Room 101: Sellers who ask you to change a negative review

I've just bought, tried, reviewed and returned some earphones via Amazon. In response to my review, the seller sent me this:

1 of Bluetooth Headphones, Firstop Wireless 4.1 Earbuds IPX5 Waterproof Sports Earphones Noise Cancelling Earphones with Mic for Apple iPhone iPad Samsung [ASIN: B06WLQDV6M]

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Hello, Julie Wills
How are you?

This is Kent amazon store, firstly thanks for u purchased ours Bluetooth headphones few days ago, but i have got your reviews, you mean the headphones can't fit your ear, Im feel so sorry hear about that, But your reviews is very important for us, so i suggest that you return it or i refund to u then u keep the headphones, and hope you can update your reviews. okay?
Reply me if you agree with my suggestion, thanks

Good Day!

So here was my reply:

Thank you for your email.

I have already got the paperwork to return the headphones, but I don't think it's ethical or appropriate to change my review to misrepresent facts. Reviews help other people decide whether or not to purchase a product, and the fact that they're WAY too big to be useful for me is a valid consideration for others deciding whether to buy the product.

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