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This is a "special edition" for 2015
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Earlier this month, +Linus Torvalds said that it was exactly ten years ago that day July 8th that he asked me if I want to take +Git  maintainership over.

It turns out that this weekend is 10 year anniversary of my answering "Yes" to that question was heard by him, on July 25th.
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I was expecting a bigger gap but it sounds like Linus threw you right in : D
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Something is seriously wrong in this picture
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Looks nice! But do I have to accept the Windows 10 bloatware?
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Asked (eh, at least I thought I asked) about "Hacksaw" to Google Now, but voice recognition transcribed it as "歯糞". I didn't know my accent was that heavy. Sigh...
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+kepstin Yes, exactly.
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If you're interested in learning how the sausage is made, but are too busy to follow the entire Git mailing list traffic...
Another edition of Git Rev News!
Git Rev News: Edition 5 (July 8th, 2015). Welcome to the fifth edition of Git Rev News, a digest of all things Git. For our goals, the archives, the way we work, and how to contribute or to subscribe, see the Git Rev News page on This edition covers what happened during the month ...
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I was doing something akin to git workspaces by using the -reference option to clone, so that multiple workspaces could share one object store. It's a bit more awkward, but I was pretty happy it was possible!
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The second wave is much more subdued, but still pretty.
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Git 2.5

One interesting change is to git help. We now list commands, grouped by the situation in which you would want to use them. This came from discussion on usability, inspired by one of the talks by +Emma Jane Hogbin Westby at GitMerge conference we had in spring.
The latest feature release Git v2.5.0 is now available at the usual places. It is comprised of 583 non-merge commits since v2.4.0, contributed by 70 people, 21 of which are new faces. One interesting change is to git help. We...
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This is why I keep saying that push-to-deploy is not how you should do things... #git  
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At the very least use `git --git-dir /virtual/private/.git config core.worktree /virtual/public` so that they don't overlap.
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Diffie looks angry at your code...
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[OT] Ah, X1 Carbon... lovely!
Own one too. Impressive laptop ;)
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Wheee! I didn't know it's out.

I've been dogfooding a pre-production unit of this thing for the past few months and I really love it.

This thing is literally featherweight and I can still remember the astonishment I felt when I first received it from the dogfood program. The dogfood program person handed it (naked without a box) to me. My hands moved up an inch and half immediately after he let it go, because the brain connected to them was expecting it to be a lot heavier. I said, "Wow this thing is light". He grinned.

The screen, even though it is the same size as Nexus 10 tablet, has enough resolution (1280x800) for me to open two 80x54 terminals side by side (it can even go to 1440x900 but I use it at the "best" 1280x800 resolution).

Even though it "flips" to become a tablet, I almost never use it that way. But being able to turn the screen completely flat has another use. Sitting back, keeping the near-side edge on my knees and turning the screen flat, it raises the screen at about the right height in front of my eyes, making it a very easy-to-use reading device.

I plug it before I go to bed, unplug it and throw it in a bag in the morning, use it on the bus while commuting both ways, do my evening hacking and reading, and by the end of the day the bettery has plenty of juice left.

It may not be for everybody. Those with larger hands wouldn't be comfortable (oh, those who cannot live with a Chromebook are not its audience, but that goes without saying).

There are one and a half things I am unhappy about the unit.  A half is that when its lid is kept closed, the keytops touch the display, leaving faint but noticeable marks. I do not know if they fixed it in the production unit. The other one is that it does not draw power from USB-C but from its own AC adapter. But both are minor.

Now it is out, I'll eventually be asked to return the unit back to the dogfooding office. I am not looking forward to that day.
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+Brandon Casey Read what I wrote again and notice I did not say anything about its performance. Having said that, I do not see it particularly lacking in the area of performance ;-)

I admit that I do not have excessively large number of tabs open, but my understanding is that with arm or non-arm, you are mostly constrained by the amount of RAM not CPU when you talk about "too many tabs".
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Sometimes I forget what I did 8 years ago ;-)
After applying a patch that moves a bulk of code that was placed in a wrong file to its correct place, a quick way to sanity-check that the patch does not introduce anything unexpected is to run "git blame -C -M" between HEAD...
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Nothing is more satisfying than searching for the solution to a problem and finding - yours )
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Wow, very cool.
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