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Just out of curiosity.. OmniRom does not and will not include a theme chooser, right?

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because I like transparency. 
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Compiling nightly CM10.1s with 100% transparency NavigationBar and 50% Statusbar. Now i just have to fix that stupid alignment problem. 

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Hi, is there someone that can tell me how I would fix app issues with a custom DPI? I'm running 240dpi on my GN and N4 and I'm having some alignment issues. 

For example my google now isn't aligned properly.

No I do not want to run PA/PNA or PAC. I want CM. 

+Eugene E. Kashpureff Jr  hey man, i've got some problems that I need your help with. According to the CM IRC channel you can help haha

It's been close to 2 years, and no doubt he's either missing or dead, but I will say this, I miss Federico. The creator of LauncherPro. It was so good on my G1 I Paid for it. My first, ever paid app. It's sad how he went missing without saying anything. A mere "I'm done developing"  would be nice. 

Even until now, it runs almost perfectly on my Nexus devices running 4.2+. Hopefully one day he comes back. 

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