I have to disagree with +Ted Salmon​​​ on the subject of power for devices in cars.

If have have a device whose some purpose is to work in the car (such as a DashCam, or a powered car mount), I want it to get its power from the car. It's the ultimate Off Grid device (to take a cue from other items in this episode). I want it to switch on automatically with the ignition, and work without fail, simply because I'm driving the car.

For me, the one-time inconvenience of tidying cables out of sight (ar maybe even just tidily in sight) far outweighs the inconvenience of having to decide/remember whether it needs charging yet, taking it indoors to charge it (because if you haven't run cables to it, I pretty much guarantee that charging it IN the car is going to leave cables trailing, possibly even across the windscreen and therefore be a non-starter), and remembering to take it back out to the car and fiddle about re-mounting it wherever it gets used.

It's pretty easy in most cases to run a cable from the rear view mirror (if that's where the device goes), behind the sun visor, and tuck it behind the trim on the windscreen pillar. From there, it'll usually tuck around the side of the dash where you would only ever see it with the door open, and from there, underneath the dash to wherever your power source is (possibly using the little cable clips recommended by somebody in a previous post).

The only thing I'd say is that I'd rather have a USB plug than a cigarette socket plug on the end of the cable, as that gives me more choices. More and more cars these days include USB sockets that can be used for charging, and often in far more useful places than the centre console, such as the glove box or rear seats. For something on or around the windscreen or rear view mirror, in many cases, you could run the cable down the passenger side and into the glove box to use a USB socket there.

On the subject of DashCams in particular, I haven't done any more than skim Clove's DashCam review yet, but many of them (although not necessarily at the budget end of the market) do also include a battery, so that they can capture information if somebody hits your car while it's parked.
Episode 26 - Geeks OffGrid
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