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Julien Semaan

Version 6.2 is out

- Ability to download a file directly in the app (File->Download file)
- Fix menu "scrollability" on screens with small height
- Allow to override the syntax with a commented command line in a file
- Allow to share the ad-free version of the app between multiple accounts when used on the same machine
- Visual adjustments
- Bugfixes

Version 6.1 is out bringing the ability to subscribe to an ad-free version of the application for only 3.99$ per year

Other goodies for paying customers are also on the way!

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Version 6 has been released, it packs a few goodies but also brings back ads into the app in order to cope with upcoming costs for the app. A yearly ad-free subscription for the app is in the works, more coming on that soon!

Read all of the details here:
Anyfile Notepad news
Anyfile Notepad news

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Answer a quick survey on the app to have a say on its future!

Version 5.9 is out

- Rebuilt integration of Dropbox for their new API
- Fixed conflicting search bar and notifications position
- Make highlighted searches standout a bit more

Given the massive rework that was done in the Dropbox integration, some issues may occur. If this is the case, make sure to post about them here so they can be fixed!

Version 5.8 is out

- Ability to click links that appear in the editor (Ctrl-Click on them)
- Improve the performance of the editor changes detection
- Fix issue where 2 collaborators working on the same file would mix-up input
- Disable all preferences widgets while saving one of them to prevent them from being corrupted if one decides to modify them while they are saving
- Improvements to BETA testing user experience
- Update translations

Currently doing a tryout of geo-distributing the app across a second location.

Asia and North-America west coast should now be served the app from a new Los Angeles location.

Version 5.7 is out

- Added a notification menu to hide alerts instead of always showing them
- Added option to show/hide print margin (vertical grey line in the editor)
- Added new Medium font-size
- Small improvements to mobile experience
- Updated most translations
- Various bug fixes

Version 5.6 is out

- Added 'Tabs as space' and 'Show all characters' options
- Updated ace.js library
- Updated polish locale (thanks to Sebastian Brud)
- Add missing strings to translation
- Refactored some of the app's code
- Various bugfixes

Version 5.5 is out

- Rework of the preferences to prevent user related race conditions from corrupting the preferences
- Updated ace.js library improving general editing experience
- Various bugfixes
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