What's new in GWT 2.5
I've got the chance to attend the +Ray Cromwell  talk about the history and the future of GWT.

Lets me summarize quickly the presentation:

The first part of the presentation was dedicated to the history of GWT. Its evolution from 2006 until now -> GWT is mature, well tested and is widely used inside and outside Google.

Then, Ray presented the new features of GWT:
- Compiler optimizations that can reduce significately the size of generated code. You have also the possibility to use the Closure compiler

- The super dev mode : recompile quickly your GWT applications just by clicking on the "Dev Mode On" bookmarklet and see the result in the browser. Unfortunately, due to the poor quality of the wifi, the demo didn't reflect the power of this feature. (It's not the only one demo that "failed" during the conference because of the bad quality of the wifi...)

- Source Maps : possibility to debug the java code directly in the browser by mapping the lines of obfuscated javascript to the corresponding line of Java

- Elemental, a new experimental library giving you access to all of the features/API provided by the browser.  For instance, you can display the flow of the camera inside your GWT application if the browser allows it.

- Full coverage of ARIA, UiBinder and CellWidget improvements

- Goodbye SVN, hello git !!

- Announcement : creation of the GWT steering committee that will drive the next GWT releases.

The most cool feature that was showed by Ray was the possibility to write Java code directly in your html page :)

<script type="text/java">
   String helloWorld = "Hello world";

The trick is to use a ServletFilter in the server side. This servlet filter use the gwt compiler to compile this java code in javascript and inject it in the html returned to the client.

The session ends with the presentation of  GXT 3 done by the CEO of Sencha and the presentation of Vaadin done by the CEO of Vaadin.

GWT is not ready to die !!!!

Edit : link to the session slides : https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1pC9WK80-fzIs2iMQOO3Jsvfmqv2erI9xucuF3lHOE7Q/edit#slide=id.p18 #gwt #io12
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