Folding cart

Another thing that Works for camping.

I don't have a link or brand for this cart, but you'll usually find them at Caravan / Motorhome shows, and probably in online stockists, in various colours.

It folds down to about A3 (i.e. 2 x A4) size, and a couple of inches (4-5cm) thick. There are clips to hold the sides together when collapsed, and struts that fit across the top of the folding sides to make it rigid when in use. (They slot into the base when folded.) The expanding handle is the typical cabin bag type.

It's reassuringly sturdy, both when folded and in use.

I'm not a big fan of washing up in the 'van (all sorts of ick goes into the grey waste, and there's not a lot of space to dry things), so I tend to do batch washing up in the dishwashing facilities when we're on site. Rather than carry a washing up bowl, washing up liquid, cloth/brush, folding drainer and tea towel, I put it all in the cart.

As an aside, I've just seen a variation on the washing up carrier bring carried by somebody on their way to the dishwashing area. It was like the standard folding crates that you typically find as 3-packs in DIY stores - the ends tuck in, and the sides fold lengthways into the middle), but with a handle to turn it into a shopping basket style.
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