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Hi guys. Do any of you know what watch face is this? Is taken from this article:

Nexus 5X 7.2 Release

Problems with Bluetooth.

I have a Parrot handsfree in my car. If I use Google Assistant, the radio or the CD from my car's built-in audio stop playing (which is normal). However, the audio never comes back after this (which is not normal at all). I need to turn off the phone in order to have audio again. It never happened before with any other ROM or AOSPA. It is only happening since I installed AOSPA 7.2.

Before having AOSPA 7.2 I had AOSPA 7.1.2. I did a clean installation of 7.2.

Maybe is a problem with the bluetooth drivers? Anyone else has a similar problem?

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I tried AOKP for Nexus 4 from a link somewhere in the comments. I can't find it again, so I'm writing here in the general topic. I can describe it as 'Wow! Finally an awesome rom'. Has been a while since I have been so impressed. However, since the very first moment I try to install gapps (and I tried many different versions, including the one in the comments where I found the rom, and in different combinations of wipes and without wipes) there's the infamous "Android wizard has stopped" error. I can see that the rom is promising, but definitely unusable for me without being able to install gapps. Guys, you are doing a great job, and I'm looking forward to see a functional version :)

Dirty Unicorns has something that seems to be a pro version of the clock, with additional features to the alarms, possibility to add more than one timer and loads of extra functions. Is it possible to add that clock to AOSiP?


#Nexus4 with #AOSiP_9.1 here. I'm facing a more than annoying bug: my phone forgets the WiFi passwords. I was using my phone as usual when all of a sudden asked me for my WiFi password. I wrote it but after some undetermined time, ask me the password...

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#Nexus4 #AOSIP9_1 #ShadedKernel with Banks gapps, Viper, Dolby and Beats. It goes nuts, slows down (a lot!!!) and I need to force a reset. Catlog:

Great ROM. I only miss a couple of things, like an equalizer. Is it possible to add one for the next release?

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