Version 4 is out !

- You can now create and edit Dropbox files using the app
- Romanian translation - thanks to Iulian Buftia
- Polish translation - thanks to Sebastian Brud
- Ameliorate the design of flash messages for mobile devices
- Fix autosave happening when content didn't change
- Various small fixes

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Thank you can I get it from my play store?
Hi there, I don't wish to give access to everything in my Drive folder.. Why does this require full access? Not just access to files created using Anyfile? Or just a Folder for Anyfile?
Hi Steve, I understand your concern. The issue lies in the fact that Google Drive itself doesn't allow for those granular permissions... For example, just to read a directory (for the file explorer) we need full access to your Drive. Until Google provides those granular permissions, there's unfortunately nothing I can do. Note that the app has no back end server (it's all static files) so there is no chance at all that it can spy on your files since it never access your token (you're free to pcap it). Also, in the upcoming weeks, the code will be made open source which may comfort you in the app behavior.
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