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My bedroom door just wrenched itself of its hinges.


I'm experimenting with playing cards.

When you make a move, play a card. The number on the card determines the outcome of the move. The suit determines the tone of the narration. Some moves also use the suit to determine an outcome.

Kick Their Teeth In
When you attack to cause harm play a card. On a 7-9 you cause harm but you are put in a spot. Your card's suit determines the extra effect. On a 10+ cause harm, your suit determines an extra effect, and you choose one more extra effect of any suit:
- With a Spades the harm is great.
- With a Clubs they are put in a spot.
- With a Diamonds they are isolated.
- With a Hearts their defense is shattered.

Food themes in roleplaying games
It might be my flower child upbringing talking, or my love of feel-good RPGs -- aw hell, it's probably both -- but it has always felt weird that food is so thoroughly neglected in tabletop RPGs.

Most games don't even give food a passing thought. In D&D, it's just rations. Yuck. In Apocalypse World food is a precious resource, but that's about it. Even in Ryuutama, a game billed as a Natural Fantasy RPG, food is just described in 3 categories of quality.

And I can understand why. You can't exactly devote a lot of page count to making lots of distinct kinds of food when your game isn't about that. But it has left this gap that I find somewhat bizarre.

Because food is like, instant buy-in for me. Extra Credits just recently talked about "Why We Roleplay" (in the context of video games) and how a "kick in the head" can make you invest enough to roleplay in a console game. But for me, the most effective roleplaying cue I ever experienced (on a console game) was in Muramasa: The Demon Blade.

In Muramasa you start out hacking and slashing across Japan for a certain goal. You fight your way into and back out of Hell. You cut down demons and ninja alike. But every so often you get an opportunity to make a fire, put the pot on, and cook an honest-to-god meal. There is actually a little minigame where you travel around to buy ingredients & find recipes, and then you prepare meals on an animated fire & pot/pan/grill. When you eat the food there's this super satisfying "pop" noise as the food disappears.

And in this moment -- despite the fact that my character is a demon possessed princess hacking her way across Japan, Hell, and Heaven -- there is this enormous sense of immersion in the setting.  This little mini-game grounded everything the instant that it appeared. Not with stakes, but with a universal theme. "Let's sit down and have a meal that we cooked ourselves."

It has me thinking what an RPG with a similar theme might look like. Perhaps different foods give you different buffs, and the only way to reliably get a certain food is to have the recipe and cook it? Or maybe, for a more extreme example, a diceless game where the points that you spend on actions come from the food you eat, and different tastes and textures provide different resource types? Maybe a cooking mini-game, like travel in Ryuutama?

What do you think? Is food a theme that you might find engaging in a story game? In what context? How far might you personally take a food theme, in a design or gaming session?

In an incredibly lucky series of events, my family has bought a house and we're in the process of moving.

That means that I'm going to be without Internet for the next few days.

See y'all Thursday.

I've gotten into this bad habit of getting totally overwhelmed with everything because ADHD kills my ability to focus, coordinate, and prioritize. Then I tell nobody because traumas. Then, when I try to manage and get out of that state on my own I just end up digging myself deeper, because I have no coping strategies.

So I end up delaying myself, "Oh, I just need another day." Then the day becomes a week, becomes 2 weeks, and one month later I'm wallowing in self loathing and anxiety because this prototype, or homework assignment, or project is significantly delayed and I keep playing disaster scenarios in my head.

And I tell nobody.

That's where I am right now, and it sucks. I know I can do good work. But I get to this point where I cannot function because of sensory overload, my inability to filter the noise from the signal, and the downward spiral of negativity that I get sucked into. It has gotten to the point where I've had to leave university because I can't cope.

I can't just tell nobody anymore. It's part of a dysfunctional cycle of behavior that I need to stop. So here, I am telling everybody.

I will get my ADHD medicated before Saturday. I will communicate better with the people around me. I cannot let this rule me anymore.

Wow. I was not expecting Atomic Robo to make me cry by the second issue.

But here I am. Doing that thing.

I think I'm going to change my email address. My current one is super old and I need one that better reflects me.

Unfortunately, G+ is a super patoot about changing the primary email address of a G+ account, so I'd need to move to a different account as well.

This is way too much hassle

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This is the best blog on Tumblr ever.

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Opal is my favorite.

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Seriously, this cartoon is basically "Stuff June Likes: The Show"

Star's wand is basically Sakura Kinomoto's second wand, she has hearts on her cheeks, she runs around in dragon boots and a devil horns hairband. Her backpack is a blue shell, the monster designs are adorable, the setting looks fantastically realized...

I haven't been this excited for a cartoon in years.
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