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Juliette Sandles
Vaguelly ginger wife, mother, technical author, worrier.
Vaguelly ginger wife, mother, technical author, worrier.

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For Rob, who I know can't get enough of this song!
A Frozen Father ("Let it Go" Dad Parody):

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My very talented brother-in-law (and his team) with their awards.
I particularly like the photo where Steve is holding an Oscar and a BAFTA like a pair of boobs that he's extremely proud of. :o)
08 April 2014
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It's the notifications that bug me. A number on the bell iicon tells me how many notifications I have, but it doesn't reset after reading them. In fact the only way I've managed to get it to reset to 0 is by logging on to Twitter on the web! It's just....poor. Very poor. 

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If I was into tattoos...
Knit Fast Die Warm

Thought this one was funny and pretty cool for the person who knits. I would have skipped, or done differently, the background shading but the yarn skull is awesome. +Mellie B +miri dunn ;-)

Thanks to +Julie Murray for the original post!

#knitting   #tattooart  

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I could watch her all day.

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My friend's business. 
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Yarn bombing at its best!

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Sage Day raises money for Cancer Research UK

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New Camtasia

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Still no change to Lloyd Thom tho?!
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