Says: "If you look for yourselves with your own eyes, then you can judge whether it's a ballistic missile, or whether it's a launch vehicle to put a satellite into orbit," Jang Myong Jin, head of the launch site, said through a translator. "That's why we've invited you to this launch site." / Journalists -- who were not allowed to take laptops or cell phones to the site, but were permitted to film -- were shown the control center and the satellite that officials said would be shot into space. / The rocket itself is 30 meters, or about 100 feet, long. It was white, with some red and blue paint.

Hrm, if it is painted white with a bit of red and blue, it must be for peaceful purpose, but I am not smart enough to get that association...
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Hrm, perhaps I am misremembering things, but I thought we already had SM-3 for at least a few years. They are deploying PAC-3 on the ground, but I don't think they have guts to launch them even inside their airspace.
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