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Ok, we're seriously close: help Breaker cross the Kickstarter finish line. 4 days to raise $1, 464 (or we get nada)!
A design challenge to turn urban gardening into enterprising agriculture.
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As of this writing, at least 92 Backers have pledged $10,021 towards the goal of $10,000. In kind the post goes on to say that this project WILL be funded on Thursday, January 5th by 9:00am EST. +Juliette LaMontagne congratulations on receiving the funding for your project.

+Justin Garrett Moore Thank you for sharing another resource that all of us should consider. I will pull up the URL as we speak, so that I can learn more about IOBY. Take care and have a blessed evening.
It's truly a blessing to hear about the successful funding of projects like your own +Juliette LaMontagne. Working with Majora Carter to bring Urban Agriculture to the cities is a blessing for sure. I'm a Native New Yorker, and I never saw too much "Greenery" with the exception of vacant lots, abandoned buildings, and a basic park.

Transforming vacant lots into Community Gardens helps to create Green Jobs for those in need, and it can help to provide communities with the resources they need to live healthier lives. This could also introduce another value that folks may grow to appreciate with time.
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