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I participated in Kaggle's Ultrasound Nerve Segmentation challenge, which is, as you can tell, about finding nerves in ultrasound images.

This was a pretty interesting learning experience and I finished 25th (top 5 or 10%) on the final hidden test set although I was 48th on the publicly available one.

I wrote a small blog post about it

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First experiment with some Tango scan post-processing to reduce drift and get good quality point cloud. This is using the Tango devkit tablet.

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I didn't like the official swiss civilian service search engine, so I built mine :

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Wow, Terra-i (the project I worked on during my bachelor's thesis) is on ArsTechnica frontpage !
Gratz +Louis Reymondin

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Weekend well spent at startup weekend jura. Had 54 hours to develop a startup project: we built a website for lost & found 2.0. Generate tags (qrcode/text), attach them to your valuable (laptop, bags, ...). If you loose something, anybody can scan the tag and you'll get notified by email.
(alpha version) website is live at Register and try it now !

On a technical note, we (+Kevin Georgy and me) built the demo with #django and twitter's #bootstrap , which are actually impressively good to get stuff done quickly.

Oh yeah, and we won 1st place out of the 8 (or 9?) projects :-)

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