You can now try out the BETA of v4 that includes Dropbox support.

Simply click the BETA try out link at the right side in the editor to get started.

P.S. : Don't worry you can always go back if you have issues !
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is it one you talking about download music from my song library to samsang phone?
Being the fact that this is app is a text editor, I highly doubt this is what I was talking about....
hi,  trying to hook the app with my edu account it shows it is success on google but not on ur app and says syncing failed why? PS I'm usjing 3.5
+Julien Semaan Hi, it wont show the error but it says error: cant sync with your Google Drive try again later 48 hrs later: nothing
Is that error in the application or in Google Drive ? I'm really not sure what you are taking about
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