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Junwei Huang
Aspiring Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer and E-Business Consultant.
Aspiring Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer and E-Business Consultant.


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I'm on Design Inspiration,, a website that provides designers with design inspiration. Similar concept as pinterest :)
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Changed my profile pic for Google+! 

How do I look now? Any comments?
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Travel Question

Help me by answer a travel question :)
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Hi Guys,

Does 404 Error have any Serious Impact on SEO? Any Consequences that will affect page rank? Recently I used Moz Crawl Diagnostic and found that there's more than 60 404 error pages in my Client's Site. What do you guys think? Feel free to comment and share. Thanks.


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Awesome way to promote your blog content online!

How to get 1000 social media shares? [Infographics]

- Create Compelling Headline
- Make it easy to share by including shareable plugins
- Optimize for both Search & Social Media
- Make your image Pinterest friendly
- Do both Manual Share & Auto Share
- Outreach & Scheduling
- Monitor your results
- Repeat the cycle in a month later!

Awesome Strategies People! Pin it!
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Good Morning Everyone,

Greetings from Singapore, I found this great article on "How To Syndicate Your Blog"

It talks about:
- What are the benefits of Syndication?
- What are the various methods available?
- How you can do it through Guest Blogging, Blog Directories & RSS Subscription?

Check it out! Cheers & Happy Content Creation~!

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Leverage The SEO Power of Long Tail Keywords To Drive More Traffic to Your Website: #longtailseo #SEO

Long Tail SEO is a very powerful component that will drive massive amount of traffic to your website if done correctly.  3 lessons you can learn from Long Tail SEO:
1) Position yourself as a Big Fish in a Small Pond
2) Expand your product and services so as to leverage on long tail keyword to drive traffic.
3) Long tail keyword helps you better understand customer intention.

Feel free to pin the infographic on pinterest if you find it useful. Feel free to comment or ask any questions :) Let's leverage the power of long tail SEO to generate more leads and improve our sales!

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Some updates for SEO Specialist using Google Keyword Planner. It can filter keyword by device now. Pretty Awesome.

FYI: The Google Keyword Planner is allowing (again) to filter search volume by devices > #KeywordPlanner

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I find this Article really awesome:

30 Secrets to Hiring the Right People, Insights from 30 successful companies :) #hiring #talent

Hire & Retain Human Resource is the hardest part in Singapore. If you found a trustworthy employee with positive attitude, make them happy and keep them :)

I know it's ain't easy but keep it going job creator of Singapore! Jia You!
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