Then Dan does a deep dive on his DNS infrastructure, some recent improvements & his integration with Let’s Encrypt.

Plus some fantastic feedback, a robust roundup & so much more!

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A new Linux Unplugged is OUT:

Michael Hall from Endless joins us to discuss his new role, Endless’ involvement with Gnome & the unique approach they are taking with EndlessOS.

Plus Fedora shares some future plans that have us really excited & we try to grok casync, Lennart Poettering’s new project for distributing file system images.

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A new Ask Noah is OUT:

This week we’re back in Grand Forks and we give you a deep dive on TAILS linux – the distro designed from the ground up to provide you with a secure computing environment. Plus we talk about universal installers, the security of messengers & your calls.

Do you have a question for Noah? Be on Ask Noah live in 20 minutes by calling now! 855-450-6624

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A new Linux Action News is OUT:

More competition in desktop Linux, Debian 9, Tails 3, Firefox 54, FreeNAS 11 & OpenMediaVault 3 all get released.

We discuss the important bits of it all, follow up on questions last week & take an open source unicorn for a spin.

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A new User Error is OUT:

Noah shares his great woes from his recent Linux travels & we ponder the differences between Arch and Fedora as a workstation OS.

Plus announce our search for Linux in Montana & Chris’ official switch away from Arch.

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