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Needs more cowbell.

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Please don't add me to your creepy collection of women's profile pics.

As a female blogger, my daily routine starts by reviewing my friend requests and circle notifications, and blocking every stranger whose circles contain only hundreds pretty women.

Trust and believe I am creeped out by the endless stream of such notifications. I don't want to be a part of that collection. I've blocked literally 1000s of anonymous voyeurs, and expect to block 1000s more from now until the foreseeable future.

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I knew it would happen >^.^<

Gay rights are human rights.

Catholic school students walk out in protest of gay vice principle's forced resignation:

Probably won't amount to anything, as private religious schools have virtually carte blanche to discriminate against their employees for any reason. But its beautiful to see so much support, showing that the school's anti-gay prejudice is not a universal principle held by their student body.

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In a terrifying gesture to roll back human rights, India Supreme Court recriminalizes homosexuality:

India’s Supreme Court overturned a historic lower court decision on homosexuality Wednesday, making consensual same-sex acts once again a crime in the world’s most populous democracy.

The court ruled that India’s colonial-era homosexuality law — which says that gay sex is “against the order of nature” and punishable by up to 10 years in prison — is constitutional. Changing it should be left up to the country’s Parliament, not the courts, the judges ruled.

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Gas attack at Moscow gay club.

Only a week after two men opened fire outside of popular gay club Central Station in Moscow, Russia, the same club has become the subject of another attack -- this time involving a form of harmful gas.

On Nov. 23, assailants sprayed "some harmful gas" inside of the club, which contained roughly 500 patrons at the time. Employees immediately used a smoke removal machine to filter the gas from the club.

“Today is the fourth provocation against the club arranged by unknown persons," stated Andrey Leschinsky, the club's general director. "We believe that they are connected with the building owner. They are spraying the gas inside the club premises, thereby trying to express their extremist views against [the] LGBT community, which likes to visit our club."

Several attendees sought medical attention, though none reportedly went to the hospital.

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Africa’s western black rhino is now officially extinct according the latest review of animals and plants by the world’s largest conservation network

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"The President agrees that the minimum wage should be raised to $10.40 an hour but, unsurprisingly, Republicans oppose any increase. In this as in many other dimensions, the conservative mind is remarkably flexible. The minimum wage must not be increased, they say, lest employers lay off millions of low-wage workers. But record levels of CEO pay must not be tampered with because corporations need to attract top talent. The poor must have less if they are to be adequately motivated, but the rich must have more in order to ensure their maximum effort. Food stamps and unemployment insurance must be curtailed to prevent laziness among the needy, yet special tax loopholes that subsidize the wealthy (such as "carried interest" for private-equity and hedge-fund partners) must be retained. The 22 percent of American children now in poverty don't merit free school lunches or health care, but it is necessary and just that the richest 1 percent of children receive $10 million free of estate taxes."

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Man raves against Illinois' passage of marriage equality bill on Chicago bus:

Against gay marriage (NSFW)

Part 2:

Against gay marriage part2 (NSFW)

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Man appears constipated, subjected to narcotics investigation and medical torture.

New Mexico police department pulls over a man for for failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign. The man appear to be "clenching his buttocks", which prompts the police officer to get a warrant for a cavity search and drug investigation.

The man is taken to a nearby hospital which refuses to perform the search.

At this time, the warrant has expired, the cop should have released the suspect. Instead, the cop takes the man to another hospital where he is subjected to the following non-consentual procedures:

1) abdominal x-ray, twice
2) rectally probed by doctor, twice
3) given an enema and forced to defecate in front of doctors and police three times
4) sedated and given a colonoscopy, three times.

Quantity of drugs recovered: zilch.

The victim is suing police department, the hospital, and two doctors.

Thanks for nothing, War on Drugs.
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