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Remember your first car? Older-model car, barely held together, hardly making it to work and school. That car might still be around, and it probably barely runs. If this car is still in your driveway, ask a professional about having it hauled away and sold for scrap.

When you think of salvage auto parts, you might get an image of dirty junkyards with fierce guard dogs, but you'd be surprised. Many salvage auto part locations are very well organized and clean, which makes it a much more enjoyable experience.

The used auto parts market is part of the auto recycling industry. Although it may seem like a sideline, repurposing the materials used in vehicle production is big business. How big? Some reports place it at $22 billion annually.

Have an older car? After a certain amount of time, manufacturers will stop making parts for it, even if your car's still on the road. Fortunately, auto salvage parts are pulled from cars just like yours, so you can find parts even when they're no longer being made.

A popular reason for a car to be totaled is because it was involved in an accident, but that doesn't mean the whole car is useless. For example, if the back half is crumpled, then there are plenty of good parts left in the engine that can be salvaged.

When you’re checking out the available parts in a salvage yard for the first time, keep in mind that we only have access to what people bring us. If you see a part that you think you might need, it’s smart to pick it up when you’re here, because we never know when someone else will come in needing the same part.

Do you have a piece of scrap metal (old car) sitting in your driveway, taking up space? Then you should have it removed. Call a professional, and have it taken away. Your driveway will thank you for it.

It can be easy to think that finding salvage auto parts will be a struggle of digging through old car parts, but modern salvage experts are much more advanced than you might think. They often have complete computer databases to make finding the right part easy.

Your vehicle may be made in America, Japan, or Germany, but the raw materials used in its construction are sourced globally. Here are some examples: South Africa (aluminum), Canada (zinc), Mexico (lead), China (iron), and Norway (silicon)

It’s important to remember that you don’t always have to pay high dealer or retail prices whenever your vehicle needs a new part. If you’re ready to start saving money on your car repairs, we may be able to help you get the parts you need.
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